Diaper Junction Heavy Wetter AIO Review and Giveaway

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If you have been searching for an affordable nap or night-time diaper, Diaper Junction introduced something this year that should pique your curiosity: the Heavy Wetter All-in-One! Diaper Junction provided us with a Parrot (red) diaper to review; there will also be a diaper giveaway, courtesy of yours truly.

Let’s take a look at the diaper’s basic features:

  • Waterproof thermally-bonded PUL outer
  • One snap-in soaker, and one sewn in, plus 2 layers of the same organic bamboo/cotton fleece fabric sewn into the shell (11 total layers)
  • Inner flaps at the back and front to hold inserts in place and help guard against leaks
  • Designed to fit 10-40 pounds
  • Available for $18.95 in 8 solid colors and 8 prints (on sale until October 12th for only $14.21!!)

The sewn-in soaker is attached at the back; the snap-in soaker fastens at the front and is an optional addition.

The “snake style” soaker measures 26 inches long and 5 inches wide. It’s long for a good reason: you can fold it to fit instead of having layers sewn one on top of the other (which would increase the dry time significantly).

The extra snap-in booster is 12.5 inches long and also 5 inches across.

This diaper is designed to be very customizable. Fold to fit, and use one or both inserts, depending on your baby’s size, and whether it’s day or night time:

I thought this diaper would be really bulky on Mary Kate, because she’s 8 months and kind of small at just under 15 pounds, but the fit is fine and not too puffy. It is wide in the crotch, which I don’t care for so much. We haven’t had any gaps around the legs, or red marks.

For such an absorbent diapers, it doesn’t look terribly bulky on Roderick, either. We’ve both reviewed “night time” diapers that can get really big.

Performance: I was really curious to see how this diaper would work overnight for Katie’s toddler, Roderick. He’s almost 2 years old and close to 28 pounds. Her results: “I don’t think it was fully saturated when he woke up. He actually wore it for about 45 minutes in the morning before I changed him, and there were still no leaks.” It held him all night, as is, with no extra inserts.

Not surprisingly, 8-month-old Mary Kate also wears it all night long with no leaks. And the bamboo/cotton fabric inside is very soft and smooth. I love the way it feels and I bet my little girl does, too.

Care: Bamboo and cotton stain more easily than microfiber and fleece, so I had to treat the fabric right after Mary Kate’s first big mess. I’m really pleased with the dry time, which is about 1 full cycle. If it’s part of a huge load of diapers, it will sometimes need to be hung up after coming from the dryer, but only for a little while. I also like that there was barely any uneven shrinking of the fibers around the edges, which often happens with inserts that contain cotton.

Value: $18.95 for a bamboo/cotton night-worthy diaper is very competitively priced. Many other fitteds and “heavy duty” all-in-one diapers are well over twenty dollars.

Did you know Diaper Junction is having a huge moving sale right now? Lots of things are on sale, including all Diaper Junction brand diapers, such as the Heavy Wetter All-in-One I reviewed today! You can try it out for only $14.21! Plus, shipping is free over $25. There are also three coupon codes that allow you to claim 50, 75 or even 100 rewards points with your purchase.

Giveaway: My readers in the US and Canadian can enter to win the new Diaper Junction brand Heavy Wetter AIO! You get to choose from in stock colors and prints. Use the form below, and good luck!






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  1. I think I’m going to buy one of these Heavy Wetters actually, and maybe a wet bag. I have a couple of DJ hanging diaper pails and they work much better than other brands I’ve bought for twice the price!

    • Whoah, I got carried away looking at the website. The Diaper Junction brand item I’d like to try is the Stay Dry diaper doubler.

  2. I just bought some of the stay dry diaper doublers and tried them today on top of pad folded prefolds of varying brands & fabric type. I really like how they spread the moisture out from the front of the prefold to about 3/4 of the prefold. Without it, the prefold will only be wet at the front. I really need to remember to use your affiliate link from now on.

    • Leigh, thank you for this idea because this frequently happens to my baby girl. She’s all wet up front but nothing in the back, mostly because she’s crawling a lot now. And thanks for using my affiliate link! The earnings help keep the blog running and make giveaways like today’s possible. ~Anne

  3. I would love to try the heavy wetter AIO in the Whimsey print. I have bought many items from Diaper Junction and they have excellent customer service.

  4. My son is starting to leak through his diapers currently for nighttime. I really would like to try the heavy wetters to use for nighttime to see if they would work out well for him.

  5. I’d like to see a review of the Diaper Junction AIO. I wonder how the micro terry holds up. It’s a great price during the sale!

    • I have but the full review is not quite ready for publishing yet. We find it easy to use and haven’t had any fit problems. The only drawback is that it’s microfiber; more and more lately I’m tending towards bamboo or cotton. After time, even though we have a good wash routine, my fleece and microfiber diapers always start smelling weird. ~Anne

  6. I’m curious to try this one my toddler. He pees thru everything which is disheartening. My newborn I’m not overly concerned about peeing through just yet.