Funky Fluff Diapers Updated Review + Giveaway

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Last year, the Funky Fluff brand was bought by Bummis in Canada. There have been a few minor changes that I’d like to highlight since Funky Fluff is a brand I love and have reviewed several times. Today’s review and giveaway is part of the Lots for Tots giveaway hop hosted by MamatheFox, The Kids Did It & The Mommy Island. In addition to my giveaway, a whole bunch of bloggers will be offering prizes of their own, so be sure to enter them all using the linky list at the bottom of this post. There’s also the Grand Prize, hosted by MamatheFox, valued at over $200! It contains a personalized I See Me book, Cubbie Lee wooden blocks, a Sleep ZZZ pillow, MomoBaby shoes, Oakiwear children’s boots,  and winner’s choice of a onesie or toddler tee from Deep Dive Threads.

And now back to Funky Fluff. Before we look at the changes, what’s going to stay the same? Thankfully, the trim fit, smashing prints and colors, bamboo and Athletic Wicking Jersey are here for good. Funky Fluff diapers are still manufactured overseas as before, and the warranty still stands.

Funky Fluff shells are now available with either an Athletic Wicking Jersey (a stay-dry mesh fabric) or bamboo lining, and inserts are silky bamboo terry (80% bamboo viscose and 20% polyester). There’s no longer a stay-dry microsuede diaper.

Now for the changes!

First, Funky Fluff rolled out a newborn diaper just after Mary Kate was born in January, and we quickly picked up a few. Shell and inserts are miniature versions of the one size. It’s adorable and definitely one of the most absorbent newborn diapers we tried!

Here are the newborn and one-size next to each other.

Mary Kate is on the small side and she fit into her Funky Fluff newborn diapers well into her 4th month.

The second change involves Funky Fluff flushable liners, which have been discontinued and replaced with Bummis liners.

Thirdly, the new Funky Fluff PUL (waterproof outer) fabric feels different now. It’s not a change in quality but rather of aesthetics. Previous versions are softer, silkier and more pliable. The new diapers we’ve bought are thicker and the fabric feels more stiff. I personally prefer the old PUL, but many customers have fully embraced the new. Either way, Funky Fluff diapers are as sturdy and reliable as ever. Why the change? Basically, the old suppliers and manufacturers were not available to the new ownership.

Speaking of the outer fabric, some of the old Funky Fluff colors were retained (Yellow Submarine, Aloha, Maverick, and Love Bug) based on customer votes, but all the rest are officially retired. Funky Fluff has released a few new ones already, and I’m giving away the most recent release – Kumbaya!

The background is a beige color with a graduated tint that gets more brown towards the bottom. It has a neat smoky look that is really unique! The camping elements are aqua, brown, yellow-orange and black, giving the whole diaper a sort of retro-modern feel. The brown bear is adorable, and I like that he shows up right on the front middle where I fasten at Mary Kate’s waist.

The fourth change I can see is the appearance. Shells are ever so slightly larger overall and and snaps are glossy finish, not matte. Inserts are a bit narrower. None of these minor changes has affected fit or function for us.

So, what do you think of the new changes? Did your favorite color/print from the old line-up make the cut?

Where to buy: You can find Funky Fluff diapers in Canada at retailers like Cozy Bums and Lagoon Baby, or in the USA at Nicki’s Diapers, Diaper Junction, Fluff & Familia (free shipping always!) and Kelly’s Closet.

Giveaway: You can win a Funky Fluff Athletic Wicking Jersey diaper (with inserts) in the new Kumbaya print! My entry form is below, and the promo is open to both US and Canadian residents. Good luck!




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  1. I’m not a huge fan of the large scale print or of the colours of this particular diaper so I’ll probably pass on it and stock up on more of the Funky Fluff colours and prints I already love!

  2. I think the print and placement are super cute, I’ll definitely add it to the collection ☺️

  3. This print is adorable! I have a friend dying to try it! If I win she will have to give me a solid review 😉

  4. Thank you Ann for this amazing apportunity .. I never tried funky fluff but I love bamboo and ai2.. this seems so interesting .. and the print!! Is just something else .. ☺️

  5. I’ve never tried a funky fluff diaper but have wanted to try them because I’ve heard great things.

  6. Thank you for the updated review. We are too big for newborn diapers but I’m so glad to know these exist for our next baby because it can be so hard to find a good, absorbent newborn diapers. Thanks!!

  7. This new print is so darn cute. I already love a lot of FF’s other solids and prints but this one might be my favourite so far!!

  8. Thanks for the review! I always see their cute prints but haven’t tried their diaper yet. This might be my favorite print of theirs. We’re a huge outdoorsy family! 🙂

  9. I absolutely love this diaper. My favorite part is the van. I don’t own any funky fluff, I would love to try them

  10. I love the new print! We love to camp (even with cloth diapers) and I think it is a great print that can be used for both boys & girls!

  11. This print is adorable!
    I’ve never tried Funky Fluff, the AWJ sounds liked it’d be great to try!

  12. I am SO excited to try the New Funky Fluff! I am new to cloth diapering and got two FF diapers at a garage sale that were the old style & they have been awesome & in our rotation regularly!! 💙

  13. I’m loving this diaper!!!! Love the print and the pattern placement. Funky fluff is one of my favorite brands

  14. I am of the ones who have difficulty with the evolution of funky fluff. I’m so sad that my favorites colors are retired but now I just learn that the PUL and the for changed as well. I don’t have a new cover yet, and I’m afraid I’ll not like it as much as my old ones.
    Fortunately, the ajw and the fact that they are more easily available (bummis products are from where I am) compensate.

    • I know, Annie! My favorites were Baby Got Black and Deja Blue. Another one I love is Yellow Submarine, so I’m glad that made the cut. And I prefer the wicking jersey to suedecloth so that was something else to be glad about. ~Anne

  15. I live that is a capping print and I totally get the appeal for having the same bum placement on each diaper, but i do wish a bear bum could have been an option! I’m go b to have to get the wet bag for sure!

  16. I like that you have an option for all bamboo on the inside. Its different. And I love the print. Super cute. I personally haven’t tried FF, but it on my list to try.

  17. I love the bus! I was joking around just the other day saying that a VW bus should be our next family car! 🙂

  18. Love this print, because it can be used for a girl or boy. A great item you can give as a gift if you don’t know what gender the child that is coming is!!!!

  19. I think the print is cute for what it’s supposed to be for. We are just starting our cloth diapering for our new baby on the way so have no opinions.

  20. I think it’s a very cute print, I like that it is a larger image than most. We love to camp in the summer time, so this diaper would remind us of fun adventures!

  21. I am absolutely IN LOVE with this diaper!! I like that they are all basically the same with print placement, so no searching for that “perfect bum.” I didn’t notice the smoky look until reading your review and i think that is pretty neat. This diaper is on my must-buy list!! It is so cute.

  22. I love the Kumbaya print! It’s so cute& outdoorsy & a perfect UNISEX PRINT that can be saved for mulitple babies, looks like one to add to the collection for sure! 😍

  23. I haven’t tried funky fluff before but I would love to for the new baby!! I have heard nothing but great things!

  24. It’s soooo cute! We’re outdoorsy people and are considering doing an outdoorsy-themed nursery, so this print could be perfect for baby photos. 🙂

  25. I love how it is gender neutral, and camping is my favourite mini vacation with the family, I love how everything is represented here on one diaper! We’ve never come across a bear but it looks cute on the diaper lol.

  26. I love this print! I think the narrower inserts will be beneficial for my baby because she is quite trim. I found a lot of diapers that were my favourite for her big sister aren’t working for her because they (my babies) were just built so differently.