Modest Maternity Clothes and Long Maternity Skirts

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Are you looking for maternity skirts that fall below the knee? It can be more difficult than you think, if you don’t know where to look. After being pregnant 6 times (so far) and searching virtually every brick and mortar AND online store out there for this wardrobe essential, I created this page to help expectant mothers find long, beautiful skirts. 

We all have different reasons for needing longer skirts. Many women want to honor God and be faithful to their religious convictions. Others prefer this style because of comfort, warmth, body type or just personal preference. Longer flowing skirts are very feminine and add an air of “mystery” to a woman in the way they gently swirl around her legs and ankles. 

I’ve organized the this post into three sections – US retailers, UK and Australian retailers and then last of all, patterns for sewing your own maternity clothes.


Euphoria Maternity
Euphoria sells a unique selection of skirts from names like Ripe, Olian, Elly B and Maternity America. Average prices for their longer skirts range from $60 to $90. Sale prices can be as low as $15 to $20 so it pays to check back often!

Motherhood Maternity
Motherhood often has long and flattering denim and/or khaki skirts on sale. It just depends on the season and you have to keep checking back. If all else fails, check Ebay. Occasionally, their dressier black skirts are available in lengths below the knee. It pays to check at their local store sale racks since the shorter skirts are usually bigger sellers. Average prices for their longer skirts range from $20 to $40.


New Creation Women’s Apparel
Here you’ll find modest classics that are always in style. New Creation skirts and maternity fashions feature feminine styles and unique fabrics of high quality. I’ve had great personal experience with this retailer and have their wonderful “French Blues” dress skirt (non-maternity) and my sister loves her black and white floral maternity skirt. Average prices range from $20 to $33 and there are also slips and jackets and vests in stock.

Far Above Rubies
Lots of maternity skirts, jumpers and tops to choose from, including the cute ruffle skirt below. Prices are very reasonable and range from $20 to $40.


Katie’s Mercantile
This store makes a $21.00 made-to-order maternity skirt in your choice of floral cotton, denim or corduroy. Other modest women’s apparel is offered, as well as undergarment and sleepwear.

Hindy’s: The Maternity Source

Self-styled as a retailer of “designer maternity clothes for the fashionable pregnant woman,”Hindy’s has a small selection but always carries at least a few nice long maternity skirts in different fabrics. NEW for this Spring: a really cute “Trumpet Denim Skirt” and a flattering 6-gore twill skirt. They also offer maternity and nursing lingerie & robes. Prices range from $30 to $80.

Pickles & Ice Cream
A nice selection of basic below-the-knee maternity skirts in colors like black, gray and brown for prices averaging $40 to $70. Sales are frequent, allowing you to sometimes get a skirt for $30 or less.

Teresita’s Sew Creative
Beautiful and feminine maternity skirts ranging from $29 to $36 in a good selection of fabrics – twill, cotton, curdoroy, etc. This is also a brick-and-morter store that’s just 20 minutes away from me. Nice friendly service both on-line and in-store!—Maternity.html

Deborah and Co.
Offers fashionable, feminine and modest maternity/womens/girls apparel, including lots of pretty skirts. Plus you can find accessories like layering shells, leggings and jewelry. Prices are great and range from $29 to $50!  h

Pretty Me Maternity

This online retailer always has a few really cute longer skirts in prices ranging from $20 to $50. They also have a great clearance section! You’ll also find nice dresses and tops from time to time. FREE shipping on all orders over $100.

The Scarlet Thread
Handmade modest clothing (conservative/old fashioned style) for misses and maternity. There’s a cute maternity blouse and skirt (in your choice of calico) that cost just $20 and $25 respectively.

Style J
A huge selection of long beautiful skirts in denim, twill and other fabrics (including lots of pretty prints). Many styles here – A-line, princess, tiered, etc. and the prices are good – starting at around $20.00. They have both maternity and regular sizes.

JinJi Maternity

A “private label” maternity boutique that sells attractive and modest maternity skirts. Unique items you won’t find anywhere else. Prices range from $25 to $70.

Modest Apparel USA
A very conservative Christian apparel store which offers basic maternity skirts and jumpers in long lengths, with no slits/splits. Very reasonable prices from about $20 to $40.

Phyllis Jean’s Maternity Clothes
One maternity skirt is offered here, but if you are looking for a long FULL denim skirt, this one is for you! It’s lightweight and has 10 gores which means comfort and flowing style. It costs anywhere from $40 to $50. Phyllis Jean also sells modest non-maternity clothing.

Ringger Clothing
A family owned business which sells cute, comfortable maternity clothes and dresses/skirts with no slits (conservative/old fashioned style). Currently they have a nice, basic denim skirt and a cute and very practical jumper which you can have custom made in the fabric and length of your choice. The price is about $40 to $50.



Crave Maternity
Crave offers more basic straight or A-line skirts in practical fabrics, but still very stylish. Prices average $60 to $70 in US dollars.

Fun Mum
Dresses and skirts for about twenty pounds and up, but they often have great sales, which helps since you  have to pay international shipping. 

Pre-Loved Maternity Boutique

This Australian retailer sells many maternity basics including long denim, cotton and tiered skirts. Prices average $20 to $30 in US dollars, so the deals are great!



Modest Handmaidens Mercantile

A Christian, home-based cottage industry that offers a good selection of maternity dress and jumper patterns at very good prices.

Blessed Designs
One very pretty and flattering maternity skirt pattern called “Florinda” is sold here for the reasonable price of $11.99. The pattern includes 3 maternity skirt styles plus a half slip. I’ve made several skirts out of this pattern and love them!

Maternity Skirt Tutuorial
Step-by-step directions online for mothers wishing to make a quick and easy maternity skirt, or convert a skirt they already own into a pregnancy design!

Grandma’s House Pattern Store
A wide variety of maternity dress and skirt patterns offered here, most of them discontinued. Most of the “short” skirt patterns can be easily converted to “long” with extra fabric.

Here are a few older, discontinued patterns you might search for on Ebay:

McCall’s 4880
Pattern for a flattering “handkerchief hem” skirt that can be made at any length.

Simplicity 3762
Easy-to-Sew stylish, modern maternity skirt, below the knee – or could be made longer.

Simplicity 4704
Easy-to-Sew stylish maternity skirt, flared and easy to make at any length.

Simplicity 5466
Easy-to-Sew basic straight skirt; can be made longer. Also includes a cute, modest top. 

McCall’s 2226
Pattern for a simple, stylish A-line maternity skirt – just below the knee, but can be easily made longer.

McCall’s 9545
Very flattering “2-hour” dress & jumper. The jumper could also be worn with a blouse or sweater on top to give the illusion of a skirt being worn.

Butterick 6513
Versatile pattern which features a graceful,  flowing skirt that can be made at any length.


Hope you find this information helpful! If you have any questions, or if any of my links are dead, please contact me.

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  1. Patricia Araujo says

    Looking for long jean maternity skirts. I would like to know the price of the one you have .

    • says

      Hi Patricia! Not every one of the skirts pictured here is still available, but you are welcome to check Motherhood Maternity and New Creation Apparel to see if they have long denim skirts in stock right now. Thanks for reading! Anne

  2. says

    I like the styles.. while I am not a skirt person, in times of pregnancy and in normal times, but I an totally see the Moms making use of this info. It is a great find here. Thanks for putting it together :)

  3. Becky J. says

    So glad you put this page together and I really appreciate the sewing links, because I have some fabric lying around that needs to be used up!

  4. Deborah says

    I’ve spent hours without much luck online trying to find modest maternity. It’s getting harder and harder. Glad you put this resource together and I will be sharing. Blessings, Deb

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