Newborn Cloth Diaper Reviews, and a BIG Giveaway!

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A new baby at Zephyr Hill means more newborn diaper reviews AND a giveaway! When Ingrid arrived, I was able to try some brands we didn’t have when Erik was born.

Here are the updated posts, grouped according to style:

Newborn Diaper Covers
Newborn Fitted Diapers
Newborn AIO Diapers
Newborn Pocket Diapers
Newborn Prefolds and Flats

For the giveaway, there will be two winners!

Grand Prize winner receives a package worth $130!

  • JuJuBe “Super Be” diaper bag: choose between the Shadow Waltz and Royal Envy prints
  • Sweet Pea Newborn AIO (gender neutral), courtesy of our friends at Sweet Pea Diapers!
  • Imagine Stay Dry AIO (Indigo)
  • Imagine Newborn Diaper Cover (Emerald)
  • Rumparooz Newborn Diaper Cover (Peacock)
  • Thirsties Duo AIO, Size 1 (Honeydew)
  • Thirties Duo Wrap, Size 1 (Aqua)
  • 3 Pairs of Snap-EZ Nursing Pads in Assorted Colors

Runner Up receives a $20 gift card to Nicki’s Diapers! It starts August 28th and ends at midnight on September 8th. Open to both US and Canada.


Good luck and thanks so much for helping me celebrate Ingrid’s arrival!





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  1. Joy says

    I still adore the bummis refolds and covers. I know they are a little longer but I fold them over in the back and it’s a second line of defense against that newborn poop explosion

  2. Terra says

    Hi. I just wanted to let you know, when I logged in, the rafflecopter logged me in on my old email address. I have changed email addresses, I accidentally entered one entry under that email then realized it was the wrong one. Can you erase that entry and let me enter with the correct email? I can email you the old address if I need to. Sorry :( I’m not trying to cheat.

  3. Shandell P says

    We will be cloth diapering a newborn for the first time (we started at 18 months with our 2nd child) and I’ll be using all in ones mostly. Thanks for the reviews and information.

  4. Kelly R. says

    This will be my first time cloth diapering from newborn. I didn’t start til #1 was 3 months old. Planning on using prefolds and covers until lo can fit in OS.

  5. Elizabeth says

    The sweet peas appeal the most – we had one cover and I loved it! Also very interested in the wee huggers because they’re made in the South!

  6. Leela R. says

    Love the reviews for the fitteds all in one place! I’ll definitely have to spring for some of those, especially the Baby Coon Organic Bamboo Fitted once we’re successful with our TTC!

  7. sarah f. says

    I can’t wait to get all our newborn diapers! We will be using covers and Prefolds. I love the blueberry covers and I am surprised at how low of a rise the OS cover has, I will need to get a few of those. Thank you for your review and PICTURES! I have been looking everywhere to find a review that will work with a 7/8 lb. baby.

    • says

      So glad the posts have helped! When I first diapered a newborn I has some difficulty finding pictures, so that’s why I created these pages. ~Anne

  8. Stacy Renee says

    I’m due with my first little one in early December and have been doing so much research since I want to cloth diaper from the start. Thank you for putting so many reviews and information in one convenient place for us to peruse! I definitely want to start out with prefolds and covers. I’ve heard the best things about Thirsties and Rumparoos for newborns but the Rumparoo seems to swallow your little one and also seem a bit pricey so I’m leaning towards Buttons and AppleCheeks (so cute!) now. :)

  9. stephanie says

    I have a 7 week old. First time using cloth diapers. We actually made all but about 5 of them (bought them). I’m having a hard time with my son peeing out the legs. They are all OS and I have them on the smallest snaps. Is this normal? I even make the bought ones on the smallest and it still happens.

    • says

      Hi Stephanie, I haven’t found many one-size diapers that fit smaller babies as well as they do when older/heavier. Especially if they have skinny legs or the cover doesn’t have double gussets. ~Anne

  10. Jennifer says

    I loved the review of newborn covers. I am planning on covers and prefolds for the newborn stage. It was really comprehensive. I’d love to try an Applecheeks!

  11. Elena U. says

    Prefolds and covers will make up the bulk of my stash, since that’s what I have experience with from my childhood… changed diapers on my 3 youngest siblings :-)
    I’d also like to experiment with pockets.

  12. Genevieve White says

    I really love the review of newborn covers. It is so hard to decide what to use. I mostly used OS pockets with #1 but I’m leaning away from them with #2.

  13. Sara macdougall says

    Absolutely loved reading about all the newborn AIO I planned on getting just bum genius but now I’ll try a few different brands :) have you ever reviewed an alva baby newborn?

  14. Bekah Kuczenski says

    Oh no, I have baby fever again! I can’t wait for #3 :) I love lol joeys and bumGenius newborn diapers!

  15. mariko lafontaine says

    I think I’ll add some more AIO to my newborn stash for the next baby. Maybe I’ll try some tini fit? I read several positive reviews about their one-size AIO!

  16. Erin B. says

    I didn’t use newborn cloth with my first baby and would maybe try with the next one – would love to try the funky fluff newborn pocket! I have never tried any of their diapers but they look and sound awesome! Or one of the fitted brands, I haven’t used those much with my daughter.

  17. Christina Swenson says

    I didn’t cloth diaper with my first but plan to with my second due in Dec. I plan on using Sustainablebabyish Snapless Mini. Thanks for the review!

  18. Sarah G says

    I love prefolds for newborns. They’re easy to wash and don’t take forever to dry. It’s nice having natural fabrics against baby’s young skin.

  19. Shana Trahan says

    I will probably go with flats or fitteds for my newborn. Seems the easiest, and cheapest, or the fitteds are a trial option at Sweetbottoms baby.

  20. Sarah Hayes says

    id love to add an imagine cover in the dino print and the dino flats to my nb stash. Ive heard thirsties covers are great too.

  21. Cheri P says

    I’ll be ordering up some Bummis organic preemie prefolds to get through the first month without the bulk.

  22. Roz says

    I really like the Imagine Newborn Stay Dry diaper, not only do they look adorable but they are pretty much leak proof and that is so imortant.

  23. Rachel says

    We are new to cloth and never used them with a newborn. We only use pockets, we currently don’t know anything else. I would live to try any of the newborn pockets in the future!

  24. Devin M says

    All in ones appeal to me for convenience but not price. I think, for a newborn, I will prefer prefolds and covers for the economical draw. I just can justify spending so much money on all in ones that won’t be used long. Our family has big babies so I am especially worried about what kind of use I will get from newborn cloth.

  25. Kristy says

    I love using soft and cozy fitteds with little babies. :) They aren’t peeing enough to leak and it seems so perfect to have the natural fabrics against their skin. :) Thanks!

  26. Tracey Nichols says

    I already use Applecheeks on my 2 year old and have always used them as a pocket diaper, but we started on size 2 with those and love them. I would like to try the size 1 on my newborn. I also really want to try the Buttons and Sweet Pea covers.

  27. victoria W says

    With our first we went with mostly pockets and some AIO’s, Reading the reviews I think I’d be tempted to add some prefolds if we were to try cloth from the get go when we get around to number 2

  28. esteffani morales says

    I’m a big fan of the lil joeys. They worked perfectly for my small baby from birth till about 3 months.

  29. Anel says

    I plan on using CD for my first child, due in November, so I’m still trying to get used to the extensive CD world. These reviews will be so much help! Thank you!

  30. Kristyn R says

    I would really like to try buttons ai2. Didn’t think I was an ai2 kinda gal, but they appeal to me somehow.

  31. Jodi Armstrong says

    i like a size1 vs a newborn diaper for duration of use (more bang for the buck)… though i do love prefolds & covers & applecheeks can’t really be reused by switching the insert- though they like to advertise that one can. plus what if baby is too tiny for a size1… oh boy!!!!

  32. Aurora P says

    I love the covers review, so helpful because I plan to cloth diaper cover & flats/prefolds for new born stage.

  33. Kelsey says

    I’m planning to CD our first baby who is due this winter – This would be the perfect starter set to figure out which brand will fit our LO best!

  34. Amanda Alvarado says

    I’d love to try the Applecheeks Covers! Love that you can either stuff it or lay a prefold/insert right in!

  35. Brenda P says

    I would LOVE to try the Grovia newborn AIO. Every time I go to our local boutique I pick up a Grovia just to feel it! I didn’t know they made newborn sizes!

  36. Rebecca A. says

    I really appreciated your reviews on the newborn prefolds. It was very helpful to see the size comparisons when folded into a newborn cover. It seems like the Geffen baby prefolds would be very absorbent.

  37. Roz says

    It’s been a long time since I had a baby in diapers but with both daughters expecting I am learning a lot. I am very impressed with this diaper.

  38. Aimee P. says

    I’d like to try the newborn econobum covers. Tried the os and was not a fan of the fit, but the newborn covers look like a great fit and at a decent price.

  39. Cheri P says

    I used Flips on my son when he was a newborn and they were huge on him. When baby #2 arrives we are using a small covers and then will transition into Flips.

  40. hayley s says

    I like the idea of covers and prefolds for a newborn. Some of those covers looked great- I prefer snaps, so some of them wouldn’t be best for us!

  41. Breanne says

    I have a newborn and have used Diaper Junction OS pockets as I won them and to date they are the only diapers I own. Although bulky, they really do fit him well!!

  42. Breanne says

    This is my first hearing of hipkiddo and based on your review I am super interested in trying them! So much information in that newborn review section I am on information overload!

  43. Michelle H says

    We use prefolds and flats with covers alot, with some home-sewn fitteds and wool covers for variety. My little guy is just outgrowing his Imagine newborn cover, at 3 months and 16+ lbs. I wish I’d had more than one, they fit so nicely and didn’t irritate his belly button like other covers did. And they lasted longer than any of his other newborn covers while still fitting well in the early days (though to be fair, he was born at 9 lbs 14 oz and 21.5 inches). I also tried the Imagine bamboo flats for the first time. They are awesome! Even my older kiddos can use them at night, and they are so trim!

  44. Michelle H says

    I am amazed at the fit around the legs you got with Diaper Rite’s OS cover on little Ingrid. Will have to look at those!


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