Buttons Super Cover and Bamboo Inserts Review & Giveaway

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We first tried Buttons Diapers four years ago and they’ve been in our rotation ever since. Buttons is a simple AI2 system that consists of waterproof covers and snap-in soaker pads. Buttons is constantly innovating and updating to meet customer needs, and 2017 brought two VERY exciting additions: a newborn cover and a Super cover for older/bigger babies and toddlers. Buttons sent a complimentary Super cover for 2-year-old Ingrid and 17 month old Roderick (my nephew). We also received the new bamboo/cotton inserts to try out. The Super cover is designed to fit babies from 12 to 40+ pounds.

Here’s a photo comparison to show the 3 sizes of covers that Buttons now offers. The newborn and Super covers have double snaps on the wings:

Buttons covers are made of two layers of very soft but sturdy waterproof PUL fabric, and have a wipeable interior, double leg gussets and inside flaps (a new feature not found on the one-size version). There are 3 size settings on the rise, giving older babies and toddlers more than enough room to grow. This cute print is called Bloom:

The new style of inserts are 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton. Unlike other Buttons inserts, they do not have the stay-dry fleece layer on top. Choose from among small, large and XL sizes. The night inserts are made to snap onto the back of the day inserts, and then snap into the cover as well (i.e. they have snaps on both sides).

Daytime inserts are made of 5 layers of absorbent 70% bamboo & 30% organic cotton. Nighttime doublers are also 5 layers of fabric. They come in packs of 2 starting at $12.50.

– Small inserts fit babies from 7-15 lbs (inserts are 11″ in length)
– Large inserts fit babies from 20-25 lbs (inserts are 13″ in length)
– X-Large inserts fit babies from 25-40 lbs (inserts are 15″ in length)

While there are many options in the Buttons system now (3 sizes of covers, multiple sizes and fabrics for inserts), using them is really easy because you snap an insert (or two) in, and then snap the diaper onto your baby.

In my prior reviews, I mentioned that Buttons one-size covers run small overall. It’s great to see this larger cover for big babies and toddlers!

Here’s 17-month-old Roderick. Katie liked that with just 1 insert in, she can use at the next-to-largest setting, meaning Roderick still has growing room, even with his chunky legs.

And 2.5 old Ingrid, who is a small toddler. She’s wearing the diaper with day+night inserts snapped together:

Fit: With one insert snapped inside, Katie got a good, snug fit on Roderick around the waist and legs. With two inserts, the cover was not as snug but still performed well in terms of absorbency. On Ingrid, it fits equally well and I didn’t have any issues with it not fitting snugly enough when both inserts were used together. When utilizing both, the diaper will obviously be much bulkier, but absorbency is steller! Ingrid goes all night with the 2 insert combo, which is great because she’s potty training in the day time but not staying dry at night. The pads are very thick and I asked if wearing both together bothered her and she had no complaints at all.

Performance:   Neither Katie nor I had any leaks with the new Super cover and bamboo inserts. The inserts are very thick, sturdy and soft. The serged edges do curl up in places and shrink a little after prepping (you can see this in the photo above). They are stiff if you line or flat dry, so Katie and I both preferred drying on low. At that setting, they took about 2 full dryer cycles, so the long time is a drawback. That being said, they are super absorbent and neither Katie nor I had to deal with any leaks while testing on our toddlers.

Value: The new Super cover starts at $13.50, a very affordable price tag for a versatile and reliable cover (that also happens to be available in some adorable prints and colors!). You can shop Buttons at their online store, and at various cloth diaper retailers.

Giveaway: One Zephyr Hill reader will win a $25 store credit to Buttons Diapers! This giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents. Good luck and thanks for reading about our experiences!




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  1. I have not tried any Buttons products yet. Because I have what I need, and also because I try to buy my covers on sale or clearance for under $10 :). I would love to try Buttons, though!

  2. We bought the Buttons Starter pack before the baby was born. We really like them. They have so many cute covers.

  3. I love buttons diapers. I actually ruined my only buttons cover and need to buy some more. I have never tried their inserts. I have tried their wipes.

  4. Although I do Love the Buttons product’s, I sadly do not own any of them..I am However very EXCITED about this Giveaway because if I were to WIN this, I could buy myself a Button cover. 🙂

  5. I have 2 Buttons diapers right now and LOVE them!!! They are very absorbent and the prints are the cutest!!! I love the fit on my kiddo too!

  6. I haven’t tried any Buttons products yet, but I am 38 weeks pregnant so I haven’t tried any cloth diapers yet. Still trying to figure out the brands I want to try for my son.

  7. Most of my stash consists of Buttons Diapers! We love the one size covers and would love to try the new larger cover for when our baby gets bigger. We love the ease of using an Ai2 system!

  8. My little is 2 months old and fitting perfectly in the OS covers! I love them, especially how stretchy and soft they are. Plus the double gussets really capture that NB ebf poop 💩 I’ll be anxious to add supers to the stash when he gets older!

  9. I love the Buttons concept! That said, my LO is an extreme heavy wetter and at the 90+ percentile for height & weight. The Buttons diapers we bought before he was born fit, but the rise is low on him. He also can saturate a hemp daytime in no time, but the nightime combo will last through a 3 hour nap. Unfortunately, I only have a couple of nighttime hemp, so I’m struggling to figure out what to do. I’m really happy they came out with the bigger size!

      • Yes. I tried adding a NB prefold but it was way too bulky.Yesterday I added a Thirsties cotton doubler on top, which is trim, and it got us to 1 1/2 hrs. at least. A Thirsties hemp or Geffen quick absorber is my next experiment. I don’t know why I’m stuck on trying to go 2 hrs., but I may just have to change him more frequently.

  10. I only have a couple of there covers, I would love to have some of their inserts to pair with them!

  11. I haven’t tried buttons yet, but I love their lumberjack print. I also like how they have many different inserts to choose from!

  12. I have one super size cover from buttons and oh my god they’r amazing for my chubby baby .. I love it so much .. can’t wait to have more ❤️️Love the size and the double pul .. 👍🏼👍🏼

  13. I have yet to try buttons… I’ve always wanted to, just haven’t yet. My super sized 2 yo would be great to try the big size on… he’s growing out of bb which I know are comparable!!

  14. We are TTC, and are building our stash so we haven’t tried Buttons products yet, but we can’t wait to with our first LO!

  15. I haven’t been able to try any Buttons products yet, but they are in my wish list! I love their prints!

  16. I’ve wanted to try Buttons for a while now. But I haven’t NEEDED any new covers, so I have restrained myself. Winning would be a great way to do this 🙂

  17. I haven’t tried them yet, I’m expecting my first child in November👶🍼 I’m very interested in cloth diapers so much better for the environment!

  18. I love the new super covers!! i already have 4 of them! I desperately need one of the new NB covers in Daisy for my new baby girl <3 They're such a perfect design! I use mine over flats 🙂

  19. We have tried buttons and love the new sizes they offer, would love to try the bigger ones on the toddler and newborn for new squish!

  20. I have about 10 Buttons covers that I use with another brands inserts that I already had. I really adore their prints! But I had no idea they had a bamboo overnight! Might be time to branch out a little more!

  21. We just bought our first button cover and I really liked it. No leaks and super cute prints! We used it with a sloomb prefold and it worked really well!

  22. I hAve some ready to try with the next one due in July. I never tries any covers/ai2s with my first only pocket’s so I’m excited and hope they work better for us!

  23. I really like that the inserts snap in! I have tried a diaper in a similar style, but not Buttons yet.

  24. I love buttons! They’re by far my favorite brand. I’m excited about the super covers. My daughter still fits fine in OS, but she’s real, so I can see her needing a size up before long.

  25. I love our OS Buttons- the prints are just so cute. I know we will need to size up to Supers at some point though for our big girl!

  26. I love Buttons Diapers!! They are my favorite! I am so glad they came out with a larger size option

  27. I have not tried Button products yet. I am only 8 months into this journey and am finding there is so much to learn and BUY.. because there is so many great products out there.

  28. I like the buttons diapers I’ve tried. I like that I can use what ever insert I want with them. They have cute fabrics and hold up well. I’m looking forward to trying the larger sized one!

  29. I have one buttons diaper I won in a giveaway. I love it. I have actually bought them as gifts for others since. I am super excited about the super cover. I have super chuck boys (19 pound just turned 4 months). We are already on no rise snaps buttoned. It would be much too small for my 2.5 year old even though he loves the farm print. A super cover is the next on my want/to buy list. Holding out for honeybees print in super since we are Beemans

  30. I have a couple buttons covers and I use them at the end of my diaper cycle… They are great for extending my laundry schedule… I just wish they had the nice little pocket at the front to hold the inserts like this one does!

  31. Buttons are literally the BEST cloth diapers out there! I’ve tried so many different brands & gone thru a lot of different “favorites” – but Buttons always come out on top for quality & ease of use! I recommend them to everyone!

  32. I love Buttons diapers! I have a long history with cloth going back to my first daughter born eight years ago and starting with a bamboo AI2 called BambooBums. When my last babe was born last year I discovered Buttons and instantly fell in love with the prints and design and durability. I have been curious about the super size since my little guy will be approaching the 15mo mark soon. I may just have to add a couple supers to my stash!

  33. We have a Honeybuns cover (because my husband was SUPER excited about it!) and I love it! We get a great fit with it, and the double PUL gives me some piece of mind with my heavy-wetter. Mama got leaked on a lot with another brand of diapers for awhile!

    • I really like the double PUL, too, and yet the cover is still very soft and pliable despite the sturdy fabric. ~Anne

  34. Love buttons! Probably my favorite cloth diaper we own. I love how easy they are to use. We have several Buttons inserts (both the hemp and microfiber inserts) but use a mix of those, best bottoms inserts, and even prefolds. Would love to try the new bamboo inserts! Also we have a 2 week old newborn now so I’ve been eyeing the newborn covers for a while!

  35. I don’t have any Buttons products sadly. And I love this print, it’s so spring-like and cheerful!

  36. I would love to try Buttons I have never tried them as they don’t have them in any local stores.