6 Money-Saving Tips for Homeschoolers

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One of the nicest things about homeschooling is its flexibility. Parents get to choose what – and how much – to buy. But that same flexibility can lead to unnecessary expenses if you’re not careful. Here are some ways to help minimize your spending without sacrificing the quality of your child’s education.

Love Your Local Library

The library can be a huge help for homeschooling parents on a budget. Get a library card and use it to supplement the core textbooks in your family’s curriculum. Borrow reading materials that you do not expect to use for a long time. For example, you can check out books on different kinds of animals to enrich your family’s study of the animal kingdom. Read them together with your child and then return them. It makes more sense to borrow books you will read only once than pay extra money only for them to gather dust on the shelf. read more

What Are the Most Homeschool-Friendly States?

After moving from Mississippi to Kansas, and not being required to do much more in terms of homeschooling compliance, I was surprised to learn that some US states make you jump through a lot of hoops. Each state is given the power to regulate as it sees fit, and this means there’s a really wide variance. For example:

Alaska is one of the freest states, requiring only that children start school at the minimum age of 7. Beyond that, no notice is needed from parents; nor must they get approval, submit records or do testing. read more

50 Words That Americans Aren’t Spelling Correctly

Can you spell America’s most misspelled words? I saw this tweet via Google Trends recently, and it got me thinking that maybe America needs to ditch Candy Crush Saga in favor of Scrabble if we’re struggling with most of the words on this list. Are “special” and “beautiful” and “surprise” really that difficult?

Alabama: pneumonia
Alaska: schedule
Arizona: tomorrow
Arkansas: chihuahua
California: beautiful
Colorado: tomorrow
Connecticut: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Delaware: hallelujah
Washington: ninety
Florida: receipt
Georgia: gray
Hawaii: people
Idaho: quote
Illinois: pneumonia
Indiana: hallelujah
Iowa: vacuum
Kansas: diamond
Kentucky: beautiful
Louisiana: giraffe
Maine: pneumonia
Maryland: special
Massachusetts: license
Michigan: pneumonia
Minnesota: beautiful
Mississippi: nanny
Missouri: maintenance
Montana: surprise
Nebraska: suspicious
Nevada: available
New Hampshire: difficult
New Jersey: twelve
New Mexico: bananas
New York: beautiful
North Carolina: angel
North Dakota: dilemma
Ohio: beautiful
Oklahoma: patient
Oregon: sense
Pennsylvania: sauerkraut
Rhode Island: liar
South Carolina: chihuahua
South Dakota: college
Tennessee: chaos
Texas: maintenance
Utah: disease
Vermont: Europe
Virginia: delicious
Washington: pneumonia
West Virginia: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Wisconsin: tomorrow
Wyoming: priority read more

Back to School: Free Product Samples + a Giveaway


Sampler’s Back to School sampling and giveaway event starts this week! Today’s post will introduce you to the participating brands and give you instructions on how to register, receive free samples and be eligible to win the grand prize basket.

What is a Sampler event? 

Sampler is a fun opportunity for you to not only send free samples to your friends, but “buddy up” so you can receive them, too! Follow the Sampler event calendar to see when the different samples are being launched. Send and share, and enjoy the freebies! read more

How to Supplement a Homeschool Education


What are some ways that you can supplement your child’s homeschool education? Even if you already have a curriculum there are a lot of ways to expand learning opportunities and provide extra support in areas where your child needs improvement.

Here are some ways that we have supplemented our home learning over the years.

Field Trips: When you’re homeschooling, almost anywhere you go be turned into a learning experience. In fact, I’ll go even further than that. Your children are learning all the time! So tie this into your lessons when you can. read more