Bambino Mio Diaper Cover + Flats Review & Giveaway

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Bambio Mio is a household name in the UK, but the brand is also gaining popularity in the US and Canada. When I found out that you can buy them at Kelly’s Closet, Nicki’s and Amazon, we picked up some Bambino Mio products to try on Mary Kate and Ingrid.

Muslin MioSquares by Bambino Mio are made of 100% cotton and come in packs of three for about $11. Although not marketed as diapers, my first thought when I spotted them was to use them as flats. Bambino Mio does sell standard cotton prefolds as well. read more

3 Things I Learned by Hand-Washing our Flat Diapers


The Flats and Handwashing Challenge ends tonight and the big question is – what did I learn?

Basically, these three things:

  • How to hand wash diapers – Or anything else, for that matter. It’s a good skill to have and it just goes to show that cleaning doesn’t require a degree in rocket science. It takes time, common sense and a little bit of trial and error. Our wash routine took about 45 minutes total plus 5+ hours for drying on the line. I have to admit it would be difficult to do this 45 minute chore every other day, with everything else I have going right now in my life (seven children, housework, homeschooling, the blog, etc.), but I know that it CAN be done. It’s just a matter of setting aside time.
  • What it’s like to use flats exclusively – It took some getting used to, not reaching for my bamboo prefolds or fitteds at night, or grabbing a pre-stuffed pocket diaper for a quick change. All-in-One diapers with velcro closure are my oldest daughter’s top choice when she’s helping me out, so it was an adjustment for her, too. It’s not that we don’t use flats; we have – for years. But only as part of a bigger rotation. It’s easy to get spoiled with all the different styles of diapers out there. I had to learn to think differently in various situations because we had to make the flats work ALL the time, whether that was naps, car trips or night time. Not all all flats are created equal when it comes to absorbency, so we had to make adjustments there, too.
  • How cloth diapering is different when you’re on a tight budget – Your style choices are much more limited, and you have to cut corners and make sacrifices. When we first started diapering 7 years ago I would have loved to have some AIO diapers for convenience but simply could not afford them. Being on a limited budget means you might have to scrounge around and make your own doublers, accept whatever prints/colors are available in the covers you can afford, and maybe even forego conveniences like pail liners and wet bags, diaper sprayers, and flushable liners.
  • read more

    Flour Sack Towels vs Flat Diapers


    Since we’re using only flat diapers this week, I thought a post which compared the absorbency of “flour sack towels” (or FST, as they are often abbreviated) against other flat diapers would be helpful.

    First of all, here’s a simple absorbency scale I made based on our experiences over the years of using many types of flat diapers. Do you agree with the rankings?


    Flour sack towels aren’t really diapers, of course. But they are a simple and cheap way to get started with cloth because you can find they at nearly any big box store and they cost a dollar or less apiece. How absorbent are they, though? Compared to other flats, I would say that FST score pretty low, unless they are doubled up. Ingrid can barely go 1 hour before she saturates 1 flour sack towel. Two FTS’s together will work for maybe 4-5 hours max; overnight it’s too bulky/clumsy to use 3. Everyone I’ve talked to who actually uses FST’s overnight has to add some sort of double or insert to the towels. read more

    Why I’m Handwashing Our Cloth Diapers This Week


    In my 7 years of blogging, I’ve encouraged people to give cloth diapers a try even if their budget is tight, or there’s no washer or dryer. This year, I figured it was high time I put my money where my mouth is.

    So I’m taking Dirty Diaper Laundry’s Flats and Handwashing Challenge this week. Six years strong, this is a week-long event that aims to prove that pretty much anyone can cloth diaper. After all, our grandmothers and great-grandmothers had no choice in most situations, and they rolled right along with their boiling pots, washboards and trusty lye soap. read more