The Peanut Shell Baby Sling Review & Giveaway

I’m a huge fan of The Peanut Shell baby slings. A few years ago I purchased the Classic Sling and love the ease of use, the beautiful fabric and the supportive, padded rails. Everywhere I go mothers stop me and ask “Where did you get that baby sling? I want one just like it!”

So I’m thrilled that the wonderful team at The Peanut Shell sent me a new Adjustable Sling to try out and share with you!

I received the lovely “Whisper” print, which is a neutral dark grey and cream floral fabric. Included was a helpful little color brochure which illustrates the 3 different ways a Peanut Shell can be used: cradle, kangaroo or hip carry. It literally took about 60 seconds for me to tighten the adjustable strap and get 7 month old Susanna into the sling in the hip carry position.

Although I had no problems following the instruction manual that came with my sling, I know that help with positioning and safety information is always available on the Product Information page at The Peanut Shell website.

I love that this new adjustable sling is just as easy to use as my Classic Sling. There’s no complicated wrapping involved. There aren’t multiple straps to adjust. And the Peanut Shell is lightweight, easy to wash and easy to fold up and stow in your diaper bag.

Sometimes I use my Peanut Shell to do what I call a “modified hip carry” where Susanna’s legs are tucked inside the sling in the yoga position, instead of hanging down. It’s similar to the kangaroo carry except that she’s more upright. This position works well to keep her cozy when it’s chilly or breezy outside, or when she’s in a closed garment like a sleep sack.

I was especially happy to have my Peanut Shell shell today because Susanna was diagnosed with RSV this morning and needs to be held a lot right now, and because of the congestion, the more time she spends upright, the better.

Another thing I really like about The Peanut Shell slings is that they are crafted with the comfort of both mother and baby in mind. They are designed to fit the person wearing the sling, and to support the little one snugly and comfortably. And they are made with beautiful designer fabrics that are flattering and eye-catching.

The Peanut Shell Classic Sling is sized (small/medium and large/xlarge), accommodates children from 8 to 36 pounds and retails for $38.99. It’s a very simple design with light padding and a tiny little pocket on the front for essentials.

The Adjustable Sling (which I tried) is one size, holds babies from 8 to 26 pounds, and retails for $54.99. Its added features are the adjustable strap, the elasticized pocket and extra padding.

Now Samuel is close to 26 pounds, which is the weight limit for the adjustable sling, and so I won’t be able to use the  Adjustable Sling for much longer with him. This is because the weight limit is based on the buckle and strap capacity, and not on whether or not your child fits in the sling. It’s good to know that the The Peanut Shell designers have both comfort and safety in mind when designing their products.

This photo shows the soft padding supporting his back very well. As soon as I got him into the sling, he snuggled up to me with a big smile on his face. Baby wearing is so rewarding for both mother and child!

All of the Peanut Shell slings are made with a soft and smooth cotton knit fabric with 3% spandex for stretch.

The Peanut Shell slings are an excellent value for the money. The classic Peanut Shell I purchased years ago has lasted through 3 babies and is still going strong. The fabric shows hardly any wear at all, and the sling is still strong and supportive. I am so glad they are still making and selling the Classic Sling and that the price has remained virtually the same.

At the Peanut Shell website you can also purchase nursing covers, shopping cart covers and pretty hospital gowns.

You can buy a Peanut Shell for yourself or another mother by visiting their online store. You can also enter to win one using the Rafflecopter below!

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  1. These are beautiful! I’ve always wanted to use a sling, but purchased a cheap one and it was very uncomfortable and ill-fitting. These definitely look like they are made for comfort and worth the price. 🙂

  2. I love the idea of having an adjustable version of their original pouch. I also love that they are no offering hospital gowns now!

  3. i like the slings a lot, but it would be nice to see a wider variety of patterns. my husband also likes to wear the baby, but i can’t imagine him in any of the floral patterns. haha! maybe stripes or checkers?!

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  5. The slings look really easy to use. It would be a perfect sling for my 17 lb 12 month old. Great price as well.

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  7. So many great items there. I love that they have the slings in plain colors so the guys won’t mind using them as well. Don’t think my nephew would use a printed one but the plain ones, he certainly would.

  8. I really wish I would have had one of their hospital gowns! I’ve never felt frumpier in all my life!

    As for a sling, I would pick a Dahlia adjustable!