Hipkiddo Intelligently Hip Pocket Diaper Review & Giveaway

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Do you ever shop for cloth diapers from Canada? I do!! It’s worth it to get a special brand of diapers that I feel would be an asset to my stash. One of those amazing brands is Hipkiddo! You might remember that we tried the Hipkiddo WeeBaby AIO diapers on newborn Erik and loved them. This month I’ll tell you about their super cute “Intelligently Hip” one-size pocket diapers.

Here’s the Limited Edition “Ooga Booga” print that Joshua at Hipkiddo sent to us at Zephyr Hill. It’s such a fun, whimsical print and the children love the fuzzy critters with big eyes and tiny legs.


The “Intelligently Hip” pockets were recently updated by Hipkiddo to be even more durable and more trim than ever! The wings were also redesigned to feature a double row of snaps for greater adjustability. The crossover snaps on the waist enable you to use Hipkiddo pockets for newborns, too. They retail for $14.00 and are sized to fit from about 8 to 35 pounds. Each one comes with a standard size microfiber insert which gives the diaper an average level of absorbency, comparable to most other pocket diapers. You can purchase additional inserts to stuff in for long naps and overnight.

I especially like the thick and high-quality polar fleece that lines the inside of our diaper. It’s very soft and resists staining. And the pocket opening is very easy to stuff because it’s so wide. Performance-wise, the Hipkiddo has been great. No leaks even during nap time, and no red marks on their legs or waists. Because the pocket is roomy, I can easily add extra inserts (bamboo is my favorite) to boost the absorbency.

While shopping at Hipkiddo I also picked up a couple of their fleece liners because we don’t have a diaper sprayer and I’m burned out on spending money each month for flushable/biodegradable liners. The fleece is very thin and soft, and a bit wider and shorter than the microfiber inserts (see the photo above at right). The size is just right for catching messes. Dunking a liner in the toilet is so much easier than trying to get poo off the entire diaper. And even though the Hipkiddo liners are very thin, they held their shape perfectly after washing and drying. At just $6.00 for a pack of 3, I’m so glad we made this investment.

Here’s how the Intelligently Hip pocket looks on 18-month-old Susanna. She’s about 25 pounds and I snapped the rise down just once. Super cute with zero bulk!

Next up? Samuel is a pretty hefty toddler. I haven’t weighed him in a while, but he’s pushing 3 years old and is close to 35 pounds. I didn’t use any of the rise snaps for him. The fit is just as good!

And “newborn” Erik is now just over 10 pounds. Our Intelligently Hip pocket was a bit bulky on him, especially in the back and at the bottom, but it still worked ok. He’s putting on weight but still has skinny legs so I think that has something to do with the sagging. I’m glad we have our Hipkiddo Weebaby AIO diapers because the fit on those is fantastic on a newborn. Since our Hipkiddo pocket works so well on my toddler, Samuel, I’m thinking it must run a little big. This has drawbacks at the beginning of baby’s life…….but benefits later on. Some pocket diapers in my stash are too small for Samuel.

Hipkiddo also sent us a Mellow Mocha zippered wet bag. The photo shows 3 of the WeeBaby AIO diapers for some size perspective. The 100% waterproof PUL is soft and butter-smooth, and I love the chic brown color! At 17×14, the bags will hold about six one-size diapers, and even more of the tiny ones. The hanging loop is perfect for door knobs, hooks and stroller handles. The price? Only $7.00 each (right now you can get a FREE Hipkiddo wet bag when you buy 5 diapers…..offer ends Feb. 20th and the coupon code is “valentinespromo”). The newborn WeeBaby’s are just $12.00.  And do you remember how adorable they were on Erik?

Hipkiddo diapers are available in 7 stylish colors, plus two prints: MooMoo and Ooga Booga. Which one is your favorite?

Hipkiddo has been selling their cute, modern cloth diapers since 2010 and are a family-owned enterprise. Even better, they share some of their sale proceeds with Seeds of Hope orphanages. You can read more about their beautiful family and how they are giving back by following this link.


You can shop for Hipkiddo’s cute and budget-friendly
diapers at their online store.


One lucky mama and baby will win an Intelligently Hip diaper
from Hipkiddo! Enter using the Rafflecopter form below.


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  1. I was so surprised to hear these were Canadian!

    Love the review espeically getting to see the size comparison with the three littles. These reviews are really helping as I narrow a shopping list for our first in a few months.
    How difficult are the snaps for someone with bad hands? My fingers often dislocate due to a genetic disorder and I’m curious if they’re difficult to close.

    • Hi, Victoria! The snaps on our Hipkiddo diaper are a breeze to close. You don’t have to push really hard, yet they stay fastened really well. And there aren’t any hip snaps, so that’s less to fool with.

  2. Not only are these adorable diapers but I love that this company is family owned and donates to Seeds of Hope. Awesome! Thanks for the great review of a great product!

  3. I love that this company is family owed and that they donate to a good cause. They seem to be really nice diapers and Id love to try one.

  4. I like how you said that their pocket diapers must run a bit big. My 20month old is 35lbs, and some diapers we habe just dont fit well anymore.

  5. I didn’t start CDing my daughter until she was a year old … I built a stash completely made up of one-size pockets and covers … with a little one on the way I am starting to wonder how many little diapers I should get for those first few months because it sounds like most of our diapers won’t fit him 🙁

    • Hi Carola! Will you be using AIO diapers for your new little one or covers and inserts? For newborn Erik I’ve gotten by with 8 covers and 18 prefolds and I wash pretty frequently. Some mamas have at least 2 dozen. Anne

      • I like covers for my daughter best because you don’t need as many because you can reuse them, they don’t tend to be as expensive and it is pretty easy to make your own inserts (or use receiving blankets). I have been on the fence with covers for a newborn though … I remember (vaguely – probably due to the lack of sleep) the poop when she was a newborn, and I have been wondering if they’ll stay clean long enough to reuse often enough.
        I have snappies on the baby registry now, so that might help to keep things contained and I just made my first wool cover this week! I have been on the fence with wool, if I should try it and for $30 or 40 per cover I just could not get myself to try it … but for $6 a skein I’ll give it a try! 🙂

        • You’re right about needing more covers for a newborn. With my older two I’ve made do with 6 each, but with Erik I need the 8 I bought because breastfed poo is runny….but with frequent changes I can usually reuse the cover at least one more time. I think the diaper fastener would definitely help keep everything put, and there’s also a fold called the bikini twist (or something like that) for diapers that is supposed to be great at containing poo. Are you having a girl or boy this time around, or is it a surprise? That’s exciting you’ll be making your own wool! ~Anne

          • I’m definitely planning to breast feed (it’s so much better, easier and cheaper!!). I’ll have to look up the bikini fold. I think I was going to start with the jelly roll and then go from there.
            I made some pre-folds from T-Shirts (one even with a sewn in fleece liner – got to see if I like that) adding to the receiving blankets (cut in half for a newborn) in the newborn stash.
            We’ll have a boy this time around … really glad now that we only have one pink diaper!

          • Have you by chance tried the covers from Baby Babu? They are working great on my daughter and the leg gussets seem to go a bit tighter than with the Flip covers and they have crossover snaps, too.

  6. Thank you for comparing the liners and one size vs newborn. I’d love to save money on all one size diapers but with such a low cost, I think these would be worth trying in newborn size!

  7. I like that they are affordable! Also love that they have some cute rpints! Would love to see some more though! 🙂

  8. I like that these diapers are one size. I also like that it is a family business and that some of their sale proceeds go to Seeds of Hope orphanages.

  9. I have three pairs of the intell. hip diapers and one pair of the naturally hip and def. going to purchase more. If they have made them “better” I want to see how because the pairs i have are freakin great!!

  10. I love how you showed how the diaper fit on three different children so we have an idea of how it truly works as a one-size diaper. Would definitely love to try these diapers out; thanks for the giveaway!

  11. I liked that I learned a ton about a new (to me) product from your review! You thought of everything, especially to show the fit on those 3 gorgeous babies of yours! I also liked the point of reference on the wet bag size, and that you included a photo of the Hipkiddo family. I didn’t know there were reusable liners and cannot wait to purchase some- especially at such a great price! Thanks for another great review and giveaway!

  12. I liked reading about how they fit and the prices. The prices are what really interested me because I don’t like to spend tons of money for a single cloth diaper. I will have to keep these in mind when I am looking at getting a few different brands to try out.

  13. Love that this company is family owned and that they give to a charity organization! I’m a huge stickler for charities so whenever I find a company that gives to those in need it’s an automatic win in my book 🙂

  14. Thanks for showing the differences between the newborn size and regular. It looks like it still fits, but is a little bulky! 🙂

  15. I think this is a great review. You obviously know your stuff and any opinion of yours is worth listening to. I love that you’re able to show the diaper on different ages… a definite advantage!

  16. I love that you showed the diaper on a newborn, an 18 month old, and a 3 year old! This diaper really is a OS diaper 🙂

  17. I love that these are Canadian! I’m a first time mom and looking for a disposable diaper alternative – sooo good to see Canadian options for CD!

  18. Loved your review! I’m always interested in hearing more about the businesses that make CDs, especially the family owned small ones!

  19. These are priced really great! I do wish they came in more prints but for the price I would love to have a couple of solids for those times when a solid color diaper is the perfect thing for an outfit.

    • Hello Janine! PUL is for polyurethane laminate. This is the soft waterproof material that’s used on the outside of pocket diapers and diaper covers to keep wetness inside. Thanks for entering my giveaways! ~Anne

  20. Thank you for providing info on the loving family that owns this business and their commitment to charity. So nice to see!

    • Since it includes just 1 standard microfiber insert, I would rate the absorbency as good/average. So for a heavy wetter you would either need to double up on microfiber inserts, or add some other type of “booster.” ~ Anne

  21. Thanks so much for showing photos on different sized kiddos – it’s so hard to tell how a diaper will fit as my little one grows!

  22. These seem like good diapers for older babies but not so much on a newborn, although it would work. I am new to cloth, my son is only 1 week old today. I have a lot of covers, but think I prefer pockets because they have less bulk. This diaper would be a good one to try, whats the weight for the AIO newborn?