Primm n Proper Baby Cloth Diapers Review & Giveaway

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Today’s giveaway is part of the Color Me Lucky event, hosted by Mama the Fox blog.

Primm n Proper Baby cloth diapers are handcrafted in Greenaces, Washington by the talented Meaghan Primm. Her online shop features a distinct array of fitted and All-in-Two diapers in so many prints and colors that every cloth diapering family is sure to find something that calls to them.

Meaghan offered to send Mary Kate some of her diapers to try out. We choose her popular one-size bamboo fitted in “Cherry Toss” (retail $39.99) and a convenient AI2 in “Delilah Floral” (retail $31.99). I nearly spent an hour browsing her shop, trying to settle on the fabrics. They are THAT hard to choose from.

What makes Primm n Proper stand out from other WAHM businesses? On average, each diaper is comprised of materials from five other small businesses. When you purchase Primm n Proper, you’re supporting more than just one cottage industry. 

Besides being supportive of the local community, Meaghan puts comfort high on the priority list, using breathable fabrics like organic cotton, bamboo velour and hemp.

And now here’s a look at the two diapers we received.

One-Size Bamboo Fitted (11 to 35 lbs)

  • Cotton lycra knit outer
  • Hidden layer of heavy organic cotton/bamboo fleece
  • Inner lining of heavy organic cotton/bamboo velour
  • Snap-in “snake style” soaker is two layers of bamboo fleece topped with bamboo velour
  • Includes a small bamboo fleece booster with a poly fleece topper, which is ideal for placement in the wet zone

To get a good fit on smaller babies, you fold the waistband under, which reveals another row of snaps. For smaller babies, it’s also easy to fold the long soaker under to shorten it.

Although the Primm n Proper bamboo fitted is super absorbent, it does need a waterproof cover on top if your baby will be wearing for an extended period of time. But you can easily go coverless around the house for a good hour or two.

Mary Kate is 6 months old and about 15 pounds. She can wear the diaper either way, although I prefer the rise folded down because it’s easier to fit a cover on top. (We found that roomy covers like Imagine and Flip worked well with this diaper).

The leg and waist elastics are very gentle and soft, and I love the plush bamboo velour lining inside that goes against Mary Kate’s skin.

This is such a soft and cozy diaper, and it fits very comfortably around Mary Kate’s waist and legs.

One-Size AI2 (10 to 35 lbs)

  • Waterproof PUL outer layer
  • White microfleece inner lining
  • Snap-in “snake style” soaker is two layers of bamboo fleece topped with bamboo velour
  • Includes a small bamboo fleece booster with a poly fleece topper, which is ideal for placement in the wet zone

Like the fitted diaper, Meaghan’s AI2 can be folded down at the front for smaller babies to reveal another set of snaps.

When the waistband is folded under to fit a smaller baby like Mary Kate, the white fleece lining is exposed (below left). I wondered if this might cause moisture to wick out onto her clothes when she was on her tummy (crawling, naps, etc.), and it did. The simplest way around this was to simply not fold the waistband down, and just let Mary Kate wear it as is (on the large setting). The rise is high, but it works.

I do like the fleece lining of the AI2 because it’s soft and lessens the feeling of wetness, if your baby is sensitive to that. The flip side is that it’s not a “wipe clean” type of material like plain PUL.

Meaghan’s AI2 diaper is a more trim option than the fitted with a cover. The soaker and the extra booster together are so absorbent, that we can usually swap it out when wet and replace with another snap-in insert. That way, the shell is not just single-use-only. (If the shell does get soiled in any way, I do go ahead and wash it, though.)

Meaghan sent an extra snap-in insert for this very purpose, and also provided samples of her Petite (small) and Stud (large) boosters. These contoured boosters are very trim and provided enough additional absorbency to possible get a heavy wetter through the night (Mary Kate did!).

But wait, there’s one more thing! We also received a Primm n Proper bamboo wipe, which is velour on one side and nubby terry on the other. It’s not just pretty to look at, but does a great job cleaning up a baby’s bottom because one side is gently textured.

Everything we received from Primm n Proper baby was beautifully and evenly sewn out of high-quality, durable materials. One thing that really stands out to me is the way Meaghan offers a variety of choices to her customers, not just with the diaper styles and fabric choices, but with extra absorbency options.


Get 20% off at Primm n Proper (main site or Etsy) with code ZHB20 through 9/15/17

Giveaway: Meaghan wants to give one of my readers in the US any in stock diaper from Primm n Proper! Be sure to check the list below my entry form for more “Color Me Lucky” giveaways.





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  1. I would probably have to choose Jake because my other son loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates but if I got to choose it would be the Ninja Turtle In the Shell one! They are all so cute though!

  2. So many beautiful diapers! My favorite though is Bloom Lotus! Thank you Meaghan and Anne for this awesome giveaway!

  3. I’d probably choose a fitted. I’ve loved PnP since c!other diapering my first 5 years ago and haven’t tried anything new of hers in long time. Plus, who doesn’t love gorgeous fitteds OTB?! 💜

  4. I see what you mean with having a hard time picking a print. If I had to choose I’d get either the Apple Toss or the Woodland Friends AI2. (And yes, it took me a while to narrow it down)

  5. Ohhh what beautiful diapers!! I love that there is a snap in system on the AI2 so you can reuse the shell!
    I would probably pick the Toothless OBF (because my son loves How To Train Your Dragon) or the Batman AI2!!

  6. I love the Peppy Floral and the Annabelle Floral. I’ve never had a Hybrid diaper before, but they look so comfortable and soft! Thanks for the great review and the discount code. Looks like Momma has some shopping to do!

  7. Wow, the Ophelia wrap hybrid fitted is beautiful! I love handmade items made from wrap scraps. I would chose that one!

  8. I absolutely love everything about the gorgeous Ophelia Wrap! The rainbow colors and diamond weft are a perfect combination!

  9. I love the Balloon Ride – One Size (11-35#) Bamboo/OBV Fitted Diaper. They have so many cute ones thought – it’s so hard to choose just one!

  10. I would love to win the War of Stars hybrid fitted! We are a huge star wars family and it would be amazing to show it off when we go to Cons!!

  11. These cloth diapers are beautiful I love the one with clouds but they are all gorgeous thanks for the awesome giveaway. I’m pregnant and due any day would love to win thanks for the chance.