Imagine Pocket Diapers

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Imagine pocket diapers are sold at Nicki’s Diapers and other select retailers. Each one-size diaper comes with an adjustable insert made of 4 layers of microfiber. The insert can be snapped up to decrease the size (like bumGenius inserts). The microfleece inner is thicker and more plush than typical microsuede and the pocket opening is very generous. And the PUL outer has a nice satin-smooth feel to it. These pockets come in 5 color choices (emerald, indigo, raspberry, marigold and snow) and with aplix or snap closure. The price? Just $13.95, although they are on sale right now for just $9.95!


My Imagine pockets fit best on Samuel and Susanna. They tend to run large and so the fit on 6 month old Erik is a bit loose around the legs. Here are some photos of all three:

The only problem we’ve had? When “Bonnie and Clyde” get really wild and start running, jumping or climbing, the wings start to sag down (i.e. “wing droop”). So I have to readjust every so often, especially as the diaper gets saturated. This doesn’t usually happen on 6-month-old Erik because he’s not as mobile. With the addition of hip snaps, I bet this minor issue would be solved. 

So overall, this is a good diaper with one fit issue. It costs less than many other pockets and may even fit longer.

Have you tried any of the Imagine products at Nicki’s? There are pockets, flats, prefolds, AIO’s, covers and more!

I’m not really sure just what they are doing in this photo, but I had to capture it!



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  1. I love Imagine diapers and I love Nikki’s!! Sometimes I don’t want to use the diapers because I don’t want to “ruin” them ha ha ha. The prices are just a bonus ^_^

  2. These are too cute! I’ve never tried Imagine products, but I typically want to buy them every time I see how inexpensive they are! And I love snaps like that on the front (like the BGs), so I know I would love these also. Thanks for the awesome visual – I love having the size comparison with all the kids! They’re too cute 🙂

  3. LOVE the little baby yoga masters! (They’re doing downward dog.) And while horrendously OT, I’m loving the heavy couch. It looks like something that could survive my house.

  4. LOVE the Imagine AI2 cover & inserts! The insert is so thick that only one does the job (during the day)! So it is a very trim diaper…and the cover is very sturdy!

    I am fighting the urge to try the rest of their products…guess I need to have another child to justify buying more 🙂

  5. They look nice, but too bad about the wing droop! I always wondered what people were talking about 😛 How does that even happen? The snap config looks the same as BGEs and 4.0s, but I’ve never experienced it with those diapers (maybe I snap it tighter thanks to the stretchy tabs?). Is it more common when LOs get older and use the wider snap settings?

    • Melissa, I also have some bumGenius and Flips with the double snaps and although this doesn’t happen as often, it DOES happen, and yes I think it has to do primarily with age. Erik is just 6 months and the Imagines don’t sag or droop at all on him, just the 2 toddlers. I think the type of fabric might make a difference, too. The bumGenius uses a different type of PUL than the Imagine. ~Anne

  6. You have 3 in diapers! Wow, you are amazing:) Wing droop is one of my biggest pet peeves. I sold one of my favorites because no matter how hard I tried, once my kiddo became mobile the wings drooped.

  7. I have several items from Imagine newborn line and can’t wait to use them when baby girl gets here in December. Plus Imagine just came out with new prints to add to their collection. The “Trumpet” elephant print is so adorable and have matching baby legs too!