Exclusive Kinsights Giveaway: Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card


I signed up for Kinsights several months ago. Kinsights is a unique online community for parents that makes getting great parenting advice easier and smarter. Whether you need tips on fun outdoor family activities, insight on the best sunscreens for your little ones to use at the beach, or ideas for summer parties, Kinsights is great summer tool for any family. Parents often get the most useful advice from each other, and Kinsights makes direct connections to nurture this communication.  Answers Continue Reading

Little Bear Bums Fleece Cover Review


Ever tried a fleece diaper cover? The ones you find at Little Bear Bums are a little bit different. You can choose from two different kinds of covers - microfleece (which start at $10) and Windpro (which start at $16). They are sized for a more custom fit and are available in preemie, newborn, small, medium and large. Besides white, like we reviewed, there is also a limited selection of colors like chocolate, red, periwinkle and baby blue. Link to my newborn review What makes Little Bear Continue Reading

Smart Bottoms Lil Trainer Review


Somebody has just started potty training at Zephyr Hill! Erik received a complimentary Smart Bottoms Lil Trainer in the guitar print, size small, to test out. He's 2 years old, slim and short, and about 27 pounds. Here are the approximate weight ranges for the two sizes that Smart Bottoms offers: Small - 20 lbs - 30 lbs Large - 30 lbs - 45 lbs. The trainer consists of a cotton print outer and 6 layers of organic cotton inside. There is a hidden layer of waterproof PUL in the wet zone Continue Reading

Imagine Diaper Giveaway for the RDA


When it comes to cloth diapering, it's great to have resources you can trust. When I first started out, I looked to the RDA - the Real Diaper Association, for fact-based advice and encouragement. They have answers to questions that many cloth diaper users ask at some point: How do you eradicate yeast from cloth diapers? Do you have to use bleach? Check out the results of the RDA's yeast experiment Is there a basic washing routine that works for most cloth diapers? Yes, but you can build on Continue Reading

Diaper Rite Bamboo Prefolds Review & Giveaway


If you love prefolds, it's hard to imagine anything better than those soft, fluffy and absorbent diapers. But add a touch of bamboo, and you just might have something nicer. In fact, I definitely prefer our bamboo/cotton Diaper Rite prefolds to regular cotton. Because many of you shop at Diaper Junction using my affiliate link (for which I am extremely thankful!), I have been able to use my commissions to purchase some Diaper Rite bamboo prefolds to test out and share with you today. My friends Continue Reading