6 Cloth Diapering Secrets for Beginners


Well, ok, they aren’t really secrets, but they are certainly things that I didn’t know when I was first starting out. If you have questions after reading this post or want to chat, please leave me a comment below or use my email form.

Cloth is not all or nothing.

Good news: you don’t have to jump in and start full time. Start slow. Buy a day’s worth of diapers. Buy half a day’s worth. Keep using your disposables right along with cloth diapers until you have made a decision.

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*New* Diaper Safari Pockets Review & Giveaway


Diaper Safari recently launched a newly redesigned pocket diaper. I’ll help navigate you through the changes and updates, and also share an opportunity for you to win one! If you like, check out my review of the previous style from 2 years ago.

Diaper Safari sent me two complimentary pocket diapers to test on 3-month-old Ingrid and 22-month-old Erik. One is the green lion print and the other is a black hippo print. Also included were two inserts, one microfiber and one hemp. Additionally, an old style pocket shell was included in the package for comparison purposes.

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Arbonne ABC Baby Care Review & Giveaway


Meet Winnie Timmons. She’s an independent consultant for Arbonne, which is widely known for pure and gentle cosmetics, skincare and wellness products. If it’s important to you that the products in your home are pure, “green” or vegan/cruelty-free, then you’ll find a lot of useful information in the following review.

Winnie was interested to see if Arbonne’s new diaper rash formulation, Arbonne ABC Baby Care diaper rash cream, was not only effective but also safe to use with cloth diapers. I agreed to review some complimentary samples which also included full-size bottles of ABC Baby care hair & body wash and body lotion. Each item retails for $20.00 each.

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Difrax Smart S Bottle Review & Giveaway


Although Ingrid is exclusively breastfed, I do pump a bottle every once in a while when someone else is taking care of her for me. Difrax, a brand well known in the Netherlands and now distributing in the United States, invited me to review their new feeding bottles. I was sent a complimentary 2-pack of the 5.75 ounce Smart S-Bottles in the “boy” colors. You can choose from white (unisex), boy (blue/aqua) or girl (coral/pink).


Difrax bottles, cups and pacifiers are made of Tritan or PP (polypropylene), which are safety-approved materials. All Difrax products are BPA free.

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