Gerber It’s a Snap AIO Diaper Review

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Gerber Childrenswear recently released an updated version of their All-in-One diaper. The “It’s a Snap” AIO retails for $13.99 at Gerber Childrenswear or you can find it at for just $8.33. I bought one to see how it compared to the first AIO diaper that Gerber introduced in 2015, which had a few issues.

Gerber’s first AIO was a sized diaper; the new version is one-size with an adjustable front rise. The hook and loop closure has given way to double snaps at the waistband. The unbleached cotton inner lining serves two purposes: (1) second gusset and (2) pocket for additional absorbency. More and more I’m seeing All-in-One diapers on the market that also have a pocket opening.

The front and back flaps inside the diaper are elasticized.

The It’s a Snap AIO includes two inserts. The small measures 3.75 inches wide and 11.25 inches wide. Large is 4.75 inches wide and 14 inches long. The inserts have 100% unbleached cotton on top and an inner core of poly/rayon. I would rate the “feel” of the cotton top as fair, in terms of softness.

The suggested fit range is 8 to 30 pounds. It’s an imported diaper, made in El Salvador, and comes in 4 colors right now:

Fit: Many diapers with back elastics that we’ve tried can be uncomfortably snug. Not this diaper. It’s very gentle and not too tight.

Mary Kate is just under 11 pounds and 3 months old. Because there are no crossover snaps on this diaper, I don’t know if the waistband would be small enough for a newborn of 8 pounds or so. The rise would also likely be too high. But on Mary Kate, it’s very cute and trim and there’s lots of stretch in the wings.

Ingrid is 2 years old and 27 pounds, but small for her age. At the largest rise setting, the diaper fits right under her belly button. She still has some room to grow in the waist. Based on our experiences with an average sized infant and a smaller toddler, I would say this diaper has a size range of about 10 pounds to 30 pounds, so very close to Gerber’s estimations. The exception to this would be if you have a toddler within this weight range, but tall and thin.

Performance: For 3 month old Mary Kate, I tested the diaper snapped to the shortest rise setting with just the small insert. It held her for one nap just fine. With both inserts, it has even worked overnight a few times, but not consistently.

For my toddler, Ingrid (2 years old), we first tried the diaper with both inserts stuffed inside. After 3 hours, the inserts and lining were heavily soaked at the front and middle, but not much at all in the back. The diaper leaked from the leg openings. She’s not what I would call a heavy wetter, but she IS a toddler, so I would rate the absorbency fair for her age, and good for infants. I’m not sure why the inserts did not pull the excess wetness away towards the back (thereby preventing the leaks in the leg openings), but because of that I didn’t test overnight.

AIO diapers are designed mainly for convenience and quick changes, not for high absorbency. Right now, I like how it performs on 3-month-old Mary Kate. I know it can get her easily through a long nap.

Gerber’s price is very economical and really hard to beat. However, if the diaper had hemp, or a higher bamboo/rayon ratio, I would bet that it could hold more wetness. I also think it would be more convenient to use if the inserts were attached somehow, like a traditional AIO diaper.

I do like the cute, trim fit of this diaper, and I love that the pocket is wide and easy to stuff things under. You can fit a padfolded flat or a trifold with no problems.

Before using the diaper, we washed it and the inserts 3 times since both have a cotton top. There was no shrinkage that I could see.

Here were the issues we had with Gerber’s first All-in-One diaper, and how the new one compares:

  • Weak hook and loop and scratchy laundry tabs: fixed with snap closure
  • Exposed PUL: new lining and deeper front/back flaps cover the exposed laminate
  • Sizing: new adjustable design saves you from having to buy different sizes

The only drawbacks I see with the new version are the limited absorbency and the possibility of it being too small for taller or heavier toddlers who are still in diapers.

Value: Right now, the new It’s a Snap AIO is available from for just $8.33, which is a really great price (and you get free 2-day shipping over $35). If I wanted to boost the absorbency of this diaper, however, I would probably use bamboo or hemp inserts from my stash rather than purchasing additional Gerber inserts (like the ones that came with the diaper).

I’m happy that Gerber, a nationally-known baby brand, is helping to #makeclothmainstream (a hashtag popularized by Jen at Spray Pal) by selling the AIO diaper in big box stores and retailers nationwide. This will help bring reusable cloth diapers to the attention of a larger audience.

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  1. I’m a big fan of AIO diapers as they are useful for daycare. I would not have thought to try Gerber diapers after learning how their prefolds are. Glad to hear their AIO are worth the Walmart price.

  2. I love AIO diapers. I am still learning about them and am willing to try most brands. I have 3 brands on hand. My children grew up with the pin and plastic pants diapers in the 80’s. My new grandson is the product tester lol.

  3. I really want to try these! They seem like decent diapers for the price. I love how affordable they are. I hope they’ll be sold in stores. I think availability is a big reason why many people don’t cloth diaper.

  4. I have been cloth diapering now for about 8 months and didn’t know Gerber had made any aio diapers. I knew they have prefolds, plastic covers and a sort of training underwear. I wouldn’t mind trying their aio diapers! Thank you for a chance to win some! 💜

  5. I love the economical pricing!! I also love the fit, mainly because I had a petite kiddo 😉 I wonder if you could stuff some extra in there art nighttime to maximize absorbancy?! I wonder if they plan to do soakers in the future or an overnight option?!

  6. Thank you for this detailed review! I never knew Wal-Mart sold cloth diapers! I have a lil one due this May, and I’m new to cloth diapering, AIOs sound perfect, & I’d love to try Gerber’s 2nd All-in-One! The fact that the elastic is comfortable is a plus, and it’s nice to know how to boost absorbency!! 🙂

  7. I like AIOs! Easy to use and convenient when we are out and about! Would love to try Gerber’s AIO! It is awesome that they too are #makingclothmainstream!!

  8. i love the colors and the style,,i wish they had these when my babies were babies,,i used the old white cloth diapers with a rubber pany over it,,this is so much nicer

  9. I’m very excited about this diaper – because it’s about time MODERN cloth diapers are readily available in big box stores!
    Most people who learn that I cloth diaper have no idea what they are like now, and I’d love to show them an easy, affordable option.

  10. I am a fan of aio diapers, I prefer aio’s with natural fibers and made in the usa if possible. I like that they made some improvements on their diaper, would love to try it out sometime!

  11. Nice! It’s good to see a decent, affordable, and accessible cloth diaper. I wonder if Walmart will carry them in stores?

  12. I’ve always wanted to try AIOs! Thank you so much for this giveaway and for the awesome review! I love the bright colors and how easy they would be to use! I agree with you on the absorbency issue. But otherwise, these look great!

  13. I would love to try these. I wonder if a regular washcloth stuffed in the pocket would make a suitable booster?

  14. I’m kind of silly excited to see they finally released the new design! Gerber always makes me feel sentimental. They were the first diaper I ever tried way back on my now sixteen year old. The first version of the AIO was kind disastrous but it looks like they listened to customer reviews and did a little more market research. I definitely plan on trying one and maybe their new cloth wipes I recently seen 😀

  15. I am having my first baby this summer and really want to try alternatives to “regular” diapers! These are cute!

  16. Yay!!! They get it now. This is way better than before. And it only can keep improving. I have the old AIO, it got used twice :/ this one I’d probably use over and over!

  17. I didn’t want to try the first one because hook and loop is not my favorite, but I might try this one. Thanks.

  18. I like the simplicity of A1O diapers, they are easy for anyone to use. It’s about time that big name brands like this start introducing cloth to the general public. People have no idea just how far cloth has come since the days of plastic pants.

  19. I avoided buying AIOs at first because of the high cost factor, until I found some sources for less expensive ones. It’s good to know there are some sources available for less expensive AIOs beginning to take root. I like that this one has the pocket where more absorbency could be added easily.

  20. AIO diapers are super fast and convenient. We also like AI2 for the convenience. I’m really glad Gerber hopped on the cloth side and fixed the issues of the previous model.

  21. I recently ordered these diapers based upon your review, and I have to say they are my new favorite diaper! I have a 17-pound 6 month old boy. I had been using a natural fiber aio for him at night, and he would still wake up soaked thru in the morning. I put the Gerber It’s a Snap on him with a receiving blanket padfolded and stuffed in the pocket. In the morning, the outside was dry! This <$10 diaper beat out a $25 diaper overnight! I'm telling all my CD friends about finally finding an affordable AIO that works.

    • Sarah, I really appreciate that you took time to come back and share your experience with the Gerber diaper, because it’s so helpful to have more than one opinion when making purchasing decisions. I, too, am thrilled with the price and that I can get these from I am thinking of getting a few to keep in my diaper bag for the 3-month-old. That’s so great yours worked overnight!! ~Anne