Gina’s Soft Cloth Review and $50 Giveaway

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If you haven’t tried reusable cloth wipes or paper towels yet, I urge you to take a test drive. They are strong and sturdy and will save you so much money as time goes by. One reusable paper towel (full review here) can easily do the job of 2 or 3 disposables, and the same goes for baby wipes. We recently tried Gina’s Soft Cloths for baby Mary Kate and love them! Check out my review below and enter to win a $50 gift card to Gina’s.

I bought two different kinds of Gina’s wipes:

It’s fun to order because you get to choose your thread colors for the serging. I picked “blues” for my birdseye wipes and “girly” for my velour wipes. They measure 8×8.

Organic Cotton Birdseye – These will naturally curl up at the edges after washing so they don’t stay perfectly flat. The natural fabric is much softer than bleached cotton; the organic variety is also a bit sturdier. Birdseye isn’t perfectly smooth, nor is it very nubby, so this is a moderately textured wipe that can take care of most jobs just fine.

Velour – This style has a fuzzy velour side and a smooth side, and they hold their shape really well after washing. Our velour wipes have an edge when it comes to wiping stuck-on messes on a baby’s bottom, so I use them for the tougher jobs.

Oh, and I wanted to mention that Gina sent a free gift with my order – which was totally unexpected! It was one of her birdseye cotton reusable paper towels, serged in hot pink. I’ve been using it this weekend in my kitchen.

Basically, both styles of wipes that we tried are soft and beautiful and functional. I will definitely be buying again! What you prefer will depend on your preferences, and the 2 I reviewed are just a few of the options (Gina also has 1-ply birdseye cotton and printed flannels). Bottom line: Gina’s prices are great, she ships really fast and I think you’ll enjoy picking out colors and fabrics just as much as I do!

Browse at Gina’s Soft Cloth Shop.
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Giveaway: You can also enter for a chance to win (1) $50 Gift Certificate to Gina’s Soft Cloth Shop. That will buy a LOT of wipes, towels and napkins!

MamatheFox and all participating blogs are not held responsible for sponsors who fail to fulfill their prize obligations.

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  1. I’m on the look out for new cloth wipes for this new baby go around! I’m liking the sound of these.