Black Friday Cloth Diaper Sales Round-Up for 2014!


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Abbys Lane


All Things Diapers
Get a FREE sample of Rockin Green detergent with a purchase over $20 using code “rockin”
Get a FREE AI2 shell and insert with a purchase over $50 using code “AI2″
Get a FREE pocket diaper with a purchase over $55 using code “winter”
Get a FREE pocket diaper (worth $17.95) with a purchase over $89 using code “snow”
Get a FREE bag of Rockin Green with a purchase over $150 using code RG150
Gently used unbleached prefolds for $1.00 each
FREE shipping with a purchase over $45

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How to Use Liners with Your Cloth Diapers


Liners can be a really handy thing to have when you’re cloth diapering. What is a liner? Basically, it’s a thin, one-layer piece of cloth that doesn’t add any absorbency but can be used (a) as a barrier against creams and ointments (b) as a stay-dry layer on top of natural fabrics like cotton and bamboo, or (c) to make cleaning up #2 messes easier.

Some are flushable or disposable; others can be washed and reused.


Disposable or flushable liners are made of a biodegradable or flushable material like bamboo. You can toss in the trash or the potty (depending on your system) after one use. They generally come in rolls and you tear them off, one sheet at a time, just like a paper towel. They can help make cleaning up #2 easier because they catch most of the mess and keep it off the diaper.  Disposable liners cost from $6 to $8 per roll of 100; you can find top brands at Diaper Safari  with free shipping. My favorites are the Bummis BioSoft liners; they are a decent size and not scratchy.

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Can Breastfeeding Hurt Even When You’re Doing it Right?


The answer to that question is YES. That’s why it bothers me when I hear or read in books that when a nursing mother is in pain then she, or the baby, is doing something wrong. Let’s put aside the usual causes of pain which DO indicate something is not right: bad latch, poor positioning, tongue tie or infections.

I have nursed eight babies and can attest to the fact that for some of us women, it can hurt to nurse even when you are doing everything right. I’ll give you a few examples.

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Tula Baby Carrier Giveaway


I don’t think I could do without my baby carrier. It’s a life-saver when I’m out with all 7 children, or pretty much trying to do anything that requires both hands free while at the same time trying to keep my infant quiet and happy.

Tula baby carriers are one of the most popular on the market, and for good reason. A Tula carrier is made with 100% Oko Tex Standard cotton, is highly adjustable and comfortably padded (for both mama and baby), and includes handy features like hip pockets and a removable hood. And getting to choose from a wide variety of designer prints and colors makes owning a Tula even more fun!

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