AppleCheeks One Size Diaper Review & Giveaway

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Until recently, AppleCheeks has been a 3-size diaper system (which I reviewed in February of 2016); we were given the chance to review a complimentary sample of the brand new “one size” cover to see how it worked for Ingrid (my toddler) and Roderick (my infant nephew).

My experience over the years with AppleCheeks has been positive; our only issues were being stuck “in between sizes” when neither size 1 nor size 2 fit quite right, and also the cost of the system if it’s going to make up your entire stash. Because of our sizing experience, I was really curious to see how the new one-size cover would work out. AppleCheeks kindly provided a bamboo insert and one-size “Out of the Blue” print cover.

Here are the features of the bamboo bundle:

  • One size (adjustable) PUL cover with snap closure and white fleece lining
  • Envelope-style pocket opening
  • Foldable 2-ply bamboo/cotton insert retails for $7
  • Cover retails for $22

Here’s the new one-size cover in between size 1 and size 2:

On its largest snap setting, the one-size is closer in overall dimensions to the size 2.

On its smallest snap setting, the one-size is actually a bit smaller than the size 1.

Here are the one-size and Size 2 opened up. You can see how how size 2 is slightly wider and longer.

The bamboo insert is made of a smooth bamboo/cotton blend   With only two layers of fabric, it’s easy to get good and clean, and takes an average amount of time to dry. You can check out my previous AppleCheeks review for several ways to fold the bamboo insert, depending on your baby’s needs.

The insert shrinks up a little after washing and the sides curl up slightly at the edges. Before washing, our new insert measured 12.5 x 15.5; afterwards it was about 12 x 14.5.

At 2 years of age, Ingrid is still on the small side for her age. So I compared the fit of the one-size (with the rise fully open) and the size 2 on her. The size 2 gives her the room she needs in the rise, but I like the trimmer cut in the crotch of the new one-size.

With either cover, I would really like more stretch/length in the wings. She’s on the very last leg snap and that means the leg openings are very snug with no growing room.

NOTE: If you want to see how size 1 fit, check out my prior review showing Erik and Ingrid as newborn and infant, respectively.

This was my sister-in-law’s first time to try AppleCheeks. She found that 14 month old (26 pound) Roderick fit well into both one-size and size 2, but like with Ingrid, the size 2 offered both a comfortable fit and some growing room in the rise.

UPDATE: Here is the one-size on our newborn, Mary Kate! She lost a little of her birth weight, and in this picture is about 8 pounds 10 ounces and 5 days old. The leg openings are definitely more snug and well-fitting than the size 1 we tried several years ago on Erik. The rise is also shorter than the size 1. However, the 2-ply AppleCheeks insert, when folded for a newborn, is a bit bulky. So I prefer to use our one-size AppleCheeks cover with just a regular newborn prefold.

So the question is, can the AppleCheeks one-size diaper replace the 2-size system, or does it work best to fill in the gaps between size 1 and 2? It depends on your baby’s size and body type. In hindsight, considering that Ingrid is small for average, I think she would have been able to wear the one-size from birth to her current age and stage (just getting started with potty training). For a longer or chunkier baby, the new one-size diaper will be outgrown before potty training, meaning Mama will need to purchase additional covers with either size 2 or even size 3.

In summary, here’s what Katie and I like best about AppleCheeks:

  • The ruffled fleece-lined elastics around the front, back and legs aren’t just super soft – they are also great for containment.
  • The trim fit
  • The bright, fun colors and prints
  • The supportive and highly social AppleCheeks community

And what we would change or improve:

  • Longer, stretchier wings
  • Lower cost for the one-size cover (AppleCheeks recently reduced size 1 and size 2 down to $17, which was really nice!)

As soon as my baby arrives this month, I will be updating my newborn diaper cover reviews to show how the new one-size AppleCheeks fits on a tiny little one!

Where to Buy: You can find AppleCheeks at online and brick-and-mortar cloth diaper retailers in both the US and Canada.

Have you tried AppleCheeks diapers yet? Do you have a favorite print or color?

Giveaway: You can enter to win an AppleCheeks Bamboo Bundle in your choice of available colors/prints from our friends at AppleCheeks. It’s open to both US and Canada. Good luck!




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  1. Wicked is my favorite of all but of current options I’d have to go with Lake Echo! Thanks for the review, I’ve been eyeing the OS as I like am not a fan of the sized systems!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful review,wow cloth diapers have come so far since i used them in the early eighties.I love the FORGET-ME-NOT for my grandson!

  3. Question: Does the lining in the ruffled leg casings wick moisture onto their clothes? My favorite print is Out of the Blue!

    • Leigh, we haven’t had any problem with wetness wicking through the fleece leg casings as long as the insert is either stuffed into the pocket or folded narrow enough that the sides of it are not really close to the leg openings. But I have heard of it happening with pocket diapers before, and if fit and positioning are not the issues then it may be that your child floods the diaper quickly, and in that case I would suggest the microterry insert instead of the bamboo.


  4. I think that this looks like a great new option from Applecheeks! My favorite print would probably be Caturday? Or Unicornicopia. I only have one Applecheeks though, in a Watt on Earth, since they have been clearancing them lately! I like the bright color on that one!

  5. I have one AppleCheeks diaper so far and love it on my little one! I love the Caturday print…. so much fun!

  6. We love the one size apple cheeks as well as our little guy is also sort of in between size 1 and 2. Trying to build up our one size stash now!! We love unicornicopia and lemon zest! Sara McKee xo

  7. I love the intention behind it!! Being able to stay in one size throughout the diapering age would save so much money for mamas!!

  8. I had a size 1 applecheeks when my daughter was newborn and loved it! Excited to see that they now have one size diapers that you can wear for more time!!!

  9. What a great review! I would love to add this diaper to my stash of cloth diapers I am preparing for our babies arrival in April! Thank you so much!

  10. I love St. Lucia and the unicorn! I would love to try a OS, I love the size 3 for my older son and the 2 or my baby. Thanks for the great comparison photos, the diaper looks just a tad smaller than the 2 and I would love to try one!

  11. I have heard great things about AppleCheeks but am concerned to try them because the ruffled legs seem like they would allow leaks. I would love to win one and give it a test run!

    • Hi Crystal – I have updated the review to include a picture and some comments about the fit of the one-size on our newborn (she came on Jan. 26). ~Anne

  12. I think I need to get myself a one size to fill the gap between size one and two! Just ordered the size one and two from the Apple cheeks Lucky Dips! I love the colour crazy love and first crush but they were limited.
    My fiancé however like
    Lake retro! Or any other bright gender neutral colour.

  13. Applecheeks has had some really cute prints that I wouldn’t mind having. Iridescence, Love Happens, Caturday and Unicornicopia to name a few!

  14. I love the simplicity of the solid colors, I would love to add the Lake Retro or Chateu covers for my soon to be May Baby.