*New* Thirsties Natural Pocket Diaper Review & Giveaway

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There’s another natural pocket diaper on the market again, this time from Thirsties! It looks a lot like the original synthetic diaper, but inside it’s lined with organic cotton instead of fleece, and both of the inserts are made of cotton and hemp.

Here are the basic features of the new natural Thirsties pocket diaper:

  • Waterproof outer and a 100% organic cotton inner lining
  • Two inserts included: the newborn insert is 3 layers of cotton and the full size insert is 5 layers of hemp/cotton
  • Inserts can be snapped together or used individually
  • Pocket openings at both the front and back
  • Made in the USA
  • Retail price $23.25

It adjusts to fit approximately 8-40 lbs (4-18 kg)

Performance: Organic cotton absorbs quickly, so when you place the cotton insert on top of the larger hemp insert and stuff both in the pocket, you have a combo that works really well together and guards against compression leaks. Add to that Thirsties signature leg gussets, and you have a diaper with a lot of built-in protection.

We’ve been using this diaper for almost 2 weeks now. The absorbency definitely increases after several washes (at least 3), but Thirsties confirmed that we could use it after the first wash. With the diaper at its full absorbing potential (fully prepped with both inserts stuffed inside) Mary Kate can wear it for 3 hours or more during the day, no problem. For overnight, there’s just enough room in the pocket to squeeze in a small hemp insert. I also add a fleece liner on top to protect against extended wetness.

The microfleece lining in Thirsties’ original pocket diaper is a little bit softer and cozier than the new cotton lining. Plus, it has a stay-dry effect, so if those two features are important to you, that would be a minor drawback to the new natural diaper.

Fit: The new natural pocket is a little bit more trim than the original (because cotton is less bulky than microfiber), but has the same great fit. I like the double snaps on the wings, so you can adjust the waist and legs separately if need be. Mary Kate is a petite toddler at 18 months and about 22 pounds. She’s slimmed down with her newfound mobility, and the chunky thighs are slowly going away. The extra snugness in the double leg gussets is a great feature. And all of the colored elastic trim which edges the diaper is nice and soft.

Like the original pocket, the new natural pocket runs on the large side, so I would estimate it starts to fit best at 10-12 pounds, depending on your baby’s side and build. At 18 months, it’s still just one snap setting shy of the very smallest setting.

Care: The organic cotton lining in this pocket diaper stains more easily than the microfleece lining of the original Thirsties pocket, so the lining of this diaper may not look as pretty over time. I tackle our diaper stains with a Buncha Farmers stain stick. Dry time is very similar to the original, since both include a large cotton/hemp blend insert. It takes a full cycle in my dryer.

Value: Pocket diapers are one of the most popular styles on the market, but at $23.25 each the Thirsties natural pocket is on the high end of the price spectrum. I think if given the choice, I’d buy the original instead of the natural next time I’m in the market for a Thirsties pocket. It comes down to personal preference and price. The original is four dollars less ($19.95), has a softer “stay dry” lining and the same wonderful Thirsties fit and reliability. Plus, one of the inserts IS made of natural fibers.

But if 100% cotton and hemp really rock your socks, then spring for the Thirsties natural pocket. It’s definitely worth the money, and I think you’ll be really happy with it!

Where to Find Thirsties Diapers:

Diaper Junction
Dearest Diapers
Kelly’s Closet
Nicki’s Diapers

Giveaway: Enter to win ANY Thirsties diaper that you want! Winner picks from any in stock Thirsties diaper OR cover at my affiliate, Nicki’s Diapers. Plus, you’ll receive a FREE Zephyr Hill mini tote bag (black or blue).

Let me know in a blog comment which Thirsties style and color you’d choose. Good luck!


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  1. I would choose a OS Regular Pocket in Dreamscape or Midnight. I really like the stay dry lining because it helps LO feel dry and it sprays off so easily. Plus I have to boost the inserts by placing a Thirsties cotton doubler between the MF & hemp inserts anyway. I feel like the Natural Pocket is going to show wear easily just like the NAIO does too. I’m glad they made it for the babies that have to have all natural fabric next to their skin though.

  2. I prefer hemp or cotton for my littles (who are also sensitive skinned) and Love the idea of a natural pocket. I always get disappointed when natural all in ones start to wear. With pockets at least you can add other inserts should they become too bad, though yes the lining will still wear.
    I would love to try a natural pocket in, if it became available in floribunda but would choose the newborn or is naio if not. (In fact I see the newborn now, I may have to order that now!)

  3. I would choose one size natural pocket didny got the chance to try it ..I know it’s more prone to wear and tear but who would resist and extra layer of absorbency …😊and as you did ..I’ll add and extra layer of microfleeve for westness protection and easy poop clean up lol…I love the print over the moon 😁❤or hala2 kahiki those are cute too .anyhow ..thank you so much for this opportunity 😘

  4. I would love a Thirsties Natural One Size All In One Diapers or pocket diaper in Counting Sheep.

  5. Well since it’s Nicki’s, I’d have to get Oceania! I might try the NAIO again… my now potty-trained 3yo was super sensitive and could only have natural fibers OTB, so I’m leaning toward staying with that for our new little one (due in only a month!!! <3 )

  6. I would love to try the Thirsties Natural All in one in sand dollar. We are trying to phase out our microfiber with natural cottons!

  7. I love the Citrus print and I would pick a diaper with that print if its available, I however love the thirties covers especially the duo wraps so if I could get it in a wrap that would be awesome

  8. I love the new main squeeze print and am excited to see you have it still in stock in a pocket so I would be very excited to win that diaper.

  9. I would love to try a pocket diaper. Haven’t decided between natural or regular yet but in the sleeping sheep pattern.

  10. I would LOVE to try the OS natural AIO in the Hala Kahiki print with snaps! I love the pineapples and think they are a great gender neutral print as we are waiting to find out the sex of our first born 🙂

  11. i would choose over the moon in their pocket diaper. i have two aios so id love to try their pocket diapers.

  12. I really like the natural OS AIO snap. the adventure trail or over the moon prints would be perfect

  13. I would love the regular OS pocket diaper, because it has a microfleece liner to keep my LO’s bum dry! I love the prints Stargazer and Over the Moon. <3

  14. I would choose a natural pocket. I want it in either the main squeeze or happy camper print but based on current in stock at Nicki’s, I would pick adventure trail or hala kahiki

  15. I’d love to try a Duo Wrap in any color or print (they’re all festive and fun!). We’re planning to use all AIOs, but I’m fascinated by the duo wrap/insert idea, so I’d love to testit out.

  16. I would like the thirstiest regular one size pocket in star gazer or the sunflower one. I like the stay dry effect of the microfleece or I would just do covers and not bother with the pocket at all.

  17. If I won I think I’d choose a Thirsties Original Pocket diaper in Unicorn Selfie. Our baby girl is due in early September and her nursery is Fairytale themed with lots of unicorns 🙂

  18. I would chose the natural pocket! We haven’t tried it yet, and it intrigues me. I like that it’s not microfiber!

  19. I would love to try a new natural pocket!!! I’m not sure which print is my favorite though…. I like hala kahiki, over the moon, and adventure trail, but I’m also needing solids like aqua!!