Thirsties Duo Wrap Review & Giveaway

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Love is in the air at The Green Nursery

This month, I’m reviewing the Thirsties Duo Wrap with snaps, compliments of The Green Nursery. And it’s the perfect opportunity to compare the different sizes now that Duo Wrap is made in sizes 1, 2 and 3. Read on for my complete review, plus a chance to win a Thirsties Duo Wrap plus inserts!

Thirsties Duo Wrap is a lightweight, waterproof PUL cover, made in the USA, which features:

  • A wipe clean and reuse fabric
  • Double gussets at the legs
  • Additional rows of snaps in the rise to further customize the fit as your baby grows
  • A retail price of $12.75

Here are the three sizes on their smallest settings (rise snapped up completely):

And on the largest settings (fully opened up):

Thirsties’ size recommendations are:

Size One 6 to 18 pounds
Size Two 18 to 40 pounds
Size Three 40 to 65 pounds

Besides the different sizes, the only other difference of note is that the Size 1 Duo Wrap only has two columns of snaps across the middle, because it’s narrower.

You can use your Duo Wrap like you would any diaper cover, putting whatever you like inside. We’ve had the best luck with prefolds and flats. The Green Nursery also sells Thirsties’ exclusive Stay Dry Duo inserts and Hemp Prefolds.

The extra layer of fabric you see at the inside front of the cover is extra protection against leaking up front:

Performance: One thing that’s always amazed me about Thirsties covers is they are so thin and lightweight, yet virtually bulletproof. Over the years I’ve learned that a Thirsties cover can be relied upon both day and night. They are sized to fit over most diapers, making them even more versatile. The exception would be really bulky fitted diapers, which may not completely be covered.

There’s no inner flap in the front or back of a Duo Wrap, but the fit is so adjustable that I haven’t had any problems with diapers or inserts shifting around a lot. I just make sure I put the absorbency where I need it most. In Mary’s Kate’s case, that would be mostly front since right now she’s spending a lot of time either crawling on all fours, or sleeping on her tummy.

Fit: You want a snug fit at the waist and legs to prevent leaking, so it’s important to make sure you’re not sizing up to the next Duo Wrap too soon. For Mary Kate, who is 17 pounds and very petite, that means staying in the size 1 covers, which still fit her even at a year old on the largest setting. Most babies will move up to the Size 2 much earlier, usually around 15 pounds or so.

Here’s how the size 2 looks on her right now:

I like the fine-tuned sizing of the Duo system; it definitely gives you a wider range of options than a regular “one size” cover. And after diapering both skinny babies and chunky babies with Duo Wraps, I can attest to an equally good fit with both body types.

The Duo Wrap is lightweight, not bulky at all. You can also reuse the cover a few times before washing if it’s not soiled, or smelling strongly of urine.

The elastic at the front and back of the waistband is a nice safety measure for young infants who sometimes ‘blow out’ of the front or back of a diaper. It also gives the Duo Wrap a little more ‘give’ for comfort, and may help hold inserts in place a little better.

Duo Wrap is also available in aplix closure, which is what I used on our newborns, but I much prefer the snaps reviewed today. With our aplix diapers, the waistband would roll inward slightly as the baby moved around, causing the aplix to rub against a bare tummy.

My six-year-old graciously assented to a quick picture of the new Size 3 Duo Wrap, so you can see just how big it is.

Here is the size 3 Duo Wrap next to the one-size Natural AIO that the Green Nursery sent us last month:

I sure do love the Heart to Heart diaper that The Green Nursery sent for Mary Kate to try out. If you’re in a Valentine kind of mood, too, check out some of these cute styles that are in stock right now from Thirsties, AppleCheeks, GroVia and Rumparooz:

Why it pays to shop at The Green Nursery:

  • Save on cloth diaper bundles
  • Get FREE shipping on orders over $25 with code VDAYSHIP
  • Free gifts on qualifying purchases
  • Baby Bucks rewards program (earn 300 points just for signing up and more points for sharing and leaving reviews)
  • I’m a Green Nursery affiliate! Shopping through my link helps my blog, and that means more reviews and more giveaways!

Giveaway: One lucky reader will win a Thirsties Duo Wrap (boy, girl, gender neutral), plus a set of Duo Inserts and a Hemp Prefold, in sizes of choice. This giveaway is open to US residents only. Good luck!

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  1. I would pick a duo wrap in size 1 (Floribunda!! It’s gorgeous!!) For our new squish arriving in july 😍😍

  2. It’s hard to pick! Probably Stargazer. I’d like size 3 in snaps, but didn’t see any on the site yet. So size 2, snaps, Stargazer.

  3. Okay if I had a girl it would be floribunda. SO CUTE!!!! But alas, I 3 boys. The sleepy time collection is darling and I love the counting sheep or dreamscape. We love thirsties products, their prints are amazing. I love them.

  4. Baby #2 is on the way, so I’m trying to build up a size 1 stash. I really like the solids, so I would probably choose Scarlett.

  5. I would love to win their new print; Floribunda! We’re having a little girl in May, and this would look so CUTE on her little bum!