*Updated* Newborn Cloth Diaper Reviews + 3 Giveaways

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I now have over 75 newborn diaper reviews on the blog. During my last pregnancy, a lot of new diapers were coming on the market. Plus, there were some brands we hadn’t tried the first time around. That means lots of new reviews this year with newborn Mary Kate (she arrived January 26th)!

To celebrate Mary Kate’s birth, there are three giveaways for you to enter:

  • Diaper Junction giveaway (click here) – win a Diaper Rite cover and Diaper Rite AIO in your choice of newborn or one-size
  • Wink Diapers giveaway (click here) – win an organic bamboo AIO diaper.
  • Gift Card giveaway (below) – win a $25 gift card to Kelly’s Closet, Nicki’s or Diaper Junction, your choice

Here is a list of the NEW diapers that have been added to my reviews.

AIO DIAPERSclick here for my complete newborn AIO reviews
Nicki’s Newborn Ultimate AIO
Nicki’s Bamboo AIO
Diaper Rite 3.1 AIO
Imagine 2.0 Newborn Bamboo AIO
Thirsties Newborn AIO (Stay Dry)
Thirsties Natural Newborn AIO
Wink Organic Bamboo AIO (4 to 14 lb version)
Easy Peasies Newborn AIO

COVERSclick here for my complete newborn cover reviews
Nicki’s Newborn Cover
Nicki’s Pull-On Cover XS
Wink Hybrid Cover (4-18 lbs)
Diaper Rite 3.1 Newborn Cover

POCKETSclick here for my complete newborn pocket reviews
TotsBots TeenyFit V4

FITTEDS click here for my complete newborn fitted reviews
Thirsties Natural Newborn Fitted
Imagine 2.0 Newborn Bamboo Fitted
Nicki’s Newborn Bamboo Fitted

Hope the new reviews are helpful, and good luck with the giveaways!



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  1. I would love to try the Blueberry Capri at some point. So far the higher price point has deterred me, but it sounds like a really great, durable diaper cover.

  2. Our rainbow is 10 days old and I have found AppleCheeks to fit his skinny legs the best! We also have Nickis NB covers and Imagine bamboo AIOs that work well. Best Bottoms are also fitting him now, which is good because they are the bulk of my stash!

  3. For me I am thinking if I cloth diapered a newborn I would do prefolds and covers but would also want some AIOs for my husband as with our first I had to have a c-section and he did most of the night diaper changes the first couple weeks.

  4. I diaper with prefolds, semi fitted prefolds and flats. I use a snappi with them. For my new baby in a few months I hope to get some wool wraps.

  5. Newborn flats and prefolds seem to be the best way to get a good fit and can be used the longest as they can be used as inserts in pockets later or for other household items. Most bang for your buck!
    I would probably want some AIO’s for my husband to get him on board though.

  6. I like my thirsties but was pleased to read about the Wink diapers. I have two or three in my stash that I haven’t used yet but am now looking forward to them.

  7. Omgoodness, these tiny newborn photos makes me miss when my little one was tiny! I am interested in trying some AIO’s and prefolds and covers for our second baby for the newborn stage.

  8. I love AIOs for the ease of use in general!! Im loving the AMP AIO for newborns!! Looks like an awesome fit!

  9. I like fitted diapers with covers for my newborn. Some of my favourite newborn covers are Rumparooz and Nuggles (size 1s).

  10. I really like the idea of AIO, but for me the prefolds with covers is more economical, because I can often re-use a cover and just replace the prefold inside.

  11. My little guy is due in May so I don’t have any experience in cloth diapers yet, but I would like to give the Newborn AIO a shot.

  12. I loved prefolds/flats and covers, but would really like to try some AIO for overnights with my next baby!

  13. For newborns, I’m a big fan of covers and prefold since it’s the most economical choice, but I’d love to have som AIOs too!

  14. I always favor flats or prefolds with a cover for ease of washing and cost effectiveness. The flats and prefolds can be used later as doublers, burp cloths, etc.

  15. I love using fitteds under double gusset covers the best to hold in EBF poo during the NB phase. We used mainly GMD workhorse this time and loved them for daytime, but I would love to try some of the others you reviewed for the next child. I especially want to try some with a snap down for the cord for the 1st couple of weeks.

  16. Buttons newborn looks really ideal for me… My first was smaller and we couldn’t use cloth for a few days until the stump fell off… so i am planning on my son being similar to her size.

  17. I think that I am going to do a mix of styles and figure out what I want. I am leaning towards mostly fitted and prefolds with covers for easier wash/dry time 🙂

  18. we’ve been using simplex with my littlest but i looove the workhorse fitteds and thirsties covers for sure… we use them with wool too!