Bloggers: Sign Up for the “Cloth is Cool” Giveaway Hop!


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There’s going to be a new cloth diaper hop coming this January, and I hope all my cloth diapering friends will jump in and link up!

Join the Cloth is Cool event hosted by the Zephyr Hill blog and Cloth Diaper Addicts; it’s a brand new hop in its first year and super easy to be a part of! Zephyr Hill and Cloth Diaper Addicts, together with some great sponsors to be revealed, will be giving away a grand prize package worth over $100.

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Imagine Stay Dry AIO Diaper Review & Giveaway


We use Imagine diapers a lot around here. The quality is consistent, prices are very reasonable and the print/color options are all very appealing. Plus they ship for FREE when you buy at Nicki’s. This fall, I purchased the Imagine Stay Dry AIO Diaper in two cute prints – Rawr and Ring-a-Ding:


An All-in-One (AIO) diaper is designed to be put on your baby with no preparation at all. It’s the closest thing to a disposable diaper you’ll find. The outside is waterproof and the absorbent inner is sewn or securely snapped in. You don’t have to stuff or fold anything.

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Is it a Night Terror….or a Nightmare?


If your child wakes up crying or screaming in the night, it could be due to a nightmare or a night terror. But how do you tell the difference?

Nightmares typically happen during REM sleep. Your child can be woken up and calmed down. He may be able to remember what the dream was about. Once he is calm and feels secure, sleep should return pretty quickly.

Night terrors are a bit different. They are more dramatic and typically occur during deep, non-REM sleep. Our daughter, Catherine, had night terrors that always happened 2 to 3 hours after she had fallen asleep. She would scream and thrash around in her bed. Sometimes she would sit up or even try to walk around. Unlike a nightmare, she would have no memory of it the next day.

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Old Factory *Made in USA* Candles Review & Giveaway


Old Factory candles are made in the USA of all natural soy, and come in a large assortment of fragrances. I received a complimentary 3-pack of candles to review and share with you, plus the chance to offer a giveaway!

I chose the Coffee Shop set on Amazon, which includes Coffee Bean, Hazelnut and Chai Tea. Each jar is 2 ounces and the set retails for $25.00.


Old Factory recommends that the 2-ounce candles be burned for 1-3 hours at a time. The scents are grouped together so you can light more than one candle at once, if you wish, for more fragrance or a unique scent experience. I was also advised to keep the wick trimmed and to reposition it if it started to lean to one side while burning.

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