Summer Infant Swaddles Review and Giveaway

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It’s so wonderful to see more babies being swaddled these days, because it’s such a simple and time-tested way to help them feel cozy and safe. Summer Infant recently added two more products to their swaddling line-up, and sent an assortment of wraps for us to try on newborn Ingrid: the SwaddlePod, the SwaddleMe, the SwaddleMe WrapSack and the Wearable Blanket:


With the new product additions, Summer Infant now offers 4 stages of swaddling options since a baby’s needs change over time. Here are the specs on each, plus my thoughts:

Stage 1: SwaddlePod [5-10 lbs] Mimics the womb and helps keep your baby safely on his or her back.

Made of soft cotton with a touch of spandex, this wrap fits very closely to my tiny little girl and makes her feel very secure. I like the zipper protector near the neck and the fact that the zipper goes both ways to make changes easier. I use SwaddlePod only when it’s time for a good long stretch of sleep because it works amazingly well; like many newborns, Ingrid needs regular waking for nursing, so I don’t want her sleeping too long!

Stage 2: SwaddleMe [7-20 lbs] Wraps your infant safely and securely for sleep until he or she starts rolling over.

I like this wrap even better than the SwaddlePod because of the adjustable wings. You make it as snug as you need to. The hook and loop attachments are secure without being scratchy at all. For diaper changes you simply unwrap the wings and open the pouch up.

Stage 3: SwaddleMe WrapSack [7-20 lbs] A traditional swaddling sack that allows you to place your baby’s arms in or out of the wrap.

Being able to keep Ingrid’s arms inside or outside the sack makes this the wrap that I reach for most often. Even though she’s just a week old, she already likes to suck her fingers. And when I’m nursing her, I don’t want her to get too warm or cozy or she’ll fall asleep on me. Being able to wrap her with arms out is such a handy thing. This is a very versatile swaddler and definitely is the one I’d buy for a friend if I had to pick just one. Oh, and I LOVE the bumble bee print!!

Stage 4: ComfortMe Wearable Blanket [12-24 lbs] A wearable blanket that will keep your older infant warm and cozy without the need for loose blankets in the sleeping area.

Because of Ingrid’s size/age, I wasn’t able to test the wearable blanket, so I’ve put it aside for later.

You can click the photo for a larger image


Here’s a quick recap of the Summer Infant swaddling system so you can see how they grow with your child. In addition, you can find plenty of helpful swaddling resources, at the Summer Infant website. Swaddles can be purchased on their website or at a variety of Summer Infant retailers – both online (like Amazon) and in stores.

Summer Infant is giving away a 4-pack of swaddles to one lucky reader, just like I reviewed! Giveaway is open to US residents only and ends Monday, August 25th. Good luck!




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  1. I love the fuze stroller and the classic comfort wooden bassinet (fox and friends print). Btw, your new little girl is so precious! !

  2. You’re making me miss teeny babies.. Not good!! My 12 month old still uses the swaddleme for naps! So I can say I’ve gotten my use of it for sure! I will say the solid color are softer and stretch more than the prints. I got several when he was a newborn and then went up a size as he grew. The velcro has worn all but out but it still keeps him settled enough to know it’s time to sleep.. Never expected to be swaddling still! We use ‘Woombies’ for night… Still lol.

    • I was wondering how the velcro would hold up over time. It’s definitely fast and easy to use, but I know from diapering that snaps are more durable. ~Anne