Groceries for a Family of 7


Although our current grocery budget is low for a family of 7 compared to the national average, I'd still like to find ways of spending less than $480 per month. I know what we spend because we're on a budget that's written down each month. Yep, you may have guessed that my husband and I are working the Dave Ramsey plan, which is outlined in the Total Money Makeover book. That means all extra money gets piled onto debt until it is obliterated. In fact, we're both proud of what we've Continue Reading

Focus on Safety: First Aid Kit Giveaway


Whether it's learning CPR, knowing the right numbers to call or how to deal with injuries, safety tips are the focus my post today. Read on to find out how to get your FREE stickers and enter for a chance to win one of two First Aid kits! After 10 years of marriage and six children so far, I've experienced firsthand how important the "big three" can be. CPR and First Aid for Choking: In the military my husband learned CPR and passed on the knowledge to me. We keep a reference poster taped to Continue Reading

Incredibella Pocket Diaper Review and Giveaway


I love diapers sewn by hand and was very blessed this week to get to try an Incredibella from Faith at Bella Bottoms. Faith's diapers are beautiful, functional and well-made. We were given a very charming owl-print Incredibella with a unique rise setting that is actually folded down and adjusted at the waist with 3 rows of snaps. Plus, there are 9 more sets of snaps along the waistband so it will fit any size baby, from tiny to chunky, right up to 35 pounds. The snaps are carefully hidden Continue Reading