What to Do With Leaking or Damaged Diaper Covers


Every cloth diaper can fail at some point, whether it's because of age and heavy use or a defect. When that happens, your first thought might be to throw it in the trash if there's no warranty coverage, especially when it's the waterproof cover or pocket diaper shell. But that's a shame when you consider that one of the reasons you may be using cloth is to cut down on household waste. Here are some truly useful things you can do with old or damaged covers. #1 Use as a swim diaper. If Continue Reading

Which Toys Should You Take on Vacation?


We just took 7 children on a family vacation that lasted two weeks and included over thirty hours of driving. One pressing thing on my mind was how to keep them entertained for such a long time in the vehicle. You might be looking for ideas, too, if the family will be traveling this summer. So here are some tips for choosing toys that make good travel buddies. Something new sparks interest. While taking a familiar toy will help to keep your child comforted and secure during a long trip, it's Continue Reading

Huge Made in Canada Baby Giveaway!

Made in Canada Baby 2015

Remember last year's "Made in Canada" baby giveaway? It's here again for the 4th year in a row! Originally established by Celeste at Thinking About Cloth Diapers, the torch has been passed along to Lindsay at Maman Loup’s Den and Olivia at This West Coast Mommy. There are over $1550 in prizes and TEN prize packs showcasing 33 premier Canadian cloth diaper, clothing, and baby gear manufacturers and family-owned retailers! Early Bird Prize The Early Bird Prize will be drawn from all the current Continue Reading

Planet Wise Diaper Cover Review & Giveaway


Although you may have seen the hashtag #wehaveabagforthat, Planet Wise doesn't just make wet bags and pail liners. Last year, I bought a Planet Wise diaper cover in size 1 that was just too cute to resist after seeing the cute prints over and over at Nicki's Diapers (a retailer who I love to share with you as an affiliate). I'm glad I satisfied my curiosity, because it's become one of our favorites. This year, we purchased another in size 2. My review and giveaway today is being published as Continue Reading