Imagine 2.0 Diapers: Fitted, AI2 and Bamboo AIO Review


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We have quite a few Imagine cloth diapers in our rotation, including Imagine covers, AIO’s, AI2’s and even a few newborn diapers.

Nicki’s Diapers recently announced some updates and improvements to the line, which is now called Imagine 2.0. I received a complimentary bamboo fitted, a bamboo AIO and an AI2 diaper shell from to review and share with you. In my review, I’m also including the “old” version of the Imagine AIO, AI2 and fitted that we purchased a year or so ago; then you can see how they compare.

As you know, I have reviewed hundreds of diapers over the years; Imagine has stood the test of time in terms of durability, performance and affordability. Which is why I continue to add them to our stash from time to time as the need arises (and yes, as new and adorable prints are added!). I have a bamboo newborn diaper and a newborn cover tucked away for our baby due in January. Oh, and as a bonus, you always get free shipping at Nicki’s on purchase over $10.

Here’s what I received to review: an Imagine Bamboo One-Size Fitted in Lilac, an Imagine Bamboo One-Size AIO in Emerald and an Imagine One-Size AI2 shell in the Raccoon Ruckus print.



What’s new with the AI2 system? The AI2 system consists of two parts – a waterproof, wipeable diaper shell and microfiber inserts that snap in. The 2.0 version has eliminated the inner flaps at back and front. It still has those great double or inner leg gussets for better mess containment. The Imagine AI2 is a “true” AI2 because the shell has no inner fabric lining which more easily gets damp or soiled. Being able to switch out inserts allows you to use the shell longer, and thus buy less of them. The shells are $13.95 each and snap-in pads are available in packs of 3 for $13.95 and come in two different sizes. They are super absorbent and resist staining. The fleece topper also gives your baby a comfortable “stay dry” feeling. One of the things I like best about the Imagine AI2 is that the snaps at front and back keep the inserts from moving around or twisting as your baby soaks them.


The Imagine AI2 system is very flexible, so if you don’t like mirofiber, you’re not boxed in to that option. Best Bottom inserts will snap into the Imagine AI2 shell, and that gives you the additional choices of bamboo and hemp.

Some of you will miss the front and back flaps being gone, especially if you like to use your Imagine AI2 shell as a cover with flats or prefolds. That front flap was also nice for giving a little extra wetness protection up front for tummy sleepers. And if you were using the AI2 as a nighttime diaper, that might be another reason you’ll be sad to see the front waterproof flap gone. I generally use snap-in inserts with our AI2 shell, and Ingrid wears it during the day, so the new version without flaps still suits our needs well. It also means you don’t have to lift up the flaps anymore to get access to the snaps.


Ingrid has been wearing the size large inserts since she was a year old. She’s two now.


What’s new with the Bamboo AIO? The Imagine 2.0 Bamboo AIO is now larger overall, and is made with a softer weave of bamboo fabric. The differences are very noticeable. Both the previous version and the 2.0 are lined with 100% bamboo viscose, include a snap-in bamboo soaker, and have a waterproof shell. The leg elastics are completely encased. A nice little extra touch is that the bamboo inserts are dyed to match the diaper; in this case, the inside is celery green to compliment the emerald outer. Very pretty!

The Imagine Bamboo AIO retails for $16.95.

Because the inserts are not sewn in, dry time is a little bit faster than your typical multi-layered bamboo or cotton AIO. The insert measures 14.5 inches long.


Here are the original Bamboo AIO and the 2.0 Bamboo AIO side by side, so you can really see how the sizing is much more generous now. Because of the improvement, I would definitely recommend starting your baby on this diaper after the newborn phase (opting instead for Imagine’s actual newborn size).


And look at the different in fit, especially on a toddler! The rise is significantly higher now. I am so happy about the updates that allow this diaper to be worn for a much longer time.


What’s new with the Bamboo Fitted? The Imagine Bamboo Fitted is also made with the newer and softer bamboo fabric. Likewise, the sizing has been expanded. As with the AIO, the bamboo insert snaps into the back. And in the same way, if you’re shortening the rise for a smaller baby, you can fold the insert under to shorten it.

The bamboo fitted takes longer to try than the AIO since the whole body of the diaper itself is made of bamboo. I wash mine in an HE top-loader, which is really good about wringing a lot of water out, and the fitted takes 1 full dryer cycle on low/medium to dry.

Here are the old and new, side by side. As noted before, sizing is more generous now, with the exception of the width of the crotch. I found the new 2.0 to be slightly trimmer in that area.


Here is Ingrid in the original (left) and the new 2.o (right). I definitely prefer the larger sizing, yet trimmer profile. This is a highly absorbent diaper that Ingrid can wear around the house with no cover for an hour or so. It performs great as is through naps, and will hold her all night with 1 extra insert and a Nicki’s diaper cover.


Overall, I’m really happy with the new 2.0 line, especially because the generous sizing allows them to fit my toddler so much better. And although it means the 2.0 diapers may not get small enough to fit a newborn, Imagine has a whole line of diapers tailored to that early stage.

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Giveaway: ++CLOSED++  There will be THREE winners, thanks to our generous friends at Nicki’s Diapers! The three prizes are a Bamboo AIO, a Bamboo Fitted and an AI2 diaper shell. It’s open to both US and Canadian residents and winner choose from in stock prints/colors. Good luck!


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  1. I take like my imagine diapers. I have two fitteds and a couple 1st gen AIO. I would love to win a bamboo AIO as we are switching out stash to be more daycare friendly.

  2. I have Imagine covers that I love because they are cute and fit well! We also had a couple newborn AIOs when my girl was that small. I loved their AIO style!

  3. I have tried best bottoms covers with my prefolds. I really liked the quality of the products. I also am a die hard user of Planet Wise diaper laundry bags. All of these systems are made by Nicki’s Diapers. I love the All in One bamboo Unicorn Dream in snap! 💖

  4. I don’t think my daughter has any Imagine diapers – yet! I would love to gift this to her to add an AIO or AI2 to her stash. Fingers crossed 🙂

  5. I would love to try these and add to my stash. My favorite thing at nickis diapers is the sweet pea otter love cover I got. It’s adorable!

  6. I have not tried any Imagine brand diapers yet. I like the look of the newborn stay-dry AIO (and it has great reviews on Nicki’s), as well as the OS pocket diapers – hook & loop. I like the Trumpets, Overboard, and Raccoon Ruckus designs! So cute.

  7. We love our imagine diapers! The size is our fav part, they are much roomier than the other brands, my 16 mo is still on the smallest rise setting. 😬

  8. I love my imagine AI2 but would love to try the bamboo AIO or fitted because I’ve heard they are super soft and absorbent!

  9. I haven’t tried Imagine Brand diapers yet but would love to, they seem high quality and I love the designs!

  10. We have one Imagine diaper the we recently got in the print Raccoon Ruckus that we’ve really enjoyed using so far. I believe it is the One Size Stay Dry All in One diaper.

  11. We have a newborn AIO (great! But she grew out of it quick!) And we have an Imagine pocket which I love! Fits nicely and easy to stuff!

  12. Thanks for this great review! We’ve only tried imagine pockets so far, and we love them. All 3 of these that you reviewed sound awesome!

  13. I have a bunch of Imagine diapers. I really like my aids in h&l for daycare. I have some old covers from my previous child (now 6). They are some of my favorites for night time with prefolds. I haven’t tried any of the new 2.0 yet.

  14. I keep hearing good things about Imagine diapers. We did not try them with our first, but number 2 is due in January, so maybe we will add a couple to our stash this time around.

  15. FINALLY! The sizing difference between the AIO and the pocket has been making Tara and I laugh for years, and I was super frustrated when I had to stop using our bamboo fitted at night because at 1 year old Gavin is barely fitting into it anymore (I can use it for naps as is but overnight I needed an extra insert, and it won’t fasten around his skinny hips with that in it. He’s actually skinny for his age, so it is extra annoying to have a bunch of OS options that we are already close to retiring!).

    • It’s pretty dramatic, for sure! Some of our older Imagine one-size are tucked away for my newborn since they are sized so much smaller. ~Anne

  16. I love, love, love bamboo and snaps are my favorite when it comes to cloth diapers. They last so much longer! These diapers look like they have all my favorite features!

  17. My grandchild isn’t here yet – right now his parents are looking at going with Bum Genius – but I think they are open to other options! I personally love the Whiz Kid print, because I work in a lab!

  18. We have one Imagine brand pink pocket diaper that my mom found my youngest!! Its one of my favs!! It fits my little one so well!

  19. LOVE LOVE LOVE Imagine diapers and Nicki’s Diapers. They are my favorite store to order from and their customer service is truly unbeatable.

  20. I have some Imagine bamboo prefolds, a cover and a pocket diaper. I especially like to use the cover at night over some other fitted that I have. I love bamboo, so I’m excited about the new and improved Bamboo AIO and fitted.

  21. I have only 1 Imagine Bamboo diaper and it is the original one. I am waiting to prep it with other diapers. But I can’t wait to try others – especially some covers in the new prints!

  22. I have not tried any of the Imagine diapers yet on my little girls and after reading this I would definately like to try them out! My daughter Sophia looks about the same size as your precious Ingrid, and I like how the fit of the new 2.0 diapers looks on her. I would love to win any one of these prizes!

  23. I have flats, prefolds, one old Bamboo aio, a couple pockets and a couple covers in the Imagine brand. Not really much complaint, except for wierd snap placement on the covers (It’s a personal thing)

  24. Love Nicki’s products. Hadn’t tried imagine yet because I’d heard they were cut small so I’m excited for this change.

  25. I’ve never tried imagine brand, but I love their new “Which way” print; we would love to try the two in one.

  26. I have the original AI2 and their microfiber AIO. I was really disappointed with the size of the AIO. I have to sell those ones now as they are too small. I am glad that they are making them larger now. I have no complaints with their AI2. They have worked well.

  27. I haven’t tried any cloth diapers yet, my little one isn’t here yet, but can’t wait to try them out and figure out which ones we like best!

  28. I haven’t tried the imagine brand but we do use fitted diapers. I think that it’s great to have adjustable sizes. Ours are large size fitteds which my son started wearing at age 1.5 but if I buy diapers I would try the AIO bamboo with snaps.

  29. I am trying to potty train and need a diaper he can take off easier himself. He has been having a lot of problems with the other brands and having accidents lowering his self esteem 🙁 Is this brand easier for a toddler to potty train in? And thank you without your reviews before I wouldnt have switched to this brand we have saved so much money and that is the biggest deal for a single mom!

    • Hi Samantha, thank you! Like you, I’ve also tried different diapers from time to time and see if they can double as trainers. The problem with an AI2 or AIO is that the pads tends to shift around, especially when trying to pull up or down like underpants on a toddler. It requires a lot of extra adjusting, which I don’t like. I really do prefer an actual cloth training pant, because the snaps are at the sides, making it look more like underwear, and the padding is usually sewn in which helps it stay put. ~Anne