Top 10 Cloth Diaper Inserts

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Here’s a list of my favorite inserts and doublers, and where to get good deals on them. I love inserts because they can boost the absorbency of your chosen diapering system, but without spending a lot of etra money. They help you get more “mileage” out of the diapers you already own. And there are so many choices of fabrics and styles.

#1 Thirsties Fab Doublers

Thirsties Fabs are one of my favorite daytime doublers. They are made of 3 plush layers of cotton velour and can be purchased according to size and gender, which is unique and fun compared to most other inserts on the market. They aren’t meant to be super soakers – Fab Doublers are trim inserts that add just a little bit of extra absorbency to your diapering system. They work great paired with fitteds and prefolds, and can also be stuffed into pockets or used alone in pairs. And the price is great! Just $7.00, you can find them at Nicki’s Diapers and Kelly’s Closet.

#2 Thirsties Hemp Inserts

Thirsties Hemp Inserts are a really good overnight solution. You can pick these up in 2-packs at Diaper Junction. Made of 55% hemp and 45% cotton, they are a great solution for heavy wetters, or for whenever you think baby might have to go for a while without a change. Unlike a lot of hemp products out there, these are not stiff or crunchy when wet. The knitted jersey fabric is very soft and smooth. Thirsties Hemp Inserts will take a bit longer to dry than other inserts, but this is always to be expected with denser fabrics. At about $8.75 for a pack of two, they are an excellent value for the money, and if you’re purchasing them just for overnight, you’ll only need a few.

#3 Geffen Baby Absorbers


Geffen Baby’s made-in-the-USA super absorbent inserts are fast becoming a popular option. With different levels available (Newborn, Quick, High, Super and Ultra), you can find just the right absorbency for your baby’s needs. Made to be compatible with most any diapering system, Geffen Absorbers start at just $11 for a 3-pack, and are made with a thirsty blend of 60% hemp and 40% smooth cotton jersey. You can find them directly at Geffen, or at many cloth retailers online like Nicki’s, Kelly’s Closet and Dearest Diapers.

Kelly’s Closet sells the Flip Organic Inserts, along with the coordinating one-size covers, but Flip Organics can be used with virtually any system.

#4 SoftBums Pods


Although they are designed to work with the SoftBums system, I used their inserts before ever trying our first SoftBums diaper. The MiniPod is my favorite way to add absorbency to a newborn’s diaper (no matter which kind you’re using) without adding a lot of bulk. There’s also a one-size adjustable insert, and you can choose from bamboo or stay-dry microfiber. Prices are very reasonable, starting at $2.95 each.

#5 Diaper Rite Cotton Doubler


At just $1.69 each, this is one of the best values around. Made of the same lovely, quilty cotton that you find in prefolds, the Diaper Rite cotton doublers are compact and soft. They are perfect for adding just a little bit more absorbency to a diaper. Each doubler is made with 8 layers of Indian cotton.

The natural cotton cleans up and dries very easily. No folding is needed.  These inserts measure approximate 4.25×12 so they are ideal for smaller infants; I really hope Diaper Rite will add a larger size in the future. For now, I just use 2 for a larger baby or toddler.

#6 Hemp Babies Little Weeds

Hemp is naturally anti-microbial, extremely absorbent and durable. The hemp fleece fabric feels kind of like very fine sherpa. Made of 55% hemp and 45% certified organic cotton, Little Weeds are a serged with natural thread and can be folded in half or in thirds. They make wonderful pocket stuffers, night time doublers or even stand-alone diapers for newborns and small babies.

In fact, that’s just what I’m going to do with my Little Weeds. Samuel has outgrown them, but they still work for 8-month-old Susanna. When she’s bigger, I’m tucking my Little Weeds away for a newborn stash (just in case……).

At just $5.95 each, they are great a value for the money.

#7 Diaper Safari Bamboo Trifolds


This is a great insert that I more cloth diapering families should know about! The Diaper Safari bamboo trifold is made with several thirsty layers of bamboo/cotton with a microsuede layer on top. What that gives you is super absorbency plus a stay-dry effect, all in one. No need to use a fleece liner or stuff your bamboo/cotton inserts inside a microfleece pocket. At just $5.99 each, I think these are a really great price. Other trifold inserts made of cotton or bamboo can be $10 or more apiece.

You can also fold these in half for larger babies. The only drawback I’ve noted is that the fabric shrinks up unevenly at the edges since part of the insert is natural and part is synthetic.

You can find these with FREE shipping at Diaper Safari.


#8 Kissaluvs Super Soaker Diaper Doublers

Here’s another super doubler that may be just the ticket for your heavy wetter: the Kissaluvs Super Soaker. Like all Kissaluvs products, they are made of natural fibers and feature two layers of unbleached knit terry plus a third layer of absorbent cotton fleece. They are twice the weight of the regular Kissaluvs doublers and retail for just $4.49.

You can find the Kissaluvs Super Soakers in packs of 3 for just $11.95 at Diaper Junction. What a great deal!

#9 Hemp Babies Diaper Doublers

If you like natural fibers paired together like hemp and cotton, then you’ll love the Hemp Babies Diaper Doublers. They use the same fleece material you’ll find in the Little Weeds, but in a trimmer shape and with no folding needed. These can be laid in a cover or stuffed inside pocket diapers and come in size small or large. You’ll find the Hemp Babies doublers at Kelly’s Closet for anywhere from $3.00 to $4.00, depending on the size you need.

#10 BabyKicks JoeyBunz


The hemp blend fabric makes for a super trim yet thirsty insert, perfect for boosting an overnight diaper, or for stuffing in pockets. JoeyBunz come in different sizes. From left to right above: Premium JoeyBunz, One-Size JoeyBunz and sized JoeyBunz. You can find them with free shipping at Diaper Safari and Sweetbottoms Baby.



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  1. I have only used MF inserts as far as I’m aware, they were given to me. I would really like to try them all, but the main two I want to try are bamboo and hemp.

  2. We use the thirsties hemp inserts at night with our fitteds. They are the BEST! I also like an insert you don’t have mentioned here: the thirsties duo inserts. They have a fleece side on top of microfiber, snapped to a hemp insert for extra absorbency. I can just lay them in my covers. Similiar to Flip inserts but with the hemp!

  3. We have babykicks premium hemp inserts, thirsties hemp doublers and hemp prefold, as well as microfiber inserts that come with pocket diapers. We don’t really care for those, but we LOVE our hemp, particularly for overnights (why we bought specific inserts/doublers).

  4. I have a not-so-secret love affair with Blueberry bamboo inserts. They fold into thirds and snap together and are the perfect dimension/absorbency for my not heavy wetter daughter to wear overnight. (If she were a heavy wetter, I’d probably use a doubler.) They’re also great for long car rides because they don’t leak from compression.

  5. We use hemp inserts at night with our pockets and we love those. I currently just got a Bamboo insert from Rumparooz that I m so excited to try out!

  6. I love thirsties hemp inserts as well and would love to try the lollydo loopydo’s!
    Thanks for the chance!!

  7. I love both my flip inserts, and the Joeybunz, which is probably comparable to the Thirsties hemp inserts.

  8. I make my own with layers of microfiber & hemp terry that work like a dream for doubling up overnight diapers. In terms of commercial inserts, I love RaR’s 6R hemp inserts, Blueberry OS combination inserts with microfiber + organic cotton/hemp, and the new FB elite minky inserts

  9. I really like using a combination of natural and synthetic fibers for long stretches like naps and night times. But I’ve yet to (and really want to) try the Hemp Baby Doublers!

  10. I’d like to try bamboo inserts. i am very new at cloth diapering and the information out there is overwhelming. Posts like this always help. So thank you. I have only 1 hemp babies diaper doubler but would love to add others to my stash. Great post, Now i have ideas of what to buy. Thanks

  11. I love the thirsties hemp inserts my baby girl sleeps with that and one microfiber every night and we have never had a leak. I would love to try out some bamboo also, but haven’t got any so far.

  12. I love anything hemp or bamboo!! It’s natural, so it doesn’t get stinky and it’s just as absorbent or more so than microfiber

  13. I would love to try bamboo or hemp inserts, because I’ve heard so much about them. I’ve only used cotton ones before (prefolds).

  14. All of these sound amazing. I don’t have any of them. I think I would like to try Hemp Babies Diaper Doublers.

  15. I am using non name brand microfiber and pre fold right now. Very excited about the chance to win and try these

  16. I have only tried MF inserts that came with my BG pockets, I love Thirsties products so I would like to try theirs

  17. I have the Thirsties DuoDoublers aNd really like them. I’m trying to decide whether to get another pack or to get some of their hemp inserts for nighhttime.

  18. I have never tried any of these I normaly just use my image prefolds, but I need something new for night time since my daughter is growing out of the current night time system and would love to try the flip stay dry , or the thirsties doublers.

  19. The Hemp Babies doublers are my favorite cd accessory. They easily make stuffable AIOs perfect for road trips and nap time.

  20. I really love hemp and organic cotton inserts too, but recently I have found that I like the new minky inserts from fuzzibunz, they are very absorbent, not stinky (like microfiber is), and dry much faster than hemp, but are still SO trim!

  21. I love hemp and hemp/bamboo inserts! They are perfect for overnight! I haven’t tried the Thirsties hemp inserts yet- I would love to though!

  22. I love my thirsties hemp inserts but i also use gCloth as inserts alot as well the thirsties duo inserts.

  23. I actually really love microfiber towels as inserts. I also love my Oeko Popo inserts that are microfiber with a PUL backing. They work great to save the unfortunate delaminated diapers in my stash.

    I would like to try hemp and bamboo or bamboo blend, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

  24. New to CD and expecting in July. I just ordered my first cloth diapers from and am planning to try bamboo and hemp inserts with them. I want to try EVERYTHING 🙂

  25. I have only tried regular microfiber inserts but I really want to try Thirsties Fab Doublers and Dry Bunz Fold-Up Diaper Liners

  26. I haven’t tried any yet as the baby is not here! But I am super anxious to try the bamboo inserts that come with the apple cheeks envelopes.

  27. My son is at the 8 month mark and the night time diapers are starting to need a little boost. I have been looking into getting some bamboo or hemp inserts so it’s nice to see a compiled list of good ones. Thanks

  28. I’d like to try the Hemp Babies Little Weeds. I have a few Baby Kicks hemp inserts and have been pleased with them.

  29. I’m partial to organic bamboo velour inserts… and hemp. But I haven’t had the opportunity to try many different types.

  30. My night time solution is a toddler size prefold (folded and snappied down for my 10 mo old) and either a thirsties hemp insert or a joeybunz premium insert. I swear my daughter’s diaper is a couple pounds by the time she wakes but we don’t have leaks.

  31. I use flour sack towels pad folded in my pockets during the day and I love them, they are trim and really easy to care for. I would love to start using hemp inserts for a little boost at night, I also like that they are a trimmer option.

  32. I would like to try the Thirsties Hemp inserts. I am concerned with overnight protection and from what you said these might just work. Thanks!

  33. I bought a Flip day pack with the stay dry inserts when I first started cloth diapering and I love them, in fact I just bought 2 more stay dry inserts. I also love hemp babies doublers, rumparooz 6r soakers in hemp and the bamboo insert that came with my applecheeks little bundle. I use a hemp insert with a flip stay dry for my 2 1/2 year old at night and another hemp insert added along with the microfiber inserts in my various pocket diapers for my 6 month old. No leaks!

  34. I love any with hemp and bamboo….especially flats and prefolds that can make my pockets All in twos and save them from staining!

  35. I love home-made all cotton inserts (from old T-Shirts and receiving blankets) – the price is just unbeatable! The couple of microfiber inserts we have are really nice, too. I would love to try other inserts as well … hemp, fleece, and other microfiber.

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  37. I learned that your 15 month old can make it thruogh the night with two of their inserts, which is great because my son is a heavy wetter and we usually have to use two inserts for day time with most of the pockets we have found. Two at night just doesn’t cut it. A very absorbent diaper is very important for us. Thanks for the giveaway.klshrrs at gmail dot com

  38. I have a question: Can any insert be used in any cloth diaper cover? Or does the brand of the insert need to match? Thanks!