The NEW Bummis Simply Lite Cover (and a Giveaway)!

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The first cloth diaper covers I ever used were sized. Bummis was tops on my list because of all the high reviews. When Erik was born, I found the newborn Bummis covers to be some of my favorites. This year Bummis has released a long-awaited one size cover – the Simply Lite!

I received a Simply Lite cover in the Denim Dot print plus a Bummis unbleached prefold (infant size) and a flushable liner to review.

There are two rows of snaps on the rise of the Simply Lite which means you essentially get three sizes: – small, medium and large. If you’ll notice, there’s not a center snap on the medium row of snaps. I’m not sure why it’s designed this way, and didn’t get an answer from Bummis, but it doesn’t affect function.

This wrap-style cover retails for $16.95, which is a little higher than other Bummis styles, and includes:

  • Soft and smooth PUL fabric can be wiped clean inside for re-use
  • Stretchy wings and elasticized back and waist
  • A style that’s compatible with all types of diapers – fitteds, prefolds, flats, bamboo and hemp inserts, etc.
  • White mesh inner fabric for front snap reinforcement
  • Front flap to help secure inserts
  • Generous size range of approximately 8 to 35 pounds
  • 3 colors and 2 prints to choose from


The Bummis prefold I received is unbleached, so the fabric is softer than the bleached white ones (unbleached flats are also softer than their white counterparts, too). It’s nice and “quilty” and can be easily folded in thirds and laid in this cover without any pins or fasteners required. The infant size prefold fits perfectly into the cover at its largest setting (all the snaps opened up); however, the drawback is that if your baby is wearing size medium, you have to fold down the front of the Bummis prefold to fit. This makes it very bulky.

The snaps on this cover are very strong, and might look a little different than those on other covers in your stash.

There is a just a single row of snaps at the waist, so that’s thankfully less to fasten. However, it does mean the wings curl back when the diaper is on my babies. Our Simply Lite cover is also very roomy in the rear. Because of this it has turned out to perform just as well at night as it does in daylight hours. I can pack in a bulky fitted plus an extra doubler with no problems.

One feature that didn’t seem to make much of a difference in function (i.e. fit or leak prevention) was the front elastic. In fact, because it makes the cover “roll in” at the waistband, I would actually prefer the Simply Lite did not have the elasticized front.

If you don’t already know, all Bummis wraps are made in their Montreal factory to ensure top quality and ethical labor practices. The diaper cover components themselves are also manufactured here in North America. Organic cotton prefolds are made in Pakistan (Bummis is working with their supplier right now to get SA 8000 certification in social accountability).

Here’s a size range chart that shows the prefold measurements before washing (they shrink about 20% in size) as well as the thickness of the fabric layers:

Weight range Measurements* Thickness
Preemie 4 – 9 lbs (2 – 4 kg) 9.5 x 13″ (24 x 33 cm) 2 x 6 x 2 ply
Infant 7 – 20 lbs (3 – 9 kg) 12 x 16″ (30 x 40 cm) 4 x 8 x 4 ply
Baby 15 – 40 lbs (7 – 18 kg) 14 x 21″ (35 x 53 cm) 4 x 8 x 4 ply

Now let’s see what the new Simply Lite looks like on my baby and toddler!

Erik is 17 pounds and almost 11 months old:

Susanna is 2 years old and about 27 pounds:

Here are the colors and prints you can choose from (so far):

If you were hoping there was going to be a giveaway…you’re in luck! Bummis is going to give one of my readers the chance to win a new Simply Lite cover! Enter to win below.






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  1. I pretty much use covers and prefolds exclusively during the day (I have a couple of pockets and AIO’s that I use for caregivers once a week). They are so easy and I love how I can use the cover multiple times before having to wash it. I tried bummis when my LO was a newborn and wasn’t very happy with it, so it would be interesting to try again now that she’s a bit older.

  2. I love that prefolds really extend your stash because the covers can be used more than once in most cases unlike pockets. we have a fairly small stash and expecting again these would really help us start adding more to handle 2.

  3. We haven’t try these yet. We just starting cloth diapering. My girlfriend seem very interested on them. Hopefully we win this 🙂

  4. I like covers because the covers can possibly be reused with a different prefold. I have yet to try Bummis so I would love to try and see how it works for us. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. I just love re-using my covers. I love to try new ones to see which I like the best. And it’s also fun to know different brands so I can suggest them to others.

  6. We love prefolds and covers because they are so easy to use and are economical. Excited about the new Bummis!

  7. We’re on a very limited budget, and I can’t justify spending $20 for a fancy cloth diaper, multiplied by the number of diapers I would need to buy to have a usable stash. Prefolds work wonderfully, and I can buy a whole stash for the cost of one diaper. In a pinch I could even make my own out of an old tshirt or kitchen towel, or whatever. Right now I have two covers, and I am getting by, although having a few more would be fantastic.

  8. Compared to All-In-Ones: I love that covers are reusable and don’t have to be changed with every small wetting. I like that covers and flats are so inexpensive. I also enjoy the flexible absorbency of flats. If baby will be sleeping for a long time, go with two!
    Compared to disposables: I love that covers and flats don’t have blowouts! Or damaging chemicals!

  9. I’m working on switching my stash over to prefolds and certain brand covers. I’ve wanted to try the new covers from Bummis since I saw them come out! Bummis is one of my favorite covers!

  10. I love prefolds & covers so much they are the only thing we use on our 2 boys! Started with then at first because of the low price but found out they are so simple to use & care for. I would love a cover in denim dot to add some more fun prints to our stash!

  11. I like covers because of the multiple times you can use them by just wiping clean, and I like prefolds for the many fold options depending on baby size and shape.

  12. I mostly used pocket diapers with my first, but found that I liked prefolds for the newborn stage. Now that I’m pregnant with #2, I’d like to try some more prefolds and covers. I have never tried a Bummis cover before.

  13. I love prefolds and covers because I can use the covers more than once, and I can double up the inserts to suit babies needs at the time.

  14. I like prefolds and covers because they are affordable and super easy to care for. Plus there is the added benefit of not having to put on a new cover with each diaper change.

  15. I love prefolds and covers because they are just so easy. I pad fold and reuse a cover until it’s dirty, or I’m doing laundry. They are super inexpensive as well. They have become my favorite system.

  16. I mostly use prefolds as absorbency inside my origami flats without a cover, usually when my son has a rash or needs some air time without peeing all over my furniture. haha

  17. We’ve used prefolds and covers for almost 10 years now. At first, it was the only affordable option (and not much was available 10 yrs ago). Now I just love the simplicity and adjustability of them. And they never stink like the few microfiber items we’ve tried.

  18. I love using prefolds and covers because if your little one only pees in the diaper use can reuse your covers a couple of times. You can also really customize a daytime, nap time or night time diaper.

  19. I just had baby #3 and he is the 1st successfully CD’d baby thanks to bummis covers and prefolds!! He came home from the hospital at 5lbs 13oz and the newborn covers fit great!! We have more pooplosions when I get ‘lazy’ and throw a disposable on him!! The new one-size covers look fabulous 🙂 even if I don’t win one, I’m pretty sure it’s the one we will purchase!

  20. I would like to win this because I have never used prefolds and cover, so I think it would be great to give them a try.

  21. I like the versatility of prefolds. The Angel fold closed with a Snappi was my favorite. When I tri-folded I would place the smooth side towards my baby’s bum — basically I turned it over from how you have yours folded. I thought it was easier to clean that way and might leave fewer wrinkle marks on my kiddos’ tushes..

  22. Prefolds and covers are my personal favorite when it comes to diapering for so many reasons! Mainly, because I think it is the trimmest combo (when using a snappi), but also because prefolds 1. Are cheaper than almost any other kind of diaper 2. Are easier to get clean than fitteds, AIOs, etc. plus they dry super fast 3. They have no velcro or elastic to wear out so they are more likely to last through multiple children. I don’t have any Bummis covers but I have heard nothing but good things about them and I would love to try one!

  23. I loved prefolds with my first and stopped using them for a stupid reason (yeast battle). I would have kept going for a long time more (than 4m) if it wasn’t for that because they were working so well. With #2 on the way, it’s time to pull them back out again and give them another go! I just hipe I really was able to put the yeast to bed this time.

  24. we recently started using prefolds….why didn’t I start sooner??? I seem to have better luck in sizing for my little chunk and her thighs. AND we are HUGE Bummis fans 🙂 We have the Simply Lite in raspberry, it’s just perfect!

  25. I just started using prefolds and covers and love that you don’t have to stuff them like with my pockets. they also are very absorbant.

  26. I love prefolds and covers becuase they are cheap and they take up less space. My husband really likes them too.

  27. I love prefolds and covers! They are basically my stash. I love how I can reuse the cover many times and I love how much money I save.

  28. I used prefolds and covers when my son was a newborn. They fit him much better than other styles and they are very absorbent. I liked how I could use the same cover multiple times. It saves on laundry!

  29. Because we don’t have a dryer, prefolds and covers are easiest. I need something that can dry quickly either in the sun or inside when it is raining. I also like the cost factor.

  30. I’m going to start with prefolds when my little one is born in a few weeks. If I like them, I’ll continue prefolds past the newborn stage, and this cover will be useful.

  31. I love my prefolds and covers because the are so much easier for me to wash! No stuffing like with my pockets. They are way cheaper too, which is always a bonus.

  32. we use prefolds and covers a lot. im a full time handwasher so they’re the easiest (and flats) … but we only have one bummis and love it! a nice thick cover. never had a leak!

  33. I notice less leaks with prefolds and covers. I loved using them when baby was a newborn… not I like using them as baby is 1 year old… when he isn’t squirming during the diaper change.

  34. I am just starting in my third trimester with my first little miracle and look forward to CD. I have my newborn stash all ready and am trying to grow a variety for my older stash. I want to make sure that I have enough of a variety to try so that I’m not discouraged by blowouts and illfits. This giveaway would be a great addition!

  35. I would love to win this to have as part of our back up stash that we keep in the car in the event we are out and forget diapers. Flats and covers are such a great option in case of emergency (as long as you have access to water)

  36. My daughter is 16 months old and I am pregnant with my second so I would love to win this to help create a great stash for the both of them as times are getting tough! Prefolds and covers have saved us money in the last and they work great!

  37. I like prefolds and covers because I don’t have to stuff diapers anymore…. i used to love stuffing diapers, but when I had my second child and had twice the diaper laundry and half the time, I liked the simplicity of prefolds!

  38. I actually prefer flats and covers! Flats are more trim and I can customize it to my son’s needs (more absorbency in the front, less in the back). We have only two covers and the elastic is going out on one of them… this would be great to replace our older cover!

  39. I love to have covers around for using with flats and prefolds. They are great to have as emergency stash diapers in the event of a power loss or evacuation as they can be hand washed easily.

  40. I love prefolds and covers for the newborn stage. I used the newspaper fold and snappied. When LO started solids they were not too much fun, but now as a toddler with mostly solid poops they are so easy to use trifolded in a cover.

  41. I preffer prefolds because I can use them more than once (the covers), they are affordable and just because I like them more! but talking about wining a diaper, no matter which kind is it…. any extra diaper I can have, specially free.. is going to be great!

  42. I’ll be using prefolds and covers on my newborn to save money instead of buying an entire stash of newborn AIOs.

  43. I honestly never thought I would like covers and prefolds! My first set was the econo bums and I fell in love! They were so mug easier to use than I assumed. I now have bummis and rumparoos covers! You can never have too many covers right?!… Lol

  44. We like prefolds and covers for newborns because they have some crazy tushie poops! 🙂
    I love that we’ve never had a blow out!

  45. i did not at first, but i am starting to love them. i can leave baby coverless at home and they look all old school cute w pins!

  46. I love how economical prefolds and covers are . I’d to try the new Bummis cover because I like roomy light weight covers .

  47. I like prefolds and covers because it makes so much less laundry since the covers can (usually) be used many times before washing

  48. love prefolds and covers because they are super reliable, and much cheaper than a lot of other systems out there. love Bummis covers but haven’t tried this new one yet!

  49. I’d like to win this cover because right now I just use pockets and would like to start using prefolds and covers too.

  50. I love that they are so easy to clean and dry. I also find them easier to put on most of the time and they contain my heavy wetters poop and pee the best! especially when side lying I don’t have to worry. plus I love natural fibers. only thing I wish could be different is how bulky they are

  51. I love the ease and versatility of prefolds and covers. I thought that I would dislike them, that they’d be a lot more work when i first started, but I’ve found that they don’t take anymore time (esp. compared to having to stuff a diaper!). I love all the different coves available as well as the cost a lot better too!

  52. I love prefolds for newborns and little babies especially- they’re more reliable, and easier to wash and dry, AND cheaper!

  53. We will be using prefolds when baby arrives (hopefully in 10 days or so!). It will be our first experience cloth diapering but I’m looking forward to it. We don’t have any bummis so I’d love to add one to our stash 🙂

  54. i really like prefolds and covers because it gives flexibility. i am due with baby #4 and gave away most of my stash, so would love to beef my stash back up!

  55. Have you had a chance to try these on Ingrid? The look like they are a great fit for a OS wrap. Or do you have a favorite one size wrap? We will be traveling internationally and I want to find a good wrap for my flats before then! =)