Easy St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Pin for Children

What happens if you don’t wear green on St. Patrick’s Day? Most children know that you’re in danger of being pinched, so to avoid that catastrophe, help your little ones to make these fun little pins to wear. This is an easy little craft that doesn’t require any special cutting tools or a hot glue gun.

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • Craft foam in the colors of Ireland (green, white, orange, etc.)
  • Adhesive dots – we use the Scotch brand
  • Bar pin backs – you can find these in the jewelry section of a craft store or on Ebay for $3 with free shipping
  • Multi-colored buttons

And here are the basic steps:

First, draw and cut out a basic heart shape on craft foam. Mark it with P, as this will be your pattern. Use this pattern to trace and cut out four more hearts.

Next, arrange the four foam hearts in the shape of a shamrock, with bottoms touching. Use the wrong side of the foam, which may have tracing lines. Cut out a small foam circle and use an adhesive dot to secure it to the four hearts. (1 below)

Apply the silver pin to the foam circle using another adhesive dot. (2 below)

Flip the shamrock pin over and use another adhesive dot to apply the button. (3 below).

Get creative with embellishments and colors! You can also layer them for a tiered effect.

Erik is now officially pinch-proof!

Here are some more designs that my daughter, Catherine, created:

Have a blessed Saint Patrick’s Day!




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