BB Cloth Bamboo All-in-Uno Diaper Review & Giveaway

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What if I told you that there’s an AIO (All-in-One) diaper on the market made with bamboo and it’s only $15? If that sounds appealing, read on!

We’ve reviewed several different BB Cloth diapers this year, and recently got the chance to try a new addition to the line-up: the BB Cloth All-in-Uno. In addition to sending the review diaper, Glenda at BB Cloth has once again offered to sponsor a giveaway, so find out how to enter at the end of this post!

Like other BB Cloth diapers, the All-in-Uno is a “one size” option which adjusts by means of the rise snaps and wings. There are also crossover snaps at the waist so you can fasten it very tightly for a tiny/skinny infant.

We requested the Blueberry color. Right now, there are 10 bright color choices available.


The All-in-Uno is lined inside with cotton. There’s also a semi-attached 5-layer bamboo/cotton insert (it’s sewn at the back end only). You can put the diaper on your baby as is (left), or tuck the soaker into the pocket (right).


For naps or nighttime, you add another insert in the pocket or right on top of the included soaker. BB Cloth sells individual bamboo inserts for $4.00.

There’s also a waterproof PUL strip of fabric at the inside front of the diaper for added insurance if you have a tummy sleeper.


If using the diaper on a newborn or young infant, with the rise snapped up shorter, just fold the insert under in the front.


Performance: Katie and I both tested during the daytime and for naps, with good results. The inner cotton lining of the diaper gives you some extra absorbency, since it’s not a synthetic wicking fabric like fleece or microsuede. You could possibly use this at night with an average wetter, stuffing an additional insert in the pocket.

The PUL strip at front is great for tummy sleepers who tend to wick moisture out of the waistband and onto clothing. The pocket is wide, easy to stuff, and the snaps inside and out are of great quality.

Care: I washed 4 times before first use since there is cotton inside. Expect the insert to shrink unevenly around the edges because of the blend of fibers. Bamboo/cotton also may stain more easily. My sister-in-law and I both found that the diaper shell and insert dried in a reasonable amount of time – never more than a full cycle on low/medium. It’s kind of in between – not as quick as microfiber but not as long as 100% cotton or hemp. The diaper is all one piece, so it’s a true AIO, with nothing to snap or stuff.

Fit: The BB Cloth All-in-Uno gets very high marks for trimness.

Four snaps to fasten on the wings might seem like too many. I’ve found that if I just fasten three on each side (i.e. I don’t use the bottom hip snap), the diaper will still stay on Ingrid quite securely, so you might try that shortcut as well. Katie noticed that when you have more snaps to fasten, you have to be careful about placing them correctly, or the diaper will bunch up in different places.

This diaper runs small in the rise, especially compared to other BB Cloth diapers we have. However, it is a little wider in the crotch. Here is the All-in-Uno next to BB Cloth’s AI2 so you can visualize the difference. Because of the shorter rise, you might actually be able to use the All-in-Uno for a newborn. I will definitely be trying it when my baby comes in January!


Roderick, my nephew, is 11 months old and about 25 pounds. He wears it on the largest rise setting.


Ingrid is 2 years old and also wears it on the largest rise setting. She is taller than Roderick, but slimmer, so it fits them both a bit differently – but comfortably. Both have plenty of room in the waistband to grow.


Value: So here you have a bamboo/cotton all-in-one diaper without any microfiber, microsuede or microfleece, and it’s just $15.00. That’s a really appealing price point, and you have 10 colors to choose from. It’s an easy diaper to customize in terms of absorbency.

You can shop for BB Cloth diapers directly at the website. All products are CPSIA compliant, made ethically in China, and are thoroughly tested in the US and have passed all standards.

BONUS!! Get an extra 10% off at BB-Cloth
with exclusive coupon code “Zephyr” until December 31, 2016.

Giveaway: One lucky reader will win a BB Cloth bamboo AIO, choosing from in-stock colors. This promotion is open to US residents. Good luck!


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  1. My favorite thing about AIOs is they are so easy to use! We mostly use flats and covers at home, but when we go out – its AIOs!

  2. I only have two AIO’S. I love that they are so easy to use. I would love to have more, but I can’t spend any more money on diapers. It would be super awesome to win this one. Thanks!

  3. I’m turning most of my stash to AIO because they are very easy to use; easy to do laundry with, before and after, and easy to put on.

  4. I have a couple All in Ones in the stash I’m building, and what I like about them is that they are so easy to use. Even my husband won’t have a problem using these types of diapers!

  5. We have a handful of all-in-one diapers and I think they are perfect for when grandparents babysit because they are most similar to disposables.

  6. My kids are just starting to build their stash for their little one who is arriving in December – they don’t yet have any AIOs (I don’t think!). I am frantically trying to learn as much as I can……. : 0

  7. I do have some aios and my favorite thing about them is how easy they are to use, no folding stuffing or complications!

  8. I love AIOs for their ease! My mother and hubs are way more willing to use them than covers and prefolds/flats/fitteds on our LO!!

  9. I have only 1 AIO. My husband loves that he doesn’t have to figure out which insert matches it when folding the laundry. It gets a little bulky having to add absorbency, but it’s microfiber. I’d love a natural fiber AIO!

  10. I don’t have any AIO diapers yet, but do hope to get at least one to try out for our future LO. I have heard that they are great for night time and ease-of-use, but take a while to dry, so I would like to have some in my stash, but have a mixture of other things as well.

  11. We do have all in ones and the best part is, family members that are used to disposables can still figure them out 🙂

  12. I only have two AIO diapers (newborn size) from WInk Diapers, i’m about 7 months pregnant with my second baby boy and we’ve decided to cloth diaper this one! Excited to start.

  13. I do have aio diapers and my favorite thing about them is that there is no stuffing or folding and they are daddy friendly because all the pieces are already in the diaper

  14. I have a Thirsties NAIO and Grovia AIO and Grovia ONE and I love how they are easy to use. These tend to be the ones I keep in the diaper bag or the car. Or have ready for Grandpa when he babysits.

  15. I’m pregnant and planning to cloth diaper for the first time! The AIO seem easiest for a beginner, but I’ve yet to start a collection.

  16. I love AIOs! Yes they can be bulky, yes they take longer to dry. But they are SO easy and most that I have are very absorbent! Including BG Freetime, SmartBottoms, Blueberry Simplex, Grovia (AIO and O.N.E.). Would love to try BB Cloth

  17. I have a couple aio diapers and an wanting to add more to my stash. I like that they are simple to use, no need to stuff. These are what my husband prefers to use as well because he still doesn’t completely understand the pockets or covers.

  18. I do not have any AIOs in my stash. I don’t have a very big stash at all (only 11 diapers so far) but I would love to try one. I think it would be easier for my husband to use but I don’t put my diapers in the dryer so I’m concerned about how long it would take to hang dry since I don’t have many diapers as it is.

  19. I do. Currently our favorite is Blueberry Simplex. It’s so easy, you just put it on. No searching for a prefold or soaker (since we usually don’t get around to folding very often…) And no bunching up causing leaks.

  20. I love how easy all in ones are. I only have a couple but if I’m in a hurry or not feeling well, those are the first ones I reach for!

  21. I have a few AIO diapers. I think they very convenient and as close to a disposable as it gets. They’re great for when people who aren’t use to cloth diapers are babysitting.