Easy Peasies Pocket Diaper Review & Giveaway

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Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to try many “Made in Canada” cloth diapers and accessories; now we can add Easy Peasies to the list. I purchased one of their pocket diapers for Mary Kate (4 months) and Ingrid (2.5 years) and Roderick (18 months) to try, and Easy Peasies offered to send complimentary inserts to facilitate the review. After reading this post, you can enter the giveaway at the very bottom!

Easy Peasies diapers are Canadian made and can be found at retailers like Cozy Bums, or directly from the Easy Peasies website.

  • Pocket shells are $18.99 CA ($14.19 USD)
  • Hemp terry trifold is $11.50 CA ($8.60 USD)
  • Bamboo fleece trifold is $11.50 CA ($8.60 USD)

The size range of Easy Peasies is estimated at 6 to 40 pounds; the rise can be snapped up or down at 4 different settings. The crossover snaps on the left wing can be used to get a really small fit, and the extra hip snap on both wings can be fastened to prevent sagging.

There are ruffled elastics around the leg openings and back, a plush fleece-lined interior and a pocket opening at the rear. There’s also an elasticized inner channel of the same white fleece that helps keep #2 messes contained.

We received one bamboo fleece insert and one hemp.

The bamboo insert is soft and fleecy. It’s shorter and almost square at 12.755 x 13 inches (after prepping). The 3-layer hemp terry has a nubbier texture that’s not quite as soft, and it measures 13.50 x 14 after washing.

Each insert can be folded different ways – in halves, thirds or even fourths.

Fit: The ruffled legs and back are really cute, and even with the insert folded in thirds, Katie and I found the diaper to be very trim. The crotch is also narrower than some of our other diapers, making Easy Peasies comfortable for your baby and also fairly easy for you to stuff. Katie was actually able to double up the inserts and stuff them both into the pocket and still get a good (but bulkier) fit on Roderick.

Easy Peasies wings are long and stretchy, and the double snaps allow you to independently adjust the waist and leg settings.

The size range is very generous, meaning that this diaper gets very small (could potentially work for a newborn) and also fits great on older toddlers. There’s room to grow in the waist and legs for both Roderick and Ingrid (18 months and 2.5 years).

Mary Kate is 4 months old, and just over 13 pounds.

Roderick is 18 months and 27 pounds. In the picture, you can see how Katie has angled the snaps to get a customized fit at both the waist and legs. We both like the double snaps a lot for this reason. As mentioned above, sometimes the waist needs to be tighter than the legs – or vice versa.

Ingrid is 2.5 years old and also about 27 pounds.

Performance: Roderick wetting up front is to be expected (since he’s a boy), but my Ingrid does as well. So both of us like that the Easy Peasies pocket opens up at the back. The inner fleece channel works great for little Mary Kate’s looser stools (she’s exclusively breastfed), but isn’t a game-changer for either of the toddlers.

Since the Easy Peasies pocket is not designed to be an overnight diaper, we did not test for that. As to daytime absorbency, I would rate it as fair to good, depending on your child’s output. Ingrid is able to wear the diaper with either a hemp or bamboo trifold and gets about 1-2 hours out of it; And since the Easy Peasies pocket is so trim, it’s very easy to stuff an extra doubler in there from my stash too boost the absorbency and make it nap-worthy for her. Roderick is a heavier wetter and it can’t hold him for quite as long. Mary Kate, at 4 months old, can get 3-4 hours out of the bamboo insert. For some reason, both Katie and I noticed leaks from the leg openings after just an hour or so when we used the hemp insert.

Care: Easy Peasies pocket shells and 3-layer inserts are an easy to care for system. The pocket helps keep inserts shielded from stains, and the white fleece itself is very forgiving. Dry time for the shells is quick, and the inserts take about one cycle, which is not always the case with hemp and bamboo.

Before using the inserts, I washed 4 times to prep. During testing, they were washed another 4 times, so the hemp was definitely at full absorbency.

Value: Easy Peasies are not just cute and trim, they are also made with quality materials in Canada. The bright and imaginative colors and prints are gorgeous. At about $23 US dollars ($30.49 Canadian) for a complete diaper and insert, they are comparable in price to other Canadian pockets in this style. Additionally, Easy Peasies’ trifold inserts are very versatile; you can use them with any of your pocket diapers, AI2’s or regular diaper covers. When your baby is potty trained, they can function as car seat pads, clean-up rags or dusters.

The Easy Peasies warranty covers snaps for 18 months, the PUL for 12 months, elastic for 60 days and inserts for 30 days (full details here).

Giveaway: Easy Peasies would like to give one lucky reader a $20 gift card to spend at their website. This giveaway is open to both US and Canadian residents. Use the entry form below for the giveaway. Good luck!

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  1. I would choose the pocket in the Roy print, which is so cute for summer paired with just a t shirt! I love snap arrangement: 4 rise settings instead of just 3, double tab snaps to prevent curling, and hip snaps to prevent drooping!

  2. I’d choose the easy pocket wild and free pattern. Would love to try out a locally made diaper!

  3. Great review, I love how small and big the diaper can be. If I won I would use gift card to get a diaper, I love the Makai print!

  4. I like that the double snap allows some more personalized fit around the legs and waist! I’d put the gift card towards diapers and inserts. You can never have enough, right?

  5. I have an Easy Peasies Dry Nights AIO that I love! I’d probably get a few more inserts with the gift card 😊

  6. These are one of my favourite pocket diapers. The inserts agitate out in the wash, and the fit is amazing!

  7. I LOVE Easy Peasies!! They are one of my favourite diapers. I love the double gusset, the ruffles, and the prints. The only thing I wish it had was ruffles on the front (but they were probably trying to make it different than AMP/AC)

  8. I would use the gc for an easy pocket in night sky! I love the Easy Peaaies overnight AIO and would love to try a pocket too, thank you for the opportunity!

  9. I love that these look like apple cheeks but there is so many more prints!!! I would be buying a cover for sure!!

  10. I would buy more bamboo trifolds! I loooooove their new version of them and need to stock up!

    I also still need to preorder the Sweet Life wetbag 😉

  11. I order fairly regularly from EP so I would love an extra $20! I would probably put it towards a few bamboo trifolds.