Affordable, Made in America Cloth Diapers

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Want to save money by using cloth diapers AND buy American-made products? It can be tricky, because most of the cheaper options that people recommend are imported from overseas. This includes flat diapers, prefolds and pockets.

So which cloth diapers are made in the USA but still budget-friendly? I found a selection of covers and pockets for under $12.00, plus a lot of inserts and accessories for under $5.00. Here’s my list:

Diaper Covers

Proraps covers cost $10.50 and up. You can find them at Jillian’s Drawers or Cotton Babies.

Econobum diaper covers are $11.95. They are sold by Cotton Babies, and right now you can find “seconds” with slight imperfections on sale for just $9.95.

Thirsties covers (pictured below) start at $11.50. You can choose from the sized version or Duo Wrap. You can find Thirsties with free shipping at Nicki’s and Fluff & Familia, and at other retailers like Diaper Junction and Kelly’s Closet.

Pocket Diapers

Elemental Joy by Cotton Babies (pictured below) is an economical pocket diaper that includes one foldable flat cotton diaper to stuff inside. It retails for the great price of $8.55! The shell is made in the USA; the flat insert is manufactured in Pakistan. You can buy Elemental Joy at Nicki’s, Kelly’s Closet and The Green Nursery.

Tiny Tush Elite is a USA made pocket diaper. They are on clearance now for $11.19. As with Elemental Joy, however, the inserts are synthetic and imported.

Fitted Diapers

Osocozy cotton fitteds start at $9.50 and can be purchased at Nicki’s and Kelly’s Closet.

Prefolds, Flats and Inserts

Lil’ Darlin’s Baby Shop on Etsy sells hemp prefolds starting at just $6.00 each.
Twinkletoes on Etsy sells Zorb prefolds starting at $6.00 each.
Nelpe flats on Etsy are made of stretchy bamboo/cotton/poly and start at $5.00.
Geffen Baby inserts, (pictured below) are made of a soft hemp/cotton blend, and can be purchased at Nicki’s and Diaper Junction.
Green Mountain hemp inserts are made in the USA and cost $3.75.
Thirsties Organic Cotton Doublers are sold in packs of 3 for $7.75. You can find them at Nicki’s and Kelly’s Closet.

TIP: Buy the American-made pocket diapers mentioned above and stuff them with these American-made inserts!


BALM Baby and CJ’s products (ointments, wipes solutions, etc.) are both made in the USA. Fluff & Familia always sends a free CJ’s sample with every order – plus shipping!
Geffen cloth wipes, made of a soft hemp/cotton blend, are sold at Nicki’s and Diaper Junction.
Thirsties organic cloth wipes are sold in packs of 6 for $12.00. You can find them at Nicki’s and Diaper Junction.
Dritz diaper pins are sold on Amazon or at Nicki’s for 75 cents each.


More Made in the USA Buying Tips

  • Choose just one item (i.e. only your covers or only the inserts) to buy American-made. You can still make a difference in a small way.
  • Support a WAHM business. You can find handmade cloth wipes, doublers and diaper balm at very affordable prices. Or, you can choose to splurge on one handmade cloth diaper, perhaps for your baby’s birthday or first Christmas.
  • Look for made in the USA products second-hand. Check Cloth Diaper Trader or Facebook B/S/T groups. You can find these popular American-made brands up to 50% off or more when buying used: Best Bottom, Blueberry, Flip, Bottombumpers, Softbums (pictured below) and bumGenius.

Any other USA brands I forgot that are budget-friendly?







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  1. That is awesome how these are so earth friendly AND made in the USA! I don’t have a baby, but if I did these would be on the list.