Why I Don’t Believe in the Terrible Twos


Two is one of my favorite ages. A little bit independent and a little bit babyish. Small enough to hold but big enough to be talking. Two-year-olds can make you laugh out loud with the things they say and do.

“That’s true,” you might say, “but are you really denying the well-documented phenomenon known as The Terrible Twos?”

Yes. And it’s not because my children are perfect angels. And it’s not because parenting is easy. Erik is two right now and his hobbies are saying NO to everything and throwing toys when they don’t work properly. Susanna is three and thinks she is invincible.

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20 Cloth Diaper Giveaways to Enter


Twenty blogs are participating in the Cloth is Cool hop, and in case you haven’t had a chance to visit all of them, or if you interested in winning certain brands or styles, I’m spotlighting all of the giveaways here on this post. Here’s what you can win:

Zephyr Hill and Cloth Diaper Addicts – Grand Prize Diaper Assortment worth $105 – click here to enter US and Canada


Our Piece of Earth: Kawaii Pocket Diaper and Smart Bottoms Newborn AIO – click here to enter US and Canada

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Baby Coon Designs Monster Bunz Diaper Pants


You may remember my rave review from a few months back of the Baby Coon Designs hybrid fitted. This time around, I tested out Maria’s Monster Bunz pants which are designed to fit over cloth diapers. Starting at $21.00, Monster Bunz pants are available in size 3-12 months and 1-3 years, both of which have room to grow.

Maria made TWO pairs of pants – one for baby Ingrid and one for Erik – which was so incredibly nice! And I was thrilled with how the fabrics that I chose turned out. Ingrid’s pants are My Little Ponies with a pink waistband and cuffs and Erik’s are a knight and dragon with a dark orange waist and cuffs. Both are from the hard to find knits collection.

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Cloth is Cool: Grand Prize Giveaway


Welcome to the first annual Cloth is Cool giveaway hop! Cloth is growing in popularity because of money savings, environmental benefits and just plain enjoyment (it’s fun to pick from all the styles, prints and colors).

Check out the list below for all the cloth diaper giveaways you can enter during this hop. Your hosts, the Zephyr Hill Blog and Cloth Diaper Addicts, and all the participating bloggers and retailers, wish you a successful and enjoyable year of cloth diapering in 2015!

The grand prize giveaway, open to both US and Canadian residents, features a package containing several different styles to try out. You can find all these great brands at Nicki’s Diapers, where you also get free shipping on diaper covers and all Imagine baby products!

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