Something Old, Something New: A Thirsties Diaper Cover Giveaway!

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Thirsties fans have been waiting a long time for this news: the hook and loop closure on diapers, covers and fitteds is now wider, stronger and longer-lasting! You’ll find the new hook and loop closure on their covers, fitteds and AIO diapers.

Here’s a quick photo comparison using my old (mango) Duo Wrap and an improved (aqua) Duo Wrap:

One of the biggest problems encountered by Thirsties fans was the hook and loop closure snagging on other stuff in the laundry. Thirsties wanted to address this issue with the new aplix tabs.Β I’ve tested my new and improved cover this week and the hook and loop is definitely stronger. It’s noticably harder to unstick the tabs from the strip on the waistband and from the laundry tabs. They do not come undone in the wash anymore.

The new Thirsties hook and loop is stronger thanks to a wider design; the larger surface area means more sticking power. They’ve also upgraded to a more durable hook and loop product so your Thirsties covers should last a lot longer.

So I’m really impressed with the new hook and loop, however it did not eliminate the waistband problem.

With the new hook and loop changes come some color/print changes (Duo Wraps and sized covers are now available in the same colors/prints), so if you are feeling nostalgic and want to grab some of the older styles at deep discounts before they are gone for good, check out Kelly’s ClosetΒ (aff link) and see what’s left in stock! I grabbed my new covers from Kelly’s Closet because they were one of the very first shops to have them available.


TWO of my readers will win a Thirsties Duo Wrap prize package!

Something old: The first name I draw will win a nostalgic prize package containing a size 1 Thirsties Duo Wrap with hook and loop in the “Hoot” print, and a size 2 Thirsties Duo Wrap with hook and loop in the lovely “Meadow” (green) color. These are the discontinued styles that will eventually disappear!

Something new: The second name I draw will win the newly designed hook and loop Thirsties Duo Wraps size 2 in the “Baby Bird Blue” print PLUS a green Snappi diaper fastener. You can try the new aplix closure and let me know what you think!

Enter using the Rafflecopter below and good luck!





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  1. These are my go to diaper cover, nice thick PUL. I love the colors too, and the fact that they fit to a high weight in the size 2. My first is a late potty trainer, he is 46 pounds and I can still get the cover over a prefold, I still have a dry guy even after his heavy wettings. Truthfully I have always wished they would do something to improve the aplex, but I’ve put up with the needed repairs because of the great fit. Hope I win, with two in the same size I run low on covers by wash day.

  2. I love the blackbird print! If I had a chance to buy my stash all over again, it would definitely include more Thirsties!

  3. I love the blackbird print!! We have one with snaps, but I am finding that we are a Velcro family!! (And baby!! cant seem to get the snaps tight enough on my skinny boy!!)

  4. I use flip covers but I’ve really been wanting to try Thirsties with my 2nd-born….love the Aqua color because it’s fun for a boy or girl!

  5. Expecting baby #2 in March and this is going to be our first time cloth diapering….so excited!! I would love to add these to my stash!!

  6. I love the hoot print! I am pregnant with my second child and will be using cloth diapers for the first time. I hope I win these!

    • I would say not, Brianne. The PUL is a bit thicker and more stiff on a Thirsties cover. Flip covers have a thinner, softer PUL and no double/inner gussets. Flips are higher priced. I love both brands, though, for different reasons!

  7. baby bird is super cute and Owls are a fav of mine! I am not super sold on snappi yet maybe if I had a new one that might be cool!

  8. I love the new limited edition Baby Bird Blue! Thirsties Duo covers are my FAVE and have been for for years (and same ones are still being used!). Thirsties does make a high quality product πŸ˜‰

  9. The “GroVia Kiwi Pie Fitted Diapers.” The pattern is cute.
    The “Newborn Simplex – giraffe or cow pattern.”

  10. I love the Scottish storm print, but I already have an AIO like that. I think I would choose either Mango or Mud if I were to win.

  11. I love the hoot print or just a plain brown color. I already have the old applix and would love to have some with better.

  12. I have (and love) some Thirsties Duo AIOs but I’ve never tried their covers… they look great! I really like the Lavender Baby Birds print, but Polka Dance is cute too. πŸ™‚

  13. I love Thirsties covers. Been meaning to try some in the bigger size, just don’t have the mulah right now with starting a new business and DH getting out of the Army. But these are Awesome.

  14. I love Scottish storm. The only thing your review is missing is if the new aplix rubs the baby’s belly like the old one.

  15. We have a new baby arriving in a couple of weeks. We’d love to try the Thirsties out! thank you for the contest πŸ™‚

  16. I will always be in love with hoot as it was the first cloth diaper cover my newborn at the time wore for her first diaper! Really love Mango tho!

  17. I love the Thirsties-Duo-All-in-One Family Tree Exclusive Print. I also love the Polka Dance…in any form, cover, duo or AIO!

  18. I just got my first thirsties cover. It fits my skinny baby so well! I would love to have more of these because I’m tired of having to work so hard to get her flip and bummis covers snug around her little legs.

  19. I love the polka dance pattern. If it is still available when/if I have a little girl I will definitely be getting it!

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  21. I love love love thirsties!! I’ve bought a few things from their outlet store and have loved them all. I really like the polka dance print. I have a duo wrap in it and I always reach for that first. But I love all their prints and colors!! The new aqua looks amazing and I do have a mud color I like. I would love to try mango sometime. Anyway I love Thirsties!!

  22. I love polka dance. Been wanting to get an orchid but all the colors are pretty great. Thirsties is an awesome company