My Cloth Diaper Reviews

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*Reviews listed below without a link are coming soon

AIO/AI2/AI3 Cloth Diapers

Best Bottom AI2 Diaper
Bumkins AIO Cloth Diaper
Bumgenius Elemental (new style) AIO Diaper
Buttons Diapers
Buttons Diapers – new releases
Diaper Rite AIO
Funky Fluff 1.0 Bamboo Diaper
Funky Fluff 2.0 Stay Dry Diaper
GroVia AI2 Diaper
Imagine Stay Dry AIO Diaper
Little Green Bird AI2 Diaper
Omaiki AI2 Diaper
Ones & Twos AIO Diaper
Rock a Bums 2.0 Diaper
SmartSnugs NatureSnug AI2
Sweet Pea Bamboo AIO
Sweet Pea AI3 Diaper
Sew Silly Designs AI2 Diaper
Tushmate Diaper System

Pocket Diapers

Baby Babu Pocket Diaper
Baby Beduga Pocket Diaper
BabyKicks Basic Pocket Diaper
Baby Roo Pocket Diaper
Bumgenius 4.0
Bumtique Pocket Diaper
Bumtique *New and Improved* Pocket Diaper
Bunnzoo Pocket Diaper
Chunkabutt One-Size Pocket Diaper
Diaper Safari One-Size Pocket
Diaper Safari One-Size Pocket – New Version
Ella Bella Bum Pocket Diaper
Fuzzibunz Elite One-Size
*New* Fuzzibunz Size Small and Large
Giggle Life Pocket Diaper
Glow Bug Pocket Diaper
Happy Heinys Pocket Diaper
Hipkiddo Intelligently Hip Pocket Diaper
Imagine Pocket Diapers
Incredibella Pocket Diaper
Just Simply Baby Simply Cloth Pocket Diaper
Kawaii Goodnight Heavy Wetter Pocket Diaper
Kawaii “Mom Label” Bamboo Pocket Diaper
Kawaii Snazzy Minky Pocket Diaper
Little Bee Co. Ultra Cool Pocket
Lalabye Baby Pocket Diaper
Lil Helper Pocket Diapers
Oh Katy Pocket Diaper
Rump Arounds Sleepy Rumps Pocket Diaper
SmartSnugs Pocket Diaper
Snap-Ez Baby Pocket Diaper
Sunbaby Pocket Diaper
Tadle Pocket Diaper
Tajos Tushies Pocket Diaper
Thirsties Duo Diaper (short review)
Tiny Tush Elite 2.0 Pocket Diaper

Diaper Covers

Baby Monkeys One-Size Cover
Bummis Simply Lite Wrap
Bummis Super Lite Wrap
Blueberry Coveralls
Buttons Diaper Covers
Diaper Junction One-Size Cover
Diaper Rite One-Size Cover
Diaper Safari One-Size Cover
Disana Organic Wool Cover

Dry Bunz Diaper Cover
Flip One-Size Diaper Cover and also this post which shows Flips on a newborn and older babies
Incredibum Bum Cover and Bum Pads
Kawaii One-Size Diaper Cover
Monkeyade Wool Longies
One Love Organic Wool Diaper Cover
Squishable Baby Wool Shorties and Longies
Swaddlebees Capri Diaper Cover and Inserts
Sweet Pea One-Size Diaper Cover
Thirsties Duo Wrap
Wallypop Fleecy Wrap Cover
Wink Diapers
Zookies One-Size Diaper Cover

Fitted Diapers
Baby Coon Hybrid Fitted
Bamboozle Stretch Fitted

Chunkabutt Fitted
Little Comfort Bambee OS Fitted
Lucky Little C’s Hybrid Fitted
Oh Sew Smitten Hybrid Fitted
Wonderful Bambino Bamboo Fitted

Newborn Diapers and Covers
Review of 14 Different Newborn Covers
Review of 7 Different Newborn Pocket Diapers
Review of 9 Different Newborn Fitted Diapers
Review of 8 Different Newborn AIO Diapers 

Cloth Training Pants

Baby Beduga Training Pants
Flip Training Pants
Hipkiddo Training Pants
Imagine Training Pants
JN Baby Training Pants
Snap-Ez AIO Training Pants
Tinkle Time Training Pants

Cloth Diaper Detergents and Creams

BALM Baby Diaper Ointment and Wipes Juice
generationMe Eco-Friendly Detergent

Little Love Buns Diaper Detergent and Wipe Bits
Little Twig Diaper Safe Rash Cream
Nellie’s All Natural Detergent
Soapbox Holistics Baby Bum Balm
Tiny Tuchus Diaper Safe Rash Cream 

Swim Diapers

BabyTork Swim Diaper

Prefolds, Flats, and Inserts/Doublers

Eco Dia Organic Flats
Diaper Junction Unbleached Flats
Geffen Baby Hemp Jersey Prefolds
Stashify Stretchy Terry Flats
Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefolds
Top 10 Cloth Diaper Inserts
Wonderful Bambino Prefolds, Inserts and Wipes

Other Cloth Diaper-Related Products

A Happy Green Life Neutralizing Pail/Wet Bag Powder
BabyLegs Leg Warmers
Boingo Diaper Fastener
Buttons Bamboo Diaper Liners and Flannel Wipes
Buttons Wet Bags
Diaper Dawgs
Diaper Rite Pail Liner
Funky Fluff Dual-Compartment Wet Bag
Itti Bitty Minkee Blanket
J&N Baby Wet Bag
Miniature Cloth Diapers for Dolls and Bears (Etsy)
Nappy Roll Diaper Changing Station
Planet Wise Pail Liner
qdSpray Diaper Sprayer
Soft Sophia’s Custom Wet Bag
Sweet Pea Diapers Pail Liner


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