Planet Wise Diaper Cover Review & Giveaway

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Although you may have seen the hashtag #wehaveabagforthat, Planet Wise doesn’t just make wet bags and pail liners. Last year, I bought a Planet Wise diaper cover in size 1 that was just too cute to resist after seeing the cute prints over and over at Nicki’s Diapers (a retailer who I love to share with you as an affiliate). I’m glad I satisfied my curiosity, because it’s become one of our favorites. This year, we purchased another in size 2.

My review and giveaway today is being published as part of the 4th annual Summer Cloth Diaper Giveaway Hop hosted by Heather from Mommy’s Favorite Things and Mama’s Baby CupcakesYou can enter all the other giveaways, including the grand prize, by using the “linky” list at the very bottom of my post.

The Planet Wise diaper cover comes in size one and size two, which gives you a highly adjustable sizing system to take your child from birth to potty training. Here are the basic specifications

  • Inner material is 100% waterproof PUL
  • Outer fabric is a 100% cotton Planet Wise designer print
  • Waterproof flaps on the front and back inside, to hold diapers in place and prevent wicking of moisture
  • Double gussets around the legs
  • Double row of snaps at the waistband
  • Three snap settings on the rise (small, medium and large)
  • Size one fits 6 to 18 lbs. and size two fits 15 to 35+ pounds
  • Made in the USA
  • Retail price $17.95



Here are the size settings of each diaper, and the rise measurements. The crotch is wider on size 2 (6.5″) vs. size 1 (6″).


If you are wondering how this two-size system compares to a one-size system, the short answer is that it offers a wider range of sizes. That is, the small is smaller and the large is larger. To illustrate that, here is the Planet Wise cover compared to a one-size cover (sister company, Best Bottoms):


As far as numbers go, the rise of a Best Bottoms cover at its smallest is 6.5 inches, compared to the Planet Wise size 1, which is 6 inches. The rise of a Best Bottoms cover at its very largest is 7.5 inches, compared to the Planet Wise size 2, which is 8.5 inches.

This two-size system works well if you have really small newborns (who can’t wear a one-size cover) or large toddlers/late trainers (who are too big for one-size diapers).

Here are the Planet Wise covers with various inserts and diapers.


And here is a summary of my thoughts on different aspects of the diaper cover:

FIT: I like that the soft side of the PUL touches your baby’s skin inside the cover. The PUL is very sturdy and thick (like Best Bottoms); with the addition of a cotton outer layer, it feels more stiff than a plain PUL cover. The marvelous prints and colors make these covers really stand out!

The outer fabric is not very stretchy since it’s knit, so the wings don’t have as much “give” as a regular PUL cover. However, the two-size system negates that drawback by allowing you to get a better fit.

It’s definitely a versatile cover. Whether I’m packing it full for nighttime, or using with a trim diaper in the daytime, the Planet Wise cover fits just as well both ways. I’ve used our Planet Wise covers with nearly everything you can think of: fitted diapers, flats and prefolds, hemp inserts and even our Best Bottom and Imagine inserts (tucked under the flaps since there aren’t snaps inside this cover).

Two rows of snaps at the waist allow you to adjust both the waist and the leg openings.

Is it better on chunky babies or skinny ones? I think it looks great on both my chubby infant and slim toddler, as you can see from the pictures below. Erik is a very skinny 2-year-old and I love the way this cover looks on him. I never have a problem getting a snug fit around either his waist or his legs. Snapping the rise down a bit lower works well for getting a good fit on a skinny baby or toddler.



PERFORMANCE: I have used diaper covers before with cotton or knit outer prints and found that moisture often wicks from the legs or the top waistband and onto the absorbent outer (unlike a cover which is made of waterproof material only). Fortunately, this has not happened at all with the Planet Wise cover, and I attribute that to a few things: (a) the sturdy, high-quality PUL which is used on the inside, (b) the front and back flaps which help keep wetness inside the cover and (c) the double gussets.

I have tested the covers overnight (with fitteds and with prefold + doubler) and they keep leaks at bay, provided I change first thing in the morning.

You can “wipe and reuse” this cover, if only the insert or diaper inside is soiled/wet AND if the front and back flaps aren’t really damp (which will happen after a few hours).

DURABILITY: I’ve been testing the size 1 cover for almost 12 months, and the size 2 for about 1 month.  The only change I’ve noticed is on the cover we’ve been using for almost a year: the outer cotton print has gotten a bit of fuzz on it. It’s not very noticeable, though. Other than the lint, these covers have proven to be very durable. The snaps are super strong, the elastics are still good and tight and the beautiful outer prints have not faded.

CARE: This cover is easy to wash and it dries in less than a full cycle (after being washed in our HE machine). As mentioned before, if the inside flaps are not too damp you can wipe the cover and hang dry it to freshen and reuse another time before laundry day.

With the exception of a few minor imperfections, I think Planet Wise covers are a versatile, durable and highly appealing system. Well-made and manufactured right here in the USA, they are well worth the price tag.

The prize: Win a Planet Wise Diaper Cover in your choice of size and color, plus a reusable Planet Wise snack bag! Open to US residents only.


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  1. I really wanted to get a Planet Wise Cover with the little mushrooms and grey Chevron but they were out at the time of my purchase and I ended up with a different diaper that I also wanted. I think PW covers look just like what I would want in a cover. I love the front and back flaps to tuck and secure without having to use a snappi or pins! SO SO Simple!

      • I dont have anything in my stash that is Grey….its like a big void. I even have pink diapers we dont use (yet…) but no grey. It needs to be remidied but we try not to spend money we dont have on thing we can go without. (you know “Fix it up, wear it out, make it do or do without”) but I am kind of a diaper hoarder!

  2. They look like they have plenty of room for the super stuffing i have to do at night. Id love to have the sz 2 strawberries or super dot.

  3. They have the cutest covers!! It’s hard to choose but I love the chick-a-dee print colors! And size 2 because I have one chunky baby lol

  4. Size 2 kitty stripe ♡
    I’ve never tried this diaper cover before and would love to try it out on our new baby 🙂

  5. We don’t have any planetwise covers, it would be nice to try some! The Toadstool Chevron print has been my favorite PW print for a while, but I like the new Stampede too!

  6. I love Planet Wise pail liners and bags. I had no idea they made covers too! The toadstool chevron is precious. My first should be arriving on Tuesday if not before.

  7. I just noticed last week that Planet Wise had these covers and was contemplating ordering one since their prints are so cute! Perfect timing! Thanks for all the information. Fingers crossed! 😉

  8. I would choose the strawberry dot. Its so cute and we just found out we are having a girl after 3 boys.

  9. Loving all the prints, especially monkey chevron <3. I think I would need a size 2 for my chunky monkey (3 months and 15 lbs)!

    • You know, some really like the low rise look. For my infants, I like it to fit nearer the belly button for really good coverage against blowouts. For my toddler, the lower fit works fine – he’s past the “blowout” stage now. LOL ~Anne

  10. Even though I suppose it’s “boyish” and I have a girl, I love the Lime Road cover. My daughter loves cars, she’d love it!

  11. I love planet wise! I use their wet bags, but have never tried the diaper covers. I think the Kitty stripe in size 2 it super cute!!

  12. Oh! I didn’t realize Planet Wise made diaper covers. 🙂 I love their pail liners. I need a couple more covers to get through to potty training as it seems all my covers started falling apart at once. I’d love to try this brand. I’d love to win the Kitty Stripe in size 2.

  13. I would love to own Super Dot in a size 2!! That print is sooo cute although all of them are adorable!!

  14. I think the super dot is pretty cute. I would a size one. These diapers look great. I like that its a wipeable pul diaper.

  15. i would choose kitty stripe because my daughter is finally at that age where she loves animals– cats and dogs are her favorite!

  16. Love the toadstool chevron! I just realized that I don’t have any grey in my stash. 😉 And… my baby girl is closer to fitting size 2 than I’d like to admit. 😉

  17. Expecting any day. Would love to try this cover out! I love the covers with double gussets at the legs.

  18. We got a size one Owl print for our little when she was born, and I fell in love with the convenience and quality. She’s just about outgrown it now, and if I could find the Rascal print in size 2 I’d get it in a heartbeat!

  19. They are all so cute! I would have a hard time deciding between Lime Road and Owl Stripe.

  20. Super dot because super heroes! Also fairly neutral which is good because we’re just starting the adoption process and don’t know if we’ll have a boy or girl. Just starting to think of building a stash.

  21. I’d love the organic kaleidoscope (but I don’t see it available at Nicki’s) so also the Chick-a-Dee Olive or Kitty Stripe in size 2! We have lots of newborn covers and she is already outgrowing them, and I love the wipeable cover system!

  22. I love the Monkey Chevron print Size 1 Planet Wise Cover. I’m a little disappointed it’s not available in size 2.

  23. I think we would definitely need a size 2. I just don’t know what print. They’re all so cute. I love the Monkey Chevron, Lime Road, Toadstool Chevron, and the new Stampede. Really, I love all of the boyish/gender neutral prints.

  24. I’d like a size 2 small. Gender neutral print. Appreciate it. New to cloth diapers…so excited to use them on our July arrival!

  25. The Lime Road cover is my favorite! I would pick size 1 for our next little one! It’s a great gender neutral diaper!

  26. The majority of my cloth diaper covers are Planetwise. I think they are the best in the market. I have also been very lucky to have purchased from Nicki’s Diapers, they offer excellent customer service!

  27. I would need a size two for my chunky six month old, but there are so many cute prints it’d be hard to choose! I think I’d go with Keep Swimming though.

  28. If I won I’d pick the Monkey Chevron cover in size 2 and the matching Monkey Fun print for the snack bag. We have several Planetwise Wetbags and have gotten a few different snack/sandwich bags as freebies from Nicki’s Diapers but have yet to try the Planetwise covers so I really enjoyed reading your review of them and the comparison to BestBottoms (which are one of our favorites)! Thanks for the chance at this giveaway!

  29. I really like the toadstool chevron. I’ve been tempted to try these for some time because they’re so adorable but my bags by planetwise shrink a lot and I’m wondering if the covers do too.