BB Cloth Bamboo All-in-Uno Diaper Review & Giveaway


What if I told you that there’s an AIO (All-in-One) diaper on the market made with bamboo and it’s only $15? If that sounds appealing, read on!

We’ve reviewed several different BB Cloth diapers this year, and recently got the chance to try a new addition to the line-up: the BB Cloth All-in-Uno. In addition to sending the review diaper, Glenda at BB Cloth has once again offered to sponsor a giveaway, so find out how to enter at the end of this post!

Like other BB Cloth diapers, the All-in-Uno is a “one size” option which adjusts by means of the rise snaps and wings. There are also crossover snaps at the waist so you can fasten it very tightly for a tiny/skinny infant.

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BB Cloth 2-in-1 Hybrid Diaper Review & Giveaway


You might think that it’s necessary to pay $20 to $25 for a good quality AI2 (All-in-Two) cloth diaper with inserts, especially if it’s made of something besides microfiber. Today’s review might just convince you otherwise!

I had the good fortune several months ago to stumble upon the BB Cloth 2-in-1 Hybrid, which consists of a waterproof shell + 2 bamboo inserts that snap in. The price of just $15.50 grabbed my immediate attention, as did the print choices, which are fun and bright and totally unique. Since summer was just around the corner, I splurged on the patriotic owl diaper, which Ingrid ended up wearing this 4th of July. More recently, I also grabbed the hot air balloon print called Up, Up and Away – plus the My Little Bear print for my sister-in-law to try (see photos further down).

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BB Cloth Bamboo Pocket Diaper Review & Giveaway


At BB Cloth you can find pocket diapers, AI2’s and the butterfly fitteds I reviewed previously. A few months ago, I picked up a BB Cloth 2.0 pocket diaper because I was curious about this brand and also loved the unique prints offered.

We have a lot of outer space fans in this family. The diaper I chose from BB Cloth is named after a man whose biography I read last year and could barely put down: Robert Goddard. Called the “Father of Rocketry,” he invented the world’s first liquid-fuel rocket. This print is the best!

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BB Cloth Butterfly Fitted Diaper Review & Giveaway


It’s been a while since I reviewed a fitted diaper, but that doesn’t mean this style isn’t an important part of our cloth diapering routine. Besides the bamboo prefolds we often a use, a good fitted diaper is one of my top picks for night time and extended day wear.

BB Cloth sent two complimentary “Butterfly” fitted diapers for me to test out on 18-month-old Ingrid and 3-year-old Erik. Customers can choose from different snap colors (including plain white); we received aqua and crimson.

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