Buttons Diapers: Wipes and Liners Review & Giveaway

I love Buttons Diapers! In fact, I use the fantastic wipeable covers with my flats and hemp prefolds and now have four of them in my stash. Amy recently told me some new prints are coming at the end of Spring, so it looks like I’m going to be buying a few more! :-)

 Amy sent me a few things from her shop to try out and share with you: a 100-count roll of Flushable Bamboo Liners (retail $7.00) and a 15-pack of Cotton Flannel Wipes (retail $7.00). Both of these are good products at a really great price, so read on for the full review and a chance to win some for yourself!

The wipes are one layer of unbleached cotton flannel with red stitching around the edges. They measure just under 8 inches square and after washing shrank about 0.25 inches, which is expected. Flannel is a soft and smooth fabric so it has worked well for the average diaper change. The only improvement to these wipes would be to have a second layer of fabric that’s a little bit “nubbier” for stubborn messes. But if you’re looking for a soft, basic wipe at a bargain price, you can’t beat these; you get 15 for just $7.00!

If you haven’t used flushable diaper liners before, I urge you to give them a try. They can considerably cut down on (and often eliminate altogether) “dunking and swishing” time if you’ve resisted the urge to buy a sprayer like I have. Now, I have tried several mainstream brands of flushable liners and Buttons is now my top choice. I will definitely be buying another package when the complimentary sample I received runs out. They are just about as good as a liner can get with features like a great price (100 sheets for $7.00), silky soft fabric and a size that’s just right.

Each liner is perforated and easy to tear off the roll, one sheet at a time:

See what I mean about the size? At 6.5 x 11.5 they aren’t too skinny or too wide, and they coordinate perfectly with all Buttons inserts. The length is almost exactly equivalent to a standard, infant-sized prefold diaper, which you can see in the photo below. For smaller babies you can fold up the back or front a little; it creates no extra bulk. For larger babies or toddlers, just shift it to the back of the diaper slightly (that’s where you want most of the coverage anyway).

If you’d like a chance to win these two products for yourself, enter using the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!



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Which Farming Family Inspires You? (Win $25!)


Just last week, I featured the Blythe family from Kansas and talked about some of our own hobby farm projects (keep watching your inbox because posts on building a coop and raising chickens are coming soon).

Today, I’m highlighting the Woodrow family:

This family has been farming since the 70′s, when Kelly Woodrow was only eighteen and worked alongside his father. Now his sons are part of the operation. Farming is one of the few occupations left in America that is multi-generational, with land being passed onto family members and everyone (even down to the littlest grandchildren and great-grandchildren) contributing in some way to the business.

The Woodrows raise corn, wheat and soybeans in Illinois. This quote from Kelly really resonated  with me because it stresses just how important the farmer has been in history when it comes to innovation and ingenuity:  ”I think we’re the best in the world at what we do, so I think it’s up to the American farmer to keep improving the technology, to keep being a better steward to the land, to keep doing better with the quality of grain, to keep feeding the world. I think as long as we do that, we’ll all survive and we’ll all make a good living. That’s what it’s going to take, everybody working together.”

Which of the featured farming families inspires you the most? Tell me in a comment below and you’ll be entered to win a $25 VISA gift card from America’s Farmers!








Entry form:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

This post was created in partnership with America’s Farmers. All opinions are my own.

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Morning Sickness Combat Tips from a Mother of 7

Morning sickness is miserable. It’s like having a stomach virus that lasts for months. Some women even have it all nine months!

It’s frustrating to read pregnancy books that devote a couple of paragraphs to it, or generally limit their advice to eating Saltine crackers, sipping on ginger ale and sucking peppermints. A mother who’s suffering daily from this malady will try pretty much anything for relief. That would be me. After 8 pregnancies, I think I’ve tried every remedy out there. Some of them might even make you chuckle. Read on….

I bought audio tapes that you listen to with headphones; apparently, the specially pitched sound waves were supposed to work some magic on my inner ear and make the nausea go away. Did I feel foolish listening to anti-vomiting melodies? You betcha. Did that stop me? Not hardly. Like the woman who grabs her doc by the collar during transition and growls “give me drugs now!” the constant sickness had moved me past the point of caring about appearances. But I distinctly remember running to the bathroom in the midst of one of those sound therapy sessions. Yes, it was a total flop. A complete waste of money.

I tried accupressure bands on my wrists. Sea Bands, they call them. Another flop (but thank goodness for Ebay). They just didn’t work for me, nor did manually stimulating key points on my own. Sigh……..I really wished the Chinese could have helped me with this one.

I tried peppermint tea and ginger tea. They settled my stomach oh so slightly. Not enough to make much of a difference. And thanks to pregnancy food aversions, I was literally (and physically) sick of anything with ginger or peppermint flavors within a week’s time.

I tried those pregnancy lollipops in an assortment of fruity flavors. It was a no go. My children liked them, though!

I tried over-the-counter Dramamine, the motion sickness medication. After a few days I remember wondering if I’d even taken the pills. There was literally no noticeable result. It was that bad.

I tried eating crackers before getting out of bed. It helps for the moment, but you can’t keep eating crackers all day long (sickness isn’t just in the morning).

I tried prescription meds like Phenergen and Zofran. There was a short window of time when the Phenergen would kick in and my nausea would actually subside. I had died and gone to Heaven! Actually, no. I had passed out on the couch because that stuff made me super dopey and sleepy. No way I could take it with small children running around the house. So it had to go. Zofran is quite expensive and helped me only a little. Plus, with any prescription medication you have to do the cost/benefit analysis for your particular situation.

I even tried taking B vitamins before becoming pregnant the second time. Had high hopes for this one because I’d researched it. Got the positive test and a week or two later, I was back in the bathroom again, just like my first pregnancy. That was a pretty pitiful morning as I cried on my husband’s shoulder and said “I prayed that this would be the thing that worked, but I can see now there’s no getting out of it!” (Eve was really on my hit list for a while…..)

And this is just a partial list of the things I’ve tried….

So how have I learned to manage morning sickness?

I use a four-pronged approach.

#1 Sugar

If you know anything about hypoglycemia, then you know how bad it can feel to have low blood sugar. I’m what you might call “borderline,” so the sick, shaky, lightheaded feeling is quite familiar to me. Pregnancy makes it even worse. Naysayers begone, because I’ve found that good old sugar is a quick and easy way to put those hypoglycemic feelings in check and restore good feelings. High fructose corn syrup works even faster! That’s why you will always find Coca Cola (caffeine-free) in my fridge during early pregnancy. Any soft drink will do. I let it go flat and when those waves of hunger/nausea come over me, I sip on cold Coca Cola. The relief is almost instant. It settles my stomach and I don’t feel so shaky. I continue to sip while finding something REAL to eat. It’s important to follow up the sugar with something substantial. Complex grains and proteins are best. And notice I said sip, not gulp. All it takes is a little; I’m not advocating a lot of sugary drink intake during pregnancy. In fact, I don’t even drink soft drinks outside of early pregnancy. If you can’t find any type of soft drink that is palatable, sweet cold lemonade is a good substitute.

Now I realize that many pregnancy women do not find themselves craving sweets early in pregnancy. I don’t either. This tip is not about satisfying a craving. It’s simply about getting a small amount of glucose or fructose into your body to quickly even out your blood sugar and help you feel just well enough to find something else to eat.

Personally, when I’m suddenly confronted with a “sick yet starving” moment, it’s easier to take a few sips of a cold lemon-lime soda than it is to put ANY type of food in my mouth. When you are at the point where you can’t even THINK about food…..try a drink first.

#2 Salt

I was relieved to discover that a pregnant woman’s need for salt may increase, so it’s normal to crave the stuff. Salty grits, salty baked potatoes, salty tortilla chips, salty french fries, salty pickles, etc. All those things made me feel a little better, and they are some of the most-mentioned foods that women report as helping to combat nausea.

 #3 B6 + Unisom

This is a DIY remedy suggested by many midwives and doctors which mimics a beneficial medication which is no longer on the market (Bendectin). It has helped ease my morning sickness somewhat AND shortened the duration (before taking the combo I would be sick for about 5 months – now it’s more like 3). The remedy works best if you take B6 in a “complex” formulation, with other B vitamins and folic acid included.

The remedy is easy to duplicate at home; Dr. Walt shares the standard regimen on his blog (half of a Unisom/doxylamine tablet plus 25 mg. of B-6), but of course you’d want to double-check all this with your own physician or midwife.

Can it make you drowsy? Potentially, since it has half of a Unisom in it. Because of this, I start off taking it only at night. Then after a few days, I will take the mid-day dose when my toddlers are going to be sleeping. Within 7 days, the sleepiness effect seems to wear off almost completely, at least for me, and I can take 3 times a day if needed.

#4 Lying Down

What a funny thing to include, right? Perhaps not. There may actually be a scientific reason for the fact that many sick mothers find relief on the couch or bed. In her book Managing Morning Sickness (aff), Marilyn Shannon writes that low pressure can cause dizziness, nausea and light-headedness, which all happen to be common morning sickness symptoms. My nausea will often lessen just a bit when I lie down; sometimes I even eat or snack reclining on the couch. There’s definitely something to it.

So….using the tips above, this is kind of how an average day goes when I’m in morning sickness survival mode those first three or four months:

  • Wake up, sit up slowly and snack on some Quaker Oatmeal Squares before getting out of the bed.
  • Take my B6/Unisom
  • Walk slowly to the kitchen and get out my can of Coke. Take a few sips while I fix myself something that my stomach will tolerate. Maybe some grits with a lot of salt and butter. Maybe some cold peaches or citrus fruit.
  • Eat my breakfast.
  • Prepare breakfast for other children and then lie down while they eat it!
  • Have a mid-morning snack….or maybe several of them.
  • Have lunch.
  • Take my B6/Unisom after lunch. Put little ones down for a nap and lie down myself.
  • Throughout the day, repeat the “have a little sugar boost while I find something substantial to eat” routine as needed. For me, this is MANY times a day, as my appetite in the first trimester is voracious. (Cruel isn’t it, because that’s also when nausea is at its peak?)
  • Take my B6/Unisom before bedtime.
  • Go to bed with a little bit of something in my stomach. If that sick hunger wakes me up in the night, reach over and nibble on some more cereal. Then, try to go back to sleep again.

This is not a perfect plan but it gets the job done for me. Nothing rarely works 100% (and if it does then you probably had very mild morning sickness to begin with). 

Morning sickness is tough to beat, and I mean tough. It’s a powerful force. The flood of pregnancy hormones that are knitting together that beautiful baby in your womb really do a number on the mama. You can’t make the hormones go away, nor would you want to. So you have to find other ways to combat the nausea.

One last thing I want to address.

Why, even after finding remedies that work or help, do we still feel sick some days?

Because there’s more going on there than just hormone-induced nausea. Bloating can make you feel quite ill and unwilling to eat. Food aversions aggravate sick feelings. Producing excess saliva and that inexplicable metallic taste in your mouth (don’t even start me on these) also can worsen nausea. Add to this the agonizingly slow digestive tract that helps get nutrients to your baby and you can see why morning sickness is a very complicated problem that’s often hard to solve with just one method.

Try one, try them all.

Let’s hear it for relief!

That’s my bag of tricks……what’s yours?


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Try a New Skirt for Spring (and Enter the Giveaway!)

Skirts are great for pregnancy (or any other time, for that matter). They are comfortable to wear and easily coordinate with other things in your wardrobe. When the weather warms up in spring and summer, you’ll especially appreciate the breezy style of a pretty skirt.

My long-time friends at newCreation Apparel sent me something very lovely to review this spring: the popular Diagonal Stretch Denim maternity skirt.

This is not an ordinary denim skirt. The poly/viscose/spandex fabric is very fine and lightweight, with a smooth feel and very nice drape. The color is a deep denim blue with hints of aubergine, and it’s accented with diagonal stitching for visual appeal. The soft and stretchy tummy panel helps to accommodate your expanding waistline during pregnancy.

Solomon – the cat – kept rubbing on my skirt while Catherine was trying to take a photo of me so I finally just picked him up! (Finally got the cameo he always wanted, I guess.)


I simply ordered my pre-pregnancy size and then picked my desire length (33, 36 or 39 inches). Many of newCreation’s skirts can be ordered in the length of your choice, and I think that’s one of the best features of their website, and something very unique in the online fashion industry. Size ranges offered are also pretty generous: from ladies small to 2X.

If you want to know my honest thoughts about my new maternity skirt, I’ll put it this way. I’ve worn it more than six times in the past two weeks! And one of those times was church because it’s versatile enough to be dressed up or down. Not only does the contrast stitching give it an extra nice touch, but the hem of the skirt has a bit of flutter at the edges:

Simply put, it’s a flattering and very comfortable skirt, and at just $28.00 I would highly recommend it to any expectant mother as a wardrobe staple.

Here are a few items from their site that are on my “wish list” for after pregnancy:


Since I’ve been a customer of newCreation for many years, here are a few more reasons I can wholeheartedly recommend them to you:

  • They sell hard to find items like maternity slips (in cotton!!) and longer silk slips.
  • Shipping is super fast – my packages usually arrive within 3 days.
  • Things I’ve purchased in past years still look and fit great; the quality and durability is stellar.
  • The people behind the scenes are like old friends – kind, generous and extremely helpful. And they are truly committed to providing beautiful, modest and affordable clothing for women.
  • There’s always something for sale in the Treasure Chest – you can find skirts up to 50% off.

newCreation has offered to give one lucky winner one of their skirts! You can choose whatever you want from the site – and the giveaway is open to both US and Canada. Good luck!

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Thirsties Covers for $7.65, FREE Amber and More March Diaper Deals!

My report includes
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NOTE: If you are placing an order from Canada with a merchant offering “free shipping,” it wouldn’t hurt to check first. Sometimes free shipping applies only to the continental U.S. Thank you for supporting my sponsors and affiliates! If you’ve got some coupon codes and sales to share, or find an error/omission here, please leave a comment below.

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Win a Diaper Cover, Trainer and Changing Pad: Lucky Little Ones Giveaway!

Welcome to the Lucky Little Ones giveaway hop with Irresistibly Green, Just Add Cloth, Our Piece of Earth, and a variety of parenting bloggers. This hop is all about your little infants and toddlers! Aren’t they lucky? Each blog is offering a baby or toddler related prize valued at $20 or more for you to win!

When you finish entering my giveaway (details below), make sure to check out the grand prize offering over $240 worth of eco-friendly baby gear for one lucky winner.

Here at the Zephyr Hill Blog, you can enter to win a unique “green” prize package worth $40 from my blog. It includes:  

  • Diaper Safari “Green Tea” One-Size Cover: a durable, great-fitting cover that will work with most any diaper in your stash. Read my full review here.
  • Imagine (Size Large) “Emerald” Training Pants: soft knitted trainers with a stretchy waistband, hidden soaker layer and one side that snaps open to make changes easier. One of my favorite trainers!
  • Planet Wise “Green Squares” Changing Pad: made of soft designer fabric with a waterproof backing, this compact 13×21 pad is perfect for the diaper bag, or for home use if you don’t have a changing table. 

You can find all these highly rated cloth diapers and accessories at Diaper Safari (aff), with free shipping (as always)!

The Lucky Little Ones grand prize giveaway (enter here)  includes:  3 WAHMies one size picket diapers (Cow, Blue Dot, Pink Dot), 2 2 WAHMies pail liners in light blue, 1 large WAHMies wet bag, 1 medium WAHMies wet bag, 1 tube Grandma El’s Diaper Rash Remedy, 1 tube CJ’s BUTTer, 1 small Planet Wise wet bag, 3 Fuzzibunz Perfect size pocket diapers in choice of size and color, 1 pack of fleece liners (10) and a Jellystone Troika teething necklace!







Entry form:

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Capture (and Preserve) the Beauty of Childhood

Babies and young children are a joy to behold; there’s something so universally appealing about their wonderful expressions, tiny little faces and unpredictable, comical ways. We parents especially treasure photos from childhood that capture those qualities. And nearly every family has some special dress or outfit that was perfectly suited to the occasion. Perhaps it’s something that’s even been passed down from generation to generation.

Feltman Brothers has been generating this kind of magic for quite some time – almost 100 years, in fact! At it’s founding in 1916, Americans were puttering around in the famous Model T while “Edwardian” ladies swept their hair up high and wore skirts almost to their shoes. But just like then, we still love to dress up our little ones for a special occasion, or maybe just to capture them in a keepsake photo. Fine sewing sometimes seems to be a vanishing art, so I’m really glad that companies like Feltman Brothers are still providing heirloom-quality clothing to families.

Feltman Brothers sent us two beautiful spring outfits for Erik and Susanna in exchange for an honest review: the Teddy Bear Bobby Suit in blue (retail $53.85) and the Rose Garden Smocked Bubble Suit (also in blue, retail $47.99):

It took me a really long time to choose something for my two toddlers because the selection at Feltman Brothers is extensive and everything is either breathtakingly beautiful or just plain adorable (some are both!). In the end, I thought the two pale blue spring outfits would suit them both perfectly.

They are quite a pair!

The outfits we received are meticulously crafted. Not a stitch out of place. The fine fabrics and delicate details are just what I would expect from such a trusted name. You can be sure that after Spring and Summer have come and gone, these little suits will be carefully packed away for the next Sweden baby.

The tiny pintucks and embroidery on Erik’s romper are perfect, and the button-on style is one of my absolute favorites:

Department stores and big box stores don’t sell clothing of this quality, and it often takes some looking (and driving) to find a high end boutique shop. Luckily, you can easily shop with Feltman Brothers online and receive free shipping on all orders over $95.

I do want to mention that if your baby is average or bigger, then you might go up a size when purchasing. Susanna and Erik are both small/short for their ages, and the sizes I picked corresponded exactly to their ages and the outfits “just” fit – with no room to spare.

Feltman Brothers also sells christening gowns! Baptism is a crucial, once-in-a-lifetime event, so it’s no wonder that parents have traditionally dressed their babies in the very best for the momentous day. Feltman Brothers has beautiful styles for both boys and girls, plus accessories like bibs, blankets and diaper covers.

Do you see something you like at Feltman Brothers? Is there an outfit or gown that would suit your child perfectly?

After you take a few minutes to browse around, don’t forget that Feltman Brothers is having a giveaway this month for a clothing package worth $150, and it ends in just 3 days! You can enter here.



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Power Breakfast for a Pregnant Woman

I eat an egg (or two) almost every day because the protein helps keep my blood sugar levels steady and allows me to feel fuller longer. But preparing scrambled eggs (with a little bit of diced ham and cheese for added flavor) takes extra time and dirties up dishes and utensils. Time is at a premium around here, as you can well imagine with 6 children running around – and one in the oven.

Quaker gave me a couple of days off this week. I received some complimentary samples of their breakfast shakes in the chocolate and strawberry flavors and had the impetus I needed to try a different kind of “power breakfast.”

Quaker is a loved and trust brand in this house, and maybe in yours, too! From their nutritious (and tasty) dry cereals to the old fashioned oatmeal, I can guarantee that anytime you open my pantry, you will always be greeted by William Penn. In the early months of pregnancy, I snack on those yummy Quacker Oatmeal Squares (you know, the ones with a “touch of brown sugar”) to combat morning sickness and trying to keep my husband and children away from the box is literally a daily battle.

Here are the specs on the breakfast shakes I reviewed. In each 11.1 fluid ounce bottle you’ll find:

  • 8 grams of whole grain oats per serving
  • 10 grams of protein per serving
  • 6 grams of fiber per serving
  • 200 total calories

The ingredients at the top of the list are water, milk protein, whole oat flour and sugar. Further on down are a bit of canola oil, natural and artificial flavors and sucralose (which, incidentally, I couldn’t taste – usually I can and find it unpleasant). As far as nutritional value goes, the Quaker shakes can definitely hold their own. To get those same benefits, I’d have to prepare 1 egg plus a couple of slices of whole wheat bread, and the calorie count would be higher – 250 calories or more.

They taste really good, too! Not too thick and not too thin and just the right amount of sweetness. I thought that because of all the “stuff” Quaker has managed to pack in those bottles that they might not exactly taste like milkshakes. But they do. My husband and children agreed (once again, trying to keep something all to myself is nearly impossible; everyone asked for a taste). Chocolate is rich and delicious, and strawberry doesn’t taste artificial or over-the-top fruity.

Am I still eating eggs in the morning? Sometimes – because a hot breakfast is admittedly satisfying. But it’s good to know I have a quick and easy (and quite tasty) alternative to my usual labor-intensive routine. Being able to consume a healthy breakfast in a few minutes flat is really a treat. If you’d like more time-saving food tips like this, be sure to check out my new Pinterest board – Good Good for Busy Beavers!

If you’d like to grab some Quaker Breakfast Shakes on your next grocery trip, follow this link for a $2.00 off coupon: http://bit.ly/1gGTEfr

Do you enjoy Quaker products in your home? Have you ever tried a nutritious shake in place of your usual breakfast? I’d love to hear your thoughts!








This sponsored post was created in partnership with Quaker. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Rock-a-Bums 2.0 Cloth Diaper Review plus TWO Giveaways!


Not only do I have a unique diaper review to share with you today, but there are also TWO giveaways you can enter, so read on!

Rock-a-Bums sent me their 5-in-1 diaper, version 2.0, to review. I received the black cover with snap closure and two inserts.

The “BOMBshell” is lined with an exclusive (hospital-grade, hypoallergenic) black fleece fabric, and has a front/back pocket openings and three rows of rise snaps (which equates to 4 adjustable size settings). Inserts can be attached to a snap which is located both at the front and back of the shell. Inserts are made of several layers of microfiber with a gray charcoal bamboo top:

Rock-a-Bums are designed to offer 5 options for versatility: AIO, AI2, pocket, hybrid or a separate cover. I wasn’t able to test it as a hybrid as those inserts are not yet available.

I like using my Rock-a-Bums best as a cover, either with the included inserts laid inside, or with other diapers from my stash (flats and prefolds). As an AIO it also works quite well, as the insert will generally stay attached in the washer and dryer. Used as an AI2 or a cover, the 2.0 does have a minor drawback – the fleece interior is not “wipe clean and reuse.” Once the lining gets wet, everything has to be washed. I did test the diaper as a pocket, and it also performed well, but stuffing is not my cup of tea, so I don’t generally use the pocket feature.

The Rock-a-Bums diaper is very absorbent with one insert, and nighttime worthy with two. There haven’t been any leaks or blowouts yet, and after lots of usage over more than a month’s time, it’s holding up superbly. All the components are very easy to clean, although I have noticed the black fleece attracts hair and lint very easily.

Other features I really love:

  • The square tabs and double snaps on the wings make this a really well-fitting diaper. There are no hip snaps, but this diaper doesn’t droop at all. I love how it looks on my little ones!
  • A strip of PUL fabric on the inside front gives extra protection when your baby is on his tummy.
  • The black fleece lining and gray insert fabrics are both excellent at hiding stains.
  • Although I’m not into the “rock and roll” theme, I really do like the bold, contrasting colors (black, white, red) for both boys and girls. Plus, the NEW PRINTS that are now available (see below) are really bright and appealing!
  • If you purchase Rock-a-Bums to just use as a cover, it’s $16.95, but it also includes 2 of the inserts, so the price is really good compared to other one-size covers on the market.

And now, here are the NEW just-released prints, in both snap and velcro closure!

In order from left to right: Green Plaid, Pink Plaid, Zanadu (my favorite) and Blue Velvet:


You can enter to win a Rock-a-Bums in your choice of print or color right here on my blog. Just use the Rafflecopter form below.


The Rock-a-Bums blog is also giving away a diaper package of their own, worth over $150! Enter using this link and be sure to say Zephyr Hill sent you for BONUS entries! Rock a Bums is giving an Amazon gift card to the blogger who refers the most entries to their giveaway, and I would be thrilled if you could help me win!

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BabyZen YoYo Stroller Giveaway

What do you get when you combine luxury, versatility and compact style? The BabyZen Yo Yo stroller!

This neat little stroller is actually approved as an airline carry-on because it weighs only thirteen pounds and is incredibly compact. You can fold it up very quickly with just one hand and throw it over your shoulder like a diaper bag.

Other handy features include:

  • Easy recline
  • Removable, washable fabric
  • 4-wheel suspension
  • Exclusive soft drive system/no need to lock front swivel wheel
  • Five-point safety harness
  • Extendable leg rest
My friends at PishPosh Baby are giving away a BabyZen stroller this month with a fun Instagram contest. Click here to enter!

Just follow, re-post and tag to enter. That’s it! Contest ends March 23rd and you can enter up to one time every day.







This sponsored post was written on behalf of PishPoshBaby.com

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