Kinsights Review and $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway


Kinsights is a free, advice-sharing network for parents. Connect and get support from mothers and fathers in the know, or share what you know to help someone else. You can also use Kinsights to:

  • Keep track of your child’s health records in one convenient place. Organize immunizations, medication lists, allergies, medical conditions and more.
  • Earn shopping “perks” by answering questions, reviewing products or inviting your friends to join.
  • Browse product reviews and recommendations based on your interests and your children’s ages and stages.
  • Join groups and connect with “Kinsighters” in your geographical area.

I signed up for Kinsights this week and it took just a few minutes to set up my account with a photo and a blurb about myself. The information I entered for my children is completely private and for my tracking purposes only.

After joining, you can choose topics to follow that interest you, and this will bring up relevant suggestions. Based on topics I’ve added to my favorites like “Parenting” and “Natural Treatments,” I’ll be shown posts like this:

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Bumkins One-Size Diaper Cover Review


Have you spotted the Bumkins one-size diaper cover at your favorite cloth diaper store and wondered how it compares to other waterproof covers? The cute prints and colors and low price of $10.95 definitely caught my attention, so I decided to try one out on 1 year old Erik and 2 year old Susanna. I choose the adorable “Crocs” print to review and love how unique it is!

Here are the basic features of the Bumkins diaper cover:

  • It’s made of waterproof TPU. TPU is slightly softer and more pliable than PUL.
  • The inside of the cover has a flap at the front and back to help secure inserts or diapers.
  • The inside is wipeable, which means you can reuse it a few times if it isn’t soiled with #2.
  • There are double gussets on the leg bands (i.e. a second “inner” gusset).
  • The rise features 3 rows of snaps, which translates to 4 size settings (three snapped up and one completely open).
  • The front and back of the waistband is elasticized.

After two months of regular use, here’s my two cents.

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Cloth Diaper Giveaway with 30 Winners!

#TryAlltheDiapers Sponsors and Bloggers

Welcome to the #TryAlltheDiapers Cloth Diaper Extravaganza hosted by Maman Loup’s Den and co-hosted by According to Carolyn and This West Coast MommySpecial thanks to lo-wren for the idea and for getting the ball rolling!

This huge cloth diapering giveaway event will have 30 winners – one per prize. Some of the prizes are open to both Canada and the US, US only, or Canada only. Check out this incredible list of sponsors and the wonderful prizes they’re bringing to you.

***Note that there is a separate entry form for Canada/US prizes, Canada-only prizes and US-only prizes***

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How to Determine Your Child’s Temperament


Common sense tells us there are different types of people in the world. You might even notice quite a variety in your own family. One child is quiet and serious while another is excitable and outgoing. Classical scholars developed the four temperaments to describe and better understand these differences in disposition; the temperaments have their root in the ancient Greek theory of humorism.


Traditionally, personalities were associated with the elements. I’ll mention those here with a brief description of each disposition:

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