Diaper Rite Premium Cover and Pail Liner Review

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Diaper Rite brand products are made exclusively for Diaper Junction and include prefolds, wipes, fitteds, wet bags, pocket diapers and more. I recently received the new and improved Diaper Rite pail liner and Premium one-size diaper cover to review and share with you! These two products are available in six colors; my pail liner is Stone (gray) and the cover is Grass (bright green).


Here are the basic features of the Diaper Rite Premium diaper cover:

  • It’s made of waterproof PUL.
  • The inside of the cover has a flap at the front and back to help secure inserts or diapers. The back flap is elasticized for even better performance.
  • The inside is wipeable, which means you can reuse it a few times if it isn’t soiled with #2.
  • The rise features 3 rows of snaps, which translates to 4 size settings (three snapped up and one completely open).
  • The wings close with double snaps.
  • There are double gussets around the legs (a second, inner elasticized band)


  • The elastic is very strong while at the same time the leg openings are snug and comfortable.
  • The double snaps at the waist help to keep the wings from curling back, and the wings stretch generously for a good fit.
  • It’s a roomy cover that fits well over fitteds, prefolds, flats or whatever else I feel like putting inside.
  • It’s performed great overnight with no leaking.
  • The elastic sewn inside the back flap helps hold inserts in place better (in my opinion) than other covers with regular flaps.
  • Diaper Rite offers a lifetime warranty on snaps and six months on defects in materials/workmanship.
  • It’s only $8.95.

WHAT I WOULD CHANGE: Like the Diaper Junction cover I reviewed last month (same company, different brand), this one has angled snaps at the waist, whereas I would prefer them to be straight up and down. The leg elastics are also tighter than the Diaper Junction cover, which you can see in the picture above. If my toddler wears this cover a long time, it leaves red marks that he will complain about.

This is the Diaper Rite cover on Erik; in this picture he is 19 months old and 22 pounds. He’s got a Geffen prefold inside the cover.



I also tried it on newborn Ingrid. Although there is a lot of extra fabric and it looks kind of saggy, I actually got a good fit around the waist, and the leg openings didn’t gape open at all. So, it works in a pinch and nothing leaks out, although I do prefer a trimmer cover in terms of looks. But it’s good to know this cover could work from birth to potty training for families who don’t have room in the budget for “newborn sized” diapers.


You might be wondering how this cover compares to the Diaper Junction cover, since both are made exclusively for this company. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Diaper Junction covers are made of TPU; Diaper Rite covers are PUL.
  • Diaper Junction covers do not have double gussets; Diaper Rite covers do.
  • Diaper Junction covers are $7.95 and come in more color choices; Diaper Rite covers are $8.95 and come in six colors so far.
  • Diaper Junction covers have a single row of snaps at the waist; Diaper Rite covers have two.


And now the pail liner:

  • It’s made to fit 54 QT cloth diaper pails and 13 gallon trash cans.
  • It’s made of PUL with sealed seams.
  • The opening is made with heavy-duty elastic.

I use the liner with a smaller trash can and it works great. The lower profile pail enables me to keep it tucked inside our laundry room cabinet. The elastic truly is heavy duty and is super strong; the liner never slips or shifts in the pail, even when completely filled with diapers. The bag completely holds in wetness and I can turn it inside out on laundry day right into the machine so no diapers touch my hands. At just $14.95, it’s very competitively priced.



Have you tried any Diaper Rite products? Visit Diaper Junction and just look at all the 5 star ratings they get!



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  1. It’s good to know that even though there is some bulk, this would work on a newborn if needed. Personally, I think it’s worth using newborn covers since you can resell them for a decent price since they are hardly used (and can buy used ones if you want to!)

  2. TPU vs PUL, which one do you prefer??? I like the one size cover; It helps out with expenses. Those are the ones I am looking at for my first baby, due In November! As far as the diaper pail and liners, would you say that the liner is more important than the pail? For instance, you used your liner in a trash can, would you say you don’t necessarily need a diaper pail? Thanks so much!

    • If given the choice, I would pick TPU, because it’s softer and more pliable. However, it’s not used as often and some of my favorite brands are made with PUL so it’s not a deal-breaker. For the diaper pail, use anything you like. I’ve never actually bought a pail and just always use trash cans. In fact, the one pictured in this review is just a small one from the dollar store. Probably cost me $5 bucks or less. ~Anne

  3. As first of all Ingrid is so precious! Secondly, I’m impressed, that cover actually fits her quite well!

  4. The fit on the newborn looks surprisingly trim for a one size. I think the double gussets are a must when diapering a newborn with a one size cover or diaper, otherwise you end up with gaping around the legs sometimes. I prefer newborn covers for a trimmer for but it is good to see that these covers will work in a pinch.

  5. Glad to see that one size covers work on both! I have a 20month old in diapers and baby #3 due in October! Hoping I can use a lot of my one size diapers for both!

  6. I can’t believe your LO doesn’t need overlapping snaps or anything! That looks like a great fit for a tiny baby! I’d love to see you review the Diaper Safari cover, too, since it looks so similar to those two 😉

  7. I haven’t tried any Diaper Rite products yet. I like that this cover has the elastic at the flap on the back. Seems like it would work a little better at keeping the insert/prefold in place compared to some other covers that don’t have that. I would check this kind out in the future!

  8. That’s so cool that the OS covers are actually one size and they will work from birth to potty training. I think the cover looks adorable on that newborn even though it is baggy. Great review!

  9. Seems like most diapers have some bulk on a newborn unless you buy newborn diapers. I just can’t bring myself to spend that much money so I’ll stick with a little bulkier OS!

  10. Wow that looks pretty good! When my little guy was a newborn I tried Flip covers on him, but I just couldn’t get a good fit for the life of me!

  11. Hmm now I can’t decide if we want to invest in newborn covers or just buy these one-size since they fit with less bulk than others we have researched! Decisions, decisions…..

  12. I was really surprised at how well that cover stayed snug around your newborns legs in your picture. I would have thought “no way” initially. Good to know!

  13. Loved this article! With baby two on the way I cant afford a newborn stash so its great that these will do tge trick if necessary

  14. I find it a little bulky on your newborn, but I like the fit on the toddler. Maybe we’ll try it for overnight diapers 🙂

  15. I kind of like angled snaps, they seem to fit my son better but snaps in general confuse the heck out of my hubby, I don’t even bother showing him how some are straight and a couple we have aren’t!

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