FabuFluff Pocket Diapers: Handmade and Customizable

Reviewing handmade items is always such a joy for me. Last month, we received an assortment of pocket diapers from FabuFluff, the creation of California mother, Lizzie Morietta. Her shop has a 5-star rating on Etsy.

Available styles include pockets, AI2’s and covers, plus organic bamboo “snake style” (extra long and thin) inserts. Regular size bamboo inserts are another choice, but the snake-style is popular because you can fold them to put more absorbency either up front or in the back, as your baby needs.

Here are the three pockets that we requested for Mary Kate to test drive: Dr. Suess, Butterfly, and an embroidered Woodland Animals diaper. I love the bright colors and the variety of themes we were able to choose from!

FabuFluff pocket diapers are made with a cotton print outer, a waterproof PUL (polyurethane laminate) inner, and a white microsuede lining. The pocket opening that you stuff with the insert of your choice is located at the back.

The wings have double snaps, so you can angle them if needed for a better fit at the waist and legs. There’s also an extra hip snap on each side to help stop “diaper droop.”

Lizzie’s handiwork is excellent! Tight, even stitching, durable fabrics and smoothly-working snaps: all the components of a well-made diaper are there. Lizzie writes “Quality is my top priority. I put my heart and soul in every diaper I make and would never sell something that I wouldn’t personally use on my daughter as well.”

One of the best thing about handmade diapers is getting to customize it to your liking! Lizzie let me choose the embroidery for one of Mary Kate’s diaper, and this adorable Woodland combo is the result. Check out FabuFluff on Facebook for more of Lizzie’s amazing custom work.

Fit: The FabuFluff pocket has trim profile, which tapers towards the front (see below). For this reason, I liked folding a prefold diaper in thirds and stuffing it in the pocket. Standard bamboo and microfiber inserts (wider across) both required more wiggling and adjusting, and they don’t fit as smoothly (also below).

Because of the narrow cut through the crotch, I really like the way this diaper fits on Mary Kate, who is small but has chubby little thighs. 🙂

What about the front elastics? Some of the diapers in our have them, and some don’t. And depending on the brand, front elastic can cause sagging or gaping. With FabuFluff, we don’t have this problem. The waistband fits snugly, and has a slightly contoured fit that looks really cute but without any sagging.

Performance: Since this is a pocket diaper with a stay-dry (non-absorbing) lining, absorbency will depend on what you stuff inside. Because of the trim cut of the crotch (mentioned above), I like a prefold inside, and the bamboo/cotton variety are the most absorbent. I also have room to tuck in a trim hemp absorber (like Geffen), if it’s naptime.  With this combo, I easily get 4 hours from this diaper.

Most pocket diapers are 100% waterproof PUL on the outside. FabuFluff uses cotton fabric as the outside layer, and this adds a touch of style and uniqueness, plus the added bonus of more print choices. You just have to be more vigilant when choosing the right inserts for your baby’s output. If the diaper becomes saturated and isn’t changed right away, there’s a greater potential for wicking of moisture from the microsuede leg openings onto the cotton outer (and your baby’s clothes).

Value: FabuFluff diapers start at $13.00 and go up from there, depending on the style and print. It’s a very fair price for handmade diapers that also include personalized service, a 1 year limited warranty on all diapers, and a 15 day money back guarantee.  Customers also get free shipping on all orders over $75.

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  1. Our neighbor has a newborn and is going with cloth instead of disposable. Don’t know if she’s heard of this line, but sharing with her to let her know!