GroVia O.N.E. Diaper Review & Giveaway

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I’ve tried many GroVia products over the years, but never the O.N.E. until this summer. I don’t mind being late to the party; it’s kind of the story of my life and gets worse with each child we have!

When the GroVia O.N.E. diaper was launched in 2015, two features quickly stood out to me in the marketing: the option of having both aplix and snaps, and the possibility of using it overnight (which is rare for an All-in-One). O.N.E. stands for:

O – Outlast Closure
N – No Prep
E – Easy to Use

This summer, I purchased a Calico O.N.E. for Mary Kate, and my sister-in-law Katie received Tex from our friends at GroVia to try on Roderick. In today’s review, you’ll see how it worked for my nursing infant, and her toddler. There’s also a giveaway you can enter!

Here are the features of the GroVia O.N.E.

  • All-in-One style with a TPU waterproof outer and two 100% cotton soaker pads topped with microfleece
  • Hidden layer of 100% poly fleece
  • Outlast closure system Includes both snap and Outlast (aplix) closure
  • Soakers snap in so you can customize as needed
  • Adjusts to fit approximately 10 to 35 pounds
  • No prepping required before day time use
  • Retail price of $22.95

So here’s what you get when you buy the O.N.E. – the diaper with snap closure, 2 inserts (10.5 inches and 12 inches long) and a set of detachable Outlast closures:

The inside of the diaper is lined with fleece, and has a hidden layer for absorbency. There’s a receiver snap at the back which holds the inserts.

Here’s what the O.N.E. looks like with the Outlast closures attached to the waistband and wings:

Besides the two closure options, you have lots of other choices when it comes to using the O.N.E. The rise is adjustable to fit from about 10 to 35 pounds. For larger babies and toddlers use just the bigger insert, or both inserts together; for small babies, use just the small insert OR fold the large one under to fit inside the diaper.

Performance: Mary Kate wears the O.N.E. overnight with no problems, and this is even with her nursing once or twice during the night. Roderick was able to wear it all night as an infant as well; now that he’s nearing 2, Katie adds a thin bamboo doubler. (Note: GroVia does sell O.N.E. Soaker Sets separately if you don’t have extra boosters already in your diaper stash). But, it still holds him for a long nap, even at this late stage. So both of us are really impressed with the absorbency of the O.N.E. One of the main questions I had before using the O.N.E. was “Does it stand out from most other AIO diapers in terms of absorbency, even for a toddler?” The answer is an unequivocal YES.

We also both like this is an “All in One” system and quick to get on your child at bedtime; no doubling up prefolds, folding flats or having to snap/pin a fitted.

It’s also super soft and cozy.

Care: Good news – the “no prep” design means you can start using the O.N.E. right away! GroVia does recommend that you wash and dry a few times before trying overnight, however. The O.N.E. doesn’t hold onto stains as easily as other diapers with natural fibers, thanks to the stay-dry topper. It takes a little bit longer to dry than a microfiber AIO, but not quite as long as some of the multi-layered cotton diapers in my rotation. And compared to a thick, plush fitted, which is a common choice for overnight diapering, the GroVia’s dry time is much better.

Katie uses a diaper sprayer and says the O.N.E. is very easy to spray off.

If you are hesitant to choose a diaper that has microfiber components like the O.N.E., I’d like to share two quick observations. First of all, for a diaper that’s highly absorbent and likely to be worn for longer periods of time, a microfleece (feel dry) topper is going to be more comfortable for your baby’s skin (barring any allergies). In addition, you can put worries about build-up or odor to rest, because GroVia does allow their diapers to be bleached periodically if the need arises, without voiding the warranty.

Fit: The GroVia O.N.E. is somewhat bulky when you’re using both inserts together. I don’t mind the aesthetics of this, especially since I use O.N.E. as a night diaper for Mary Kate. If I want a more trim look for daytime, we just use the small insert alone for her. As far as snaps vs. Outlast goes, I’ll give the snaps an edge in terms of appearance, and I’m thinking this is probably because some bulk is added to the waistline when you snap on the aplix strips.

I generally prefer a double row of snaps on the wings of a diaper, so that you can customize the fit at both the waist and legs. To get it snug around the legs for Mary Kate means the waistband is a bit tighter than I would like and it leaves red marks around her hips. But, the marks do not seem to be bothering her, so that’s good.

As you might expect, the O.N.E. is slightly more trim on my toddler, as compared to 5-month-old Mary Kate, who is much littler.

Katie’s son still has one more row of snaps to grow in the rise. Roderick is 20 months old and about 28 pounds.

Any issues? The O.N.E.’s hook and loop closure is very strong (sorry, toddlers!). But the drawback is that Katie and I found you have to really tug on it, which often causes the whole strip to come unsnapped. Katie preferred to just go “snaps only” with her GroVia O.N.E.’s, and so for her, the Outlast option wasn’t needed at all. In my family, we have multiple diaper changers, ranging from 9-year-old little brothers to Grandmas that love Pampers. So I do like having the option of hook and loop.

GroVia recommends that you remove the Outlast hook and loop strips before washing the diaper. This extra step may be a hassle for some, but it does prolong the life of the hook and loop, which is one of the normal drawbacks of this type of closure. You’ll likely need a designated place to store the hook and loop strips, or they can easily be stolen by toddlers misplaced.

Value: At $22.95, I think the GroVia O.N.E. is reasonably priced for a potentially nightworthy All-in-One that includes two inserts and two closure options. And since nothing lasts forever, the ability to get a set of replacement hook and loop closure for just $2.95 (shipped free!) is a great deal.

Where to Buy: August is Retailer Appreciate Month for GroVia! What perfect timing, right? Here are some of the places you can find the GroVia deals:

  • Get FREE shipping over $10, plus the chance to win 1 of 3 hard-to-find GroVia shells (August 4-6) at Nicki’s!
  • Get FREE shipping on all US orders, plus the chance to win a Wacky Deux print at Sweetbottoms Baby!
  • Get FREE shipping over $25, and a free one-size diaper for orders over $59 with code WILDNESS, at Kelly’s Closet!
  • Canadians, get 15% off GroVia at Cozy Bums on Friday, August 11th!
  • Be sure to come back every day, because I’ll keep the entry form (below) updated with current specials for GroVia Retailer Appreciation Month.

Giveaway: My readers in the US and Canada can enter to win a GroVia O.N.E. diaper in Topaz, plus a Haze wet bag. Good luck!

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  1. I would love to try this diaper! We have a hybrid shell and a few inserts, they are great! I love the Rose and Abalone colors!

  2. My favorite Grovia O.N.E. print at Nicki’s is Tex, because I live in Texas! Love that muted red color too!

  3. Who doesn’t love free shipping, and amount of a discount is helpful. I like about of the colors but still going to try a juleup.

  4. Love the ONE. It was my night time diaper from birth to 7 month (he was almost 10 lbs!!). Now it is one of our daddy or diaper bag ones. Guaranteed to last atleast 3hours. Love the Tex pattern.

  5. My favorite GroVia print is Robots, but it doesn’t come in a ONE. My favorite ONE print is probably Adventure….or Purrrfect….or maybe Onyx Stripes. It is so hard to choose just one!!!

  6. Grovia is my all time fave diaper brand! I love their robots print but I am also loving their new abalone solid!

  7. Holland is my favorite GroVia print for my sons and Ophelia is my favorite for baby girl coming in November

  8. I love the print ballot and Tex. I would be happy with any print or color though ivr been wanting to try a O.N.E forever!

  9. My favourite print will always be Ur the O.N.R but my favourite solid is Abalone right now; it’s beautiful!

  10. OH MAN! Pick a favorite print? there are so many good ones.

    I really like the woodland remix and the Holland print (my family is swedish and it reminds me of my family and those liberty blue plates!)

    I think i’d have to say the holland is my favorite!

  11. Came over here from the GroVia Facebook page.

    My current favorite solid is Abalone and my favorite print is either Chesapeake Bay or Purrrrfect

  12. Haven’t tried Grovia brand yet, our baby is due next month& we are still trying to build our stash. A Tex print would be a cute addition to our little country boy’s collection. Yes please! 😉

  13. Fave prints are Ur the One, Unity, Calico, Onyx and Purrrfect
    Fave colors are Ice, Bright, Cosmo, Lotus, Haze and Abalone

  14. I love Holland birthday edition! I love Grovia ONE, best and only night time diapering solution for us for the past two years!

  15. Onyx is my favorite print. I’m curious about their design, but a lot of their prints and colors are too colorful for my taste. So Onyx is perfect, and I like Tex too.

  16. I’ve always loved the Tex print, being a Texas native. Grovia ONEs are the best overnight diaper I have found!

  17. this seems like an awesome option for us. I think I will keep a few in my stash for daddy. He likes simple changes and much prefers hook and loop. I, on the other hand prefer to pin flats for a perfect fit, and I prefer snaps (although hearing that the hook and loop is real strong is a huge plus). I fell in LOVE with the print Tex! it’s very nice. I love that it would work beautifully for boys or girls, and its just very easy on the eyes. The print looks like it would be ok to wear under a formal dress for a girl, and also leave on for playing in or any other time. Its just beautiful. And the color! I would paint my living room that color. love it.