Tiny Love Developlace Activity Gym Review and Giveaway

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We have several young children at different ages and stages, so I like toys that multi-task! Enter the Tiny Love Gymini Developlace.

This fun little activity gym was sent to us for review by the wonderful team at Tiny Love, and it’s been quite entertaining to watch my one year old give it a whirl. As you can see from the collage below, the Developlace was designed to appeal to multiple ages. It can go from an activity gym or playhouse for older babies and toddlers to a tummy time mat for tiny infants. It features walls that you can fasten up or down, detachable toys (mirror, rattle ball, blanket play pal, learning card, frog rattle and a crinkly leaf) and a window they can peek through. 

Here are some thoughts on our experience:

Setup: Quick and easy! It took me about 5 minutes to get the Developlace ready for the children.

Versatility: This is what really makes the Developlace a great value, and a wise investment. It can appeal to children from ages newborn to 18 months. You can lay it out flat, fold up the sides, or just fold up one side. You can mix and match the hanging toys as you please. Erik (age 13 months) and even Susanna (who is now 2) have enjoyed the Developlace immensely. They use it as a play house, a hiding spot and even once or twice as an emergency place to crash and take a nap!

Appearance: Tiny Love really scored on this as well. Every child that comes to our house runs to the Developlace, alight with curiosity.  The graphics are cozy and colorful, and the woodland theme appeals to everyone. Who doesn’t love squirrels and frogs and cute little bugs? The textiles are soft and smooth, making the Developlace even more inviting. As an added bonus, the slick surface of the mat is easy to wipe clean in case of accidents or spills.

Durability: Erik and the two older toddlers have done their darndest to the Developlace and it’s still standing. It’s been pushed and pulled, sat upon, shaken….you name it. The velcro closures are super strong and they stay put. The overhead tunnel has also taken a beating and emerged victorious. This thing is very durable and meant to last. That being said, it can be flipped over by older babies and toddlers because it’s very lightweight. Sometimes, if Erik leans up against or pushes one of the side walls, the entire thing will fall over. The first time this happened, he was startled but was up and playing again within seconds. Now, he just laughs. It’s not a safety issue, just the nature of the toy. However, it would be handy if there was a way to anchor it in one place for rambunctious toddlers.

Price: At just over $70, this might not be the first baby item you run out and buy. It’s not an essential. However, because (as mentioned above) you’ll get lots of mileage out of this activity mat, I would definitely say it’s worth saving for, or at the least, adding to your registry. The Developlace would also make a fantastic birthday or Christmas gift for an infant or young toddler.

And now let’s see how much Susanna and Erik enjoy the Developlace!


You can find the Gymini Developlace at retail baby stores and directly from Tiny Love or Amazon. It retails for $79.99.

Tiny Love is giving away a Gymini Developlace to one of my readers (US only)! Enter to win using the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!






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  1. One of my twins is working on learning to crawl, so far he can turn in crazy circles! The other is a crawling mad-man and is pulling himself up on everything!

  2. My daughter is 9 months and she’s currently trying to walk along the coffee table/sofa! She’s been pulling up to stand since 7 months, and she’s bypassed crawling completely.

  3. This would be for my daughter who is not yet born. I do have a 17 month old whose main goal is to get into everything at lightening speeds! He’s doing great 🙂

  4. I am trying to work on learning body parts, but my son is a much more physical/mechanical guy. Words not so important, but you show him how to press or climb or do something once, and he’s gone! haha

  5. we just reached the 31 weeks milestone (in my belly) and he is a mover and a kicker! Hoping he is a calm baby when he is out! LOL I am excited for him to be born!

  6. I really like that this activity toy can be used from age 0+ all the way to toddler. You talk in the review about wiping up the slick surface easily, which is very important. It needs to clean up quickly 🙂 Great product!

  7. My son is 5 months, and right now he is sitting with support and working on sitting independantly and crawling!

  8. I’m currently pregnant with DD2 and DD1 just turned 3. She learns something new everyday but recently has realized she can blame “Captain Hook” for the things she does and isn’t suppose too. (Like writing all over herself with markers)

  9. I am pregnant with my second, but my first has Autism. I have learned the hard way to not really compare milestones but to rejoice in the little things my son does… like eye contact, using words, etc. Definitely have found a different way of parenting with him; I’m curious to see how it will go with this coming baby!!

    • This is such a good reminder, Kelsi! I was so anxious with my first child, almost to the point of trying to hurry him through his milestones. Now, I just sit back and enjoy watching them grow and learn new things. Why rush when this time in their lives is so fleeting? ~Anne

  10. I’m pregnant with #2 and my older daughter is currently 2 1/2. We’re working on potty training- specifically, making it to the toilet without having little tiny accidents first. She’s getting better every day!

  11. My little one is 17 months and JUST began walking! He is doing so great and it is so exciting to watch!!! :)) I am pregnant with my 3rd and I am so excited to see another little one meet such sweet milestones — the excitement on their face and sense of accomplishment is worth every sleepless night!