PatsycakeBaby Fitted Diaper and Wool Soaker, plus a Giveaway!

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You all probably know by now that I love fitteds. And I love wool! Kim Castillo at PatsycakeBaby gave us the chance to try BOTH by sending her very popular organic cotton sherpa fitted and a custom wool soaker. She uses these same diapers for her own children and has made many for both customers and friends.

NEW TO WOOL? Have questions? Click here for my Wool 101 post!

The sherpa fitted packs in a lot of nice features for just $14.95. It’s made of two layers of GOTS certified organic (unbleached) cotton sherpa with a French terry soaker sewn into the wet zone. Kim also included a matching insert for added absorbency. Comfortably encased waist and leg elastics ensure a nice, snug fit. There are two snaps on the wings and eight across the front of the diaper. The size medium that we received fits from 15 to 23 pounds, so 1 year old Erik was my main tester. However, I did get try it on Susanna (two years) as well. Kim’s sherpa fitteds are available from size newborn to large, and beyond. She can also fulfill custom requests like choosing different snap colors.

Our wool soaker is also a medium to compliment the fitted. And look what’s on the back – a sheep applique! It arrived already lanolized as a special favor so there was no prep work at all. As with her fitteds, Kim enjoys doing custom wool orders.

As far as performance goes, I’ve been completely happy with the sherpa fitted. The fabric is natural, beautiful, soft and cozy. With the doubler added, it’s a very thirsty nap time diaper.  The cotton sherpa still feels great after many washings; it has only very slightly lost some of its initial softness. The waistband and leg gussets are very gentle yet effective at holding stuff in. The wings stretch nicely across the waistband and haven’t curled back or lost their shape at all. Cotton sherpa (being the snuggly fabric that it is) will be a bit thicker compared to fabrics like regular cotton, bamboo or microfiber, but it does has the advantage of being plush, organic and free of dyes.

Speaking of soft, natural fabrics, I’ve been really pleased with the wool soaker as well! I like the pull-on style for both my toddlers since they are standing and walking. Like the fitted diaper, our PatsycakeBaby soaker is soft and of superb quality. The crochet work is unique and classic in style. Like the other wool in my stash, the soaker can actually get a little damp and still be usable for a while because the natural fiber does not hold onto odors. I also found that the characteristic stretchiness of wool means that two-year-old Susanna can actually wear this soaker, too, if she has a trim diaper on underneath. We haven’t had any leaks with the fitted/soaker combo on either toddler. I care for the cover using my trusty CJ’s Wool Wash and freshen it up every once in a while with CJ’s Wool Revitalizer.

Now here are some photos of the diaper and soaker on both Erik and Susanna!


One lucky person is going to win a sherpa fitted diaper and custom wool soaker, just like I reviewed! Winner chooses size. Giveaway is open to both US and Canada and ends on March 5th. Good luck!







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  1. Lacie says

    I am brand new to the fitteds and wool game for my upcoming LO due in April, but it sure sounds like it’s the way to go, especially for overnights.

    I LOVE Kim and PatsycakeBaby – seriously AMAZING quality in every detail of all of her products!

  2. Weng Rodriguez says

    Fitteds and wool look so promising but I am a bit intimidated. I hope to learn more about it and try them soon.


  3. Jennifer G says

    I am brand new to cloth diapering (so brand new that I have zero diapers/supplies yet lol) I used disposable diapers for my other two children but really want to save money & save the landfill from having more trash by using cloth diapers! I am still trying to figure out the best items to purchase etc so this giveaway would be such a blessing. Thank you

  4. Beth says

    She has a great looking shop! I love the variety of fitteds, and I’d love to try them. Plus cute baby teething toys!

  5. Stacie says

    I haven’t tried fitted diapers or wool covers but am very interested in trying them out! I have heard a lot of good things about them!

  6. Heather Heslep Morrissey says

    I love the Carry All diaper bag in the Etsy shop! I’ve never used fitteds, but we are a big fan of wool here. Perfect for every season. I have two one-size wool diaper covers that I bought on Etsy a couple of years ago and love them. Currently using them on our second baby.

  7. Rachel K. says

    We started out planning on using prefolds, but I’m quickly becoming a convert to fitteds–most of the benefits of prefolds but a lot easier! I’ve never used wool, though, but it’s been something I want to try!

  8. Amanda O says

    I love wool! These look really nice too. I am really happy I found this and her stay shop because there’s so many things I’d like to buy! Especially the mama bags! I’d use them as an everyday purse. I also like the look of her wet wipes.

  9. amy dubois says

    i have never used wool fitteds..but i am looking for something new to try at babe has been leaking a little at night and i think wool is the new thing for me to try!!

  10. MeaganK says

    I was so intimidated by wool, but now I can’t imagine not having it as a vital part of my cloth diapering experience. I wish I had started sooner… And fitteds are the way to go!

  11. Cathy Lockerby says

    I have yet to try fitted and wool at night but have been wanting to for a while. This would get me started. I also love the teethers she has!

  12. Shanna-Kaye says

    I really love PatsyCake baby’s products! I’ve used her Sherpa diapers and we use them daily!
    I’ve not really tried the wool covers, so would love to try them!

  13. Crystal Balzer says

    I have only ever used pocket diapers but have heard that fitteds with wool are a must have for nighttime diapering. I have been wanting to try it. Need to just take the plunge lol.

  14. Shana Trahan says

    That fitted looks luxurious! But the wool cover looks cut real close around the legs, have you had any leaking there? I bought some used wool sweaters to make shorties for my son for nighttime use over fitteds, and just haven’t been able to make them yet. But I am hoping we won’t have anymore leg leaks.

    • says

      It’s definitely more snug on Susanna, who is two and chunkier. For 1 year old Erik, the sizing is perfect. We haven’t had leaks on either, though, using the fitted and soaker together. ~Anne

  15. Helen says

    I’ve only just started using wool covers. Since my LO wakes several times at night I haven’t used them for overnight (the pulling on and off seems like too much effort for 3 or 4 diaper changes) but I use them when I put her in her wrap to keep us both dry and to keep her cool. I’m really impressed by how well they work. I like that the patsycake covers are crochet. I haven’t seen that before…

  16. kimberly says

    I have always been a little nervous about using wool. Reading this though, and your comment to someone that you haven’t had any leaking problems, is giving me courage to give them a try. I also love the Maple Wood Cotton Bunny Ear Teethers-super cute.

  17. Sarah Hayes says

    I know fitteds and wool would work best for use buy I wish Id tried them sooner. i really like the wool cover that you got to review

  18. Lisa says

    I like fitteds but have not tried any of this brand so I would love to try it. I am not familiar with wool but would love to try it out. In the etsy shop there are lots of cute items that I would love to try out. Thanks for the review and giveaway; your reviews are very helpful.

  19. Karen H says

    Custom Fabric One Size Diaper Cover PUL inside Adjustable snaps – I’m needing to build my cloth diaper stash and this would help greatly! Love the cute designs!

  20. Taylor Schell says

    ok I love fitted diapers! they seem comfy and are definitely super absorbent! they saved our nighttime cloth diapering! I hated using disposables at night. now wool, I really want to try wool and I keep going back and forth, on the verge of buying some- but it’s expensive and has to be lanolized. I’m not sure if I’m up for this extra work and expense. I may have to consider for sure when my sons a bit older because I know it’s bulletproof.

    • says

      Taylor, I’m doing a post on wool on Friday so be sure to look out for it. It might not be as difficult or expensive as you think! I spent $12.50 on wool wash a few months ago and it has lanolin already in it. Super easy to use and lasts a LONG time. Plus, you can buy upcycled wool covers for around $10. There are lots of great deals out there! ~Anne

  21. Keara B. says

    I just love the teething rings on their Etsy site- they’d make wonderful gifts! I discovered fitteds and wool when my daughter was older, but I’m so glad I did. She was a very heavy wetter and if my next baby is anything like her, I’ll take as many fitteds as I can get!

  22. Lynn B says

    I just started using fitted’s for night time about 2 months ago and I LOVE them! I haven’t tried wool yet and would really like to. It seems OT but I really like the Sicily Red Floral market Bag in her Etsy shop, it would be a great gift for my SIL!

  23. Ashley Safstrom says

    I am dying to try wool! I love my fitteds with covers, but wool seems like it would be way better at keeping him comfy overnight. :-)

  24. Kadie says

    I am new to cloth diapering and little one still hasn’t arrived for me to “trial and error” on just yet. We plan on starting with prefolds and covers but fitted seems much easier and wool is adorable! We’ve added it to our “to try” list once baby gets here!

  25. Michelle H says

    My little girl can’t go overnight in PUL covers without getting a terrible rash. But wool always works! We’ve even packed up all our non-wool covers for next baby, and she just uses wool for nap time and bed (uses potty otherwise). It breathes so well and keeps their skin healthy.

  26. valerie says

    i love wool and fitteds. i have tried to collect as many woolies as i can. i really like all of the natural teething items she has.

  27. Jeannette says

    I LOVE fitteds! They make up my entire stash :) I have never tried wool before but I have been wanting to dive in soon!

  28. Rachel says

    I’m really interested in trying wool but haven’t done it yet! Everyone who tries it seems to love it!

  29. says

    We do fitteds and wool full time and I love it! I was a little intimidated by wool at first but now it is a breeze. P.S. I love the look of the sherpa bibs on the Patsycake Etsy shop! Would be great to have some one day.

  30. amanda wroblewski says

    I haven’t had my baby yet but I’m really interested in trying wool… it seems like a great option.

  31. Sarah L says

    I’m enjoying trying fitteds…I’m loving the personalized fit that comes with them and the separate covers. I’ve been reading more and more about wool and how it was what was used for so long just makes me that much more confident in it being the best option.

  32. Marian F. says

    While I have some fitteds I don’t have any wool. I am hoping to add some to my stash to keep baby cool in summer. I liked the email you sent on your favorite wool shops and how to care for them, it was really helpful.

  33. kelsi says

    That store is SO CUTE! I love the wooden stacking toys and crochet teething rings, diaper covers, etc. Curious to see how the diaper absorbs!

  34. Kerri says

    I’ve heard such great things about wool and fitteds as an overnight solution- but I have to admit that I find it the most intimidating of the cloth diaper options. How do I lanolize? Won’t it be scratchy? Will it actually work?

  35. says

    i adore fitted diapers. i didn’t use any wool with my son (who is now potty trained), but we plan on using LOTS of fitteds and wool with our second baby, due at the end of june. from her store, i love the yellow cloud hybrid fitted

  36. Amanda Selenke says

    I was intimidated by wool, but gave it a try and love it! fitteds with wool are our go to at night now to keep my 2 year old dry.

  37. Gabrielle Dennison says

    I would love to try fitted with wool. I believe I am going to have a heavy wetter in the near future and would love to try it for nighttime.

  38. Chere says

    I have always had this association in my mind of wool with scratchiness. I have friends who love wool socks and other things, but I don’t have much experience with wool. I have seen a lot on youtube about people loving the absorbency of wool. I haven’t even been brave enough to try fitteds yet, because I am afraid the liquid will seep through onto clothes, couch, seats, etc. Teach me people :)

  39. Frances M says

    I have never tried wool, I’ve been too intimidated by the lanolizing. It feels like they are for CD pro’s and I’m just a beginner. However I am so excited to try them, especially as part of an overnight solution because my baby is a heavy wetter. Also, the red market bag in your shop is adorable!

  40. Cynthia says

    I’ve never tried fitted our wool, but I’d love to try it out as our night time solution. Currently he is in sposies overnight.

  41. Azure says

    Waiting for our wee one to arrive in May, but excited to use fitteds and wool covers. Natural fibers goes along with our lifestyle, as does supporting small businesses :o)

  42. Felicia says

    I would love to do wool and fitted with my LO due at the end of the month. The quality seems incredible.

  43. Elena Giron says

    I am new to cloth diapering and very intimidated by all the options. I am reading a lot trying to get lots of opinions and advice to choose the best for my family. But I think the best way is to just try the different types to see what I like.

  44. Amanda Temple says

    I would love to try wool, but it’s a little intimidating. I am not sure I even know where to begin!

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